Longer Description

Senate Magic is a provocative and high-spirited blend of insider politics, magic and romance, betrayal and intrigue.

The beautiful Kiley Albright Tomasso, know as Kat to her friends, is running for a seat in the United States Senate from Rhode Island.  When the favored incumbent tragically dies, she is opposed by the corrupt governor who launches a campaign of lies to defeat her.

Kat’s determination to maintain her ideals is further complicated by the struggle between two powerful men.

Race Scarlatti, an organized crime chief, harbors a lifelong obsession for her and is willing to claim his prize through political manipulation and black magic.

The compelling neo-conservative Senator T.J. Stuart of Virginia dismisses his political differences with Kat when her victory offers the key to his ambitions for control of the US Senate.

Kat is guided by the wisdom of Max the Magician, her seer and former lover, who holds the mythic view of events; and by the memory of her beloved father, Duke.

Support also comes from Kat’s faithful friend, Roxy, who faces her own painful choices during the campaign about which man to love – the sensual artist who considers her pleasure foremost and teaches her the erotic rituals of tantric yoga; or the driving political operative who runs Kat’s campaign and uses Roxy as “sexual water softener.”

Kat endures mudslinging attacks with grace until the final week of the campaign when a series of shocking secrets are dramatically exposed, threatening what was once an almost certain political victory.

Witty, laced with believable mysticism and fast-paced action, Senate Magic transcends the usual political novel and presents an intriguing and seductive vision of what our future could be.  It titillates the senses with gustatory delights, sublime beach scenery, and erotic adventures that will have even the most jaded reader clamoring for more.

Characters, plot and experiences are exposed in continual crescendos from the bars of Key West, ballrooms of Newport, and men’s club of Providence to the halls of the Capitol, the White House and the streets of Paris.