Author’s Note

Senate Magic was written the year after I completed work on the 1990 U.S. Senate campaign in Rhode Island. It was not published until magic intervened 22 years later. Necessary help appeared. The cosmic pattern of the current time perfectly expressed major themes in the book. Buried in my notebooks of the period was the year 2013 as the fictional (I thought) date of publication — a year determined through an error in addition.

While some of the characters had resonance in real people, the hero and two goddesses are mythic. I breathed life into them by creating specific astrological charts for Stuart, Roxy and Kat. They took control and I marveled at how they lived the campaign year.

There have been no substantial edits in the text of “Senate Magic” as written in 1991 that alter in any way the prescience of the content. That’s all magic.