Daily Predictions


This is the Facebook version of Daily Flow called Cosmic Alert!  The date header is the date the activity takes place.  The posted date is when I write this and get it up.  ALL TIMES MENTIONED ARE EDT/EST

JULY 21 —- Emotion and emotional sensitivity dominate day and night with the Moon in Pisces. Taking things personally is the order of the day so surround yourself with love and caring — and put it out to all around you. Especially tell folks you care. Words matter even on an emotion-laden day as the Sun conjuncts Mercury in Cancer. Family picnics, shopping, stuffing yourself with favorite childhood foods — all these activities will help you feel connected and secure. There is even a brief opportunity midday to get something done as the Moon in Pisces sextiles Pulto in Capricorn. Hugging should be your main activity wherever you are as the Moon trines Venus in Cancer.

JULY 20 —- Powerful unconscious forces rule the day and night especially in regard to relationships old and new as Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn before dawn tomorrow. Compulsions are present and difficult to express in any rational fashion as the Sun conjuncts Mercury retrograde in Cancer after dawn tomorrow. Daily life is like a dream that you can’t shake or be clear on whether it is dream or reality with the Moon in Pisces unaspected between dawn today and just after midnight. Resign yourself to being afloat in a sea of emotion. Any attempt to lift yourself up to higher levels of thought is a major challenge as the Moon in Pisces squares Jupiter in Sagittarius just after midnight. Blame it on the heat wave and stay in the water.

JULY 19 —- No rush to declare this an aimless day as the Aquarian Moon is void of course until 5:19pm when the Moon enters Pisces. The brainless, detail-fuzzing effects of Mercury being retrograde just got worse with your mind now totally dominated by emotion and insecurity rather than reason as Mercury retrogrades back into Cancer. So…what is one to do? Clean your house. Work in the garden. Be in touch with family. Bake. By tonight and definitely overnight, the dreamscape and other creative ventures provide the opportunity for excitement and visionary creations as the Moon in Pisces sextiles Uranus in Taurus. Blame it on the heat wave.

JULY 18 —- Waste no time. Get your big plans and high adventures underway early since the Aquarian Moon goes void of course just before noon at 11:53am. Opportunity fills the morning as the Moon sextiles Jupiter in Sagittarius; after that it can be random wacky but still mentally active. In general, the whole day has abundant creative force as Venus in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces although dreamy can turn to fog in the afternoon. Ideal afternoon for a inspiring nap. Write down your dreams.

JULY 17 —- The hard energy of yesterday’s lunar eclipse in Cancer/Capricorn is immediately past although effects will linger. Today the shift is to clear mental energy — or at least as clear as possible with Mercury still retrograde as the Moon enters Aquarius before dawn. Think about universal issues. Ponder the future and the impact of technology. Look for innovative solutions to old problems. The challenges today are from the forces of individual ego and traditional values. Shake them off and be wacky. The best ideas hide there as the Moon squares Mercury in Leo and opposes Uranus in Taurus.

JULY 16 —- The always intense opposition between the soft personal and the hard institutional is compounded today with a Lunar Eclipse that embodies that perpetual tension as the Sun in Cancer opposes the Moon in Capricorn and the Moon also opposes Pluto in Capricorn. Lessons are not easy but they are meaningful and disruptive and have significant impact now and for the next three months. Try to keep yourself in face to face situations…it’s much more difficult to be cruel and hurtful than it is when dealing with faceless masses. Emotional distance and loneliness increase this evening especially once the Moon goes void of course at 5:38pm. It will take an act of pure will to find and exercise kindness as Venus in Cancer opposes Saturn in Capricorn just after midnight tomorrow.

JULY 15 —- Hard lessons all day with the Moon in Capricorn and no aspects to lighten the impact. Life is contracting with rules and regulations tightening their grip. By later this evening, the repression takes aim at safety, security and personal emotion as the Moon opposes Venus in Cancer just after midnight. Building towards a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn and emotional disruption tomorrow.

JULY 14 —- Although the Sagittarius Moon is void of course the entire day until 7:05pm, and it seems like there is no direction to efforts, the morning does have a major point of power as the Sun in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn. There may be power struggles and intense encounters with authority. Breakdowns in situations and machinery are likely and with a void of course Moon and retrograde Mercury, equipment may be hard to repair. However you can make creative changes in your life. Once the energy does begin to flow again early this evening, it may bring surprises and hard lessons as the Moon enters Capricorn and trines Uranus in Taurus early tomorrow morning.

JULY 13 —- Short, sweet and fabulous today. Great adventure and good fortune all day as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter in Sagittarius. A little spaciness begins late afternoon but still a fun evening; just have a designated driver as the Moon squares Neptune in Pisces. Then the Sag Moon goes void of course tonight at 9:31pm for another of those almost 24 hour blank spots. So, if your fun-having requires focus, do it today.

JULY 12 —- It’s a slow start morning with the Scorpio Moon void of course. Take this excuse and run with it — or more accurately, sink into your couch with it. Just before noon, at 11:05am when the energy starts up again, it soars as the Moon enters Sagittarius! Expansive ideas, search for truth, great adventures — all are on the agenda for the day and night. An especially good afternoon to write, communicate and dash about the ‘hood as the Moon in Sagittarius trines Mercury in Leo. Make sure you are out and about having a big time tonight as the Moon trines Mars in Leo. Luck is in the air.

JULY 11 —- Below the surface is a busy place today with lots of emotion and manipulation happening to get things done as the Moon in Scorpio sextiles Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. It’s also packed with psychic energy. Secrets are powerful but not so powerful that they don’t set off explosive outbursts this morning when discovered. Breaking free from restrictions and old authority dominates reactions until just after lunch so be careful that such rebellion does not take place with weapons or cars as Mars in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus. The afternoon proceeds with subtext that requires careful attention also as the Moon trines Neptune in Pisces and the Sun in Cancer. By 8:28pm the Moon is void of course and the random Scorpio energy is simply sensual, no power goal necessary.

JULY 10 —-  Subtle energies dominate the day with the Moon in Scorpio making almost everyone aware of the covert powers that underlie all magic. Resistance is strong from the belief that using magic force somehow weakens your personal choice as the Moon squares both Mercury and Mars in Leo and opposes Uranus in Taurus — it doesn’t. It only enhances the power and extends the reach. Idealism is strong and can show the way how to use the power to hold darkness up to the light as the Sun in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces. The resistance disappears by late afternoon and emotional/sexual power takes center stage as the Moon trines Venus in Cancer. Read all the sex scandals in the news and become outraged at how this force is misused and corrupted. Lend your hand to bringing all the corrupters into the light where they can shrivel up and die.

JULY 9 —- Energies are set in tension today with three forces involved — a yearning for relationship and partnership; an attachment to home, family and security; loneliness, isolation and obstacles to communication and connectedness. A tight T-square with the Sun in Cancer opposed Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and square the Moon in Libra.  Don’t let it overwhelm you. The point of release is impulsive action — if you feel the need to get out, do it. The Moon is void of course from 3:35pm until 5:29am tomorrow so be prepared for a night at home curled up with a book, movie and definitely a cookie.

JULY 8 —- Take the opportunity to chat with your loved one early this morning but keep it sweet and pleasant as the Moon in Libra sextiles Mars and Mercury in Leo. Break your routine and meet exciting new people and have exciting adventures as Venus in Cancer sextiles Uranus in Taurus. In general, the morning brings excitement to relationships both existing and new ones. Afternoon is a bit more troublesome although mentally stimulating. Watch out for unnecessary arguments especially ones connected with vehicles as Mercury conjuncts Mars in Leo. Remember, Mercury just went retrograde and mis-speaking is rampant but not deliberate. Tonight is back to harmonious encounters as the Moon sextiles Jupiter in Sagittarius before dawn tomorrow. Trying to keep your balance today is a major exercise.

JULY 7 —- Busy, busy all morning getting lots done as the Moon in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn before the Moon goes void of course at 12:50pm and then it becomes random busywork. Mercury in Leo finally turns retrograde at 7:15pm. Write things down. Check everything twice. Think before you speak. You may think you’ll be able to skate through but…it will be the little things that trip you up, at least today. Stays until July 31. If you are traveling, make sure you count your bags and keep ID on your person.

JULY 6 —- Back up data. Finish projects. Finalize plans for the month. Check over any documents twice. Expect surprises this morning as the Moon in Virgo trines Uranus in Taurus. Then spend the rest of the day making lists and doing last minute chores especially around the house as the Moon sextiles the Sun in Cancer after midnight. Tomorrow evening Mercury turns retrograde for the rest of the month.

JULY 5 —- It’s a day of rest in the middle of this long 4th of July weekend and the Cosmos is cooperating with a totally void of course Leo Moon day from just after midnight on 5th to just after midnight on 6th. Spend it cleaning up loose ends. Start nothing new but prepare for Mercury turning retrograde Sunday evening although it might be better to mark out tomorrow for saving your data. None of the lack of forward motion matters however since you are filled with confidence, pride and generosity. King/queen it up, look good and act as if your life is in perfect shape.

JULY 4 —- Ego clashes and stubborn behavior make it a little disruptive early this morning as the Moon in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus. The rest of the day and night is about looking good, feeling confident and having elevated thoughts about TRUTH and freedom as the Moon trines Jupiter in Sagittarius. Happy Birthday America! This is not one of your better years with lots of hard lessons being learned. Guard your wealth — it’s not as limitless as some folks are saying.

JULY 3 —- Put aside those tender feelings and work hard as the Moon in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn until 10:25am when the Cancer Moon goes void of course until 11:19pm. You’ll just want to laze around the afternoon and evening feeling randomly sentimental. There is a significant shift in energy at 11:18am when Venus moves into Cancer adding more sentiment and family love to the mixture until July 27. Perfect time for gathering family and friends for the holiday. And don’t forget everyone’s favorite comfort food.

JULY 2 —- Been feeling tired? Feeling emotionally stressed? Will it make it better to know what to blame? It’s an eclipse. A solar eclipse with the Sun conjunct the Moon in Cancer at 3:16pm and it’s all about disruptive feelings. Beware of taking everything personally — the eclipse was not planned just to distress you. Effects last for nearly a year. And if that’s not burden enough, there’s a lunar eclipse in two weeks and Mercury turning retrograde on Monday. Gather your favorite cookies, trusted friends and family and stay somewhere safe. A long nap would work.

JULY 1 —- Devote the day to your favorite friends and ponder the incredible experience of connection with others. It’s also a highly creative time doing things with your hands, writing, photography as the Moon in Gemini conjuncts Venus in Gemini. There is a void of course period from 5:48 to 9:24pm and then the energy shifts to emotional as the Moon enters Cancer in preparation for tomorrow’s solar eclipse. The big shift at 7:20pm that continues until August 17 is Mars entering Leo bringing a dramatic rise in ego driven energy but generally in the area of personal power and generosity. The important thing to remember is to give respect — that brings out the positive side of the force. All in all — it’s a bright and shiny day.

JUNE 30 — You know it’s a good day when the main tension is between high adventure or more mundane fun, between elevated thinking or more playful exchanges as the Moon in Gemini opposes Jupiter in Sagittarius. An ideal day for a party. A bit of spaciness enters the pattern after midnight as the Moon squares Neptune in Pisces. Although Mercury is a week away from turning retrograde, with the solar eclipse on Tuesday, today might be the best day to back up your data.

JUNE 29 —- Good timing today for favorite activities. Up until 2:38pm there is plenty of energy for working outside, in the garden or cleaning your house as the Moon in Taurus sextiles Mars in Cancer. Then a couple hours of void of course Moon from 2:38 to 5:09pm makes perfect late afternoon nap time, or just sitting around. By dinner time, the energy flow returns as the Moon enters Gemini and it’s all about having fun, chatting with friends telling your tall tales, visiting around the ‘hood as the Moon sextiles Mercury in Leo. Be jolly!

JUNE 28 —- Grounded, solid, hard working, practical…these qualities define the day with the Moon in Taurus trine Saturn in Capricorn. You may be hard to move off any position or opinion so think before you speak. Creativity appears briefly this evening as the Moon sextiles Neptune in Pisces but the rest of the day and night is about work as the Moon also trines Pluto in Capricorn before dawn tomorrow. Excellent day for gardening or building. Acquire items with true value. With an emotional solar eclipse coming on 7/2, revel in what may be the last calm, stable period.

JUNE 27 —-  Use the void of course period until 9:32am when the Moon is still in Aries to introduce creative change into your routine. Stir up your individual identity and wear it proudly as the Moon in Taurus squares Mercury in Leo. New experiences and an atmosphere of excitement dominates through early afternoon as the Sun in Cancer sextiles Uranus in Taurus and continues into late evening as the Moon conjuncts Uranus and sextiles the Sun. Since the energy is positive, the upheavals and changes do not disturb but instead enhance what you do.

JUNE 26 —- Lots of action, lots of obstacles and a brain shift tonight. The morning is high energy with big goals as the Moon in Aries trines Jupiter in Sagittarius that runs into walls set up by folks who don’t want to move forward as the Moon squares Saturn in Capricorn. The afternoon provides the opportunity for creative communications as the Moon sextiles Venus in Gemini again followed by those yelling STOP! as the Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn. This evening Mercury changes sign at 8:20pm moving into Leo and our thinking becomes clearer, more powerful, more confident for the next three weeks when it retrogrades back into Cancer for a couple more weeks then does a full tour of Leo through much of August. All evening and night is a struggle between continuing to zoom forward with no holds barred and a force saying that feelings are being hurt as the Moon squares Mars in Cancer. Movement is needed so keep up the speed.

JUNE 25 —- Be! Do! Act! impulsively, at breakneck speed, thoughtlessly and sometime aggressively. Mow down anyone in your way — or shout over them especially if some injustice is being committed. There is almost endless physical energy available today so no lounging around. New things appeal. And keep that lead foot off the gas. The Moon is in Aries with no aspects between 5:45am and tomorrow morning at 9:20am when it trines Jupiter in Sagittarius.  Raw, unmodified Aries drive all day and night.  Watch out!

JUNE 24 —- Emotions flow freely today with the Moon in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn early morning then trine Mercury and Mars in Cancer.  Tell people how you feel. Be mushy and comforting. Reach out to family, the blood kind and the choice kind. Also good day for finding comfort in food and in trips to go home. Taking action around the home is also on the agenda. Be careful however is reacting too personally to words and aggressive actions. Often they know not what they do. Tell someone directly, forcefully but with kindness if they’ve hurt your feelings. If they still blow it off — wave bye bye.  By late night the energy shifts and high action takes center stage.  A good evening nap will let you stay up all night.

JUNE 23 —- Wander around in a dreamy state all morning. Excessive self indulgence is the driving force until just after noon as Venus in Gemini opposes Jupiter in Sagittarius. Later in the day your brain starts struggling to have elevated thoughts as the Moon in Pisces squares Jupiter in Sagittarius then enters a period before midnight with conflicting energies ranging from opportunities for some practical effort and creative work to drifting into dreamland again as the Moon setxiles Saturn in Capricorn, squares Venus in Gemini and conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. Don’t be hard on yourself — it’s confusion for everyone.

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