Daily Predictions


This is the Facebook version of Daily Flow called Cosmic Alert!  The date header is the date the activity takes place.  The posted date is when I write this and get it up.  ALL TIMES MENTIONED ARE EDT/EST

AUGUST 17 —- Deep emotion and deeper power are available to access. Know what you want and direct all this powerful desire to it — you’ll be amazed. Early morning meetings with like-minded group are exceptionally powerful and produce results as the Moon in Scorpio conjuncts Jupiter and trines Neptune in Pisces. The opportunity to achieve great things fills most of the day as the Moon sextiles Pluto in Capricorn. Challenges from those who want to be out front in whatever happens begins late afternoon and continues through the night as the Moon squares the Sun in Leo. Let them. You can still manipulate the content.

AUGUST 16 —- You’ve got your passions and desires in order, ready to go out and manipulate the world into giving you what you want and then little upsets start happening until mid morning as the Moon in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus. There’s then a brief opportunity to get things back in order as the Moon sextiles Saturn in Capricorn before the rest of the day is about working around powerful words and messages trying to force thoughts, ideas, desires out into the open as the Moon squares Mercury in Leo after midnight. If you want it enough, you can get what you want but you’ll have to work for it. Try focusing on the powerful sexual energy that comes with the challenge instead.

AUGUST 15 —- There are some challenges and bumps to the loveliness this morning as the Moon in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn but by mid morning it’s all about opportunity to look good, feel confident and be balanced and harmonious as the Moon sextiles the Sun in Leo. It gets hard again late afternoon through the night with obstacles from established forces and tradition — the “don’t do this” crowd as the Moon squares Mars in Capricorn after midnight. Start counting down the days until Mercury goes direct in Leo on Sunday just after midnight.

AUGUST 14 —- A perfectly lovely day. Surround yourself with beauty, charm and harmony, nothing disruptive as the Moon conjuncts Venus in Libra. Take the opportunity to communicate/write wonderful loving words all evening as the Moon in Libra sextiles Mercury in Leo. Meetings, group encounters — all go well. Go to bed early and avoid the harsh challenges from established forces after midnight as the Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn..

AUGUST 13 —- Commit to having a clean desk, clean kitchen, organized sock drawer. It’s the day for focusing in on your detailed list and getting those pesky chores done. You’ll be amazed at your focus and determination as the Moon in Virgo trines Mars in Capricorn. Don’t do anything big, Mercury is still retrograde in Leo until 8/19.

AUGUST 12 —- Move in step all day and evening getting chores done, organizing your space, working on any health needs as the Moon is in Virgo. Tonight at 10:1pm, there’s a shift in the action energy as the planet Mars retrogrades back into Capricorn for the next month. All your universal, futuristic movement of the past three months when Mars was in Aquarius turns back to being corporate and traditional. Action planning becomes more rigid, manipulative but accomplished tonight as the Moon sextiles Jupiter in Scorpio and trines Pluto in Capricorn after midnight.

AUGUST 11 —- The solar eclipse at dawn launched another void of course day as the New Moon in Leo eclipses the Sun in Leo. No external direction so use the force of the eclipse and ponder your inner self. Identity is a big topic today. Think about changes in your being since the eclipse on 7/12. Direction does not return until literally midnight when the Moon enters Virgo and then it’s about order and little surprises that may upset the drive to order but bring sparks of genius in that disruption as the Moon in Virgo trines Uranus in Taurus. Or, you can be asleep and miss all the post midnight organizing effort.

AUGUST 10 —- Confidence, optimism and a potent sense of identity are present all day and through the solar eclipse tomorrow at dawn as the Sun and Moon are conjunct in Leo. Good for business as long as you check the details and don’t rush ahead thinking you have it ll covered. Be concerned about those who may try to deceive you and abuse your trust as the Moon in Leo squares Jupiter in Scorpio. Easy to make big plans especially ones that deal with major changes as the Moon conjuncts Mercury in Leo. Dramatic and dressed for success. Connected to the changes already experienced in the July eclipse. Take time to examine who you are.

AUGUST 9 —- Put any plans in motion by 7:20am when the Cancer Moon goes void of course and you can coast on them through the rest of the day. Otherwise, it’s a mash of random oversensitivity and wallowing in comfort food through midnight. The overarching planetary activity makes the day worse as Venus in Libra squares Saturn in Capricorn. You’ll feel isolated and dissatisfied with relationships. Fortunately this period will pass by 9:34pm. The best use of today is to play by yourself and spend some time in self reflection. You may learn something about your emotional world that will make things better when tomorrow comes. Don’t take it personally.

AUGUST 8 —- Emotion dominates the day with the Moon in Cancer so try and spend it with people who make you feel secure. Everything is personal until later in the day when it becomes saturated with power, glamor and drama especially in conversation as the Sun conjuncts Mercury in Leo. Confidence is high and shows in what you say. The combination of strong emotion and personal power makes you irresistible and your ideas unstoppable as the Moon in Cancer trines Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces.

AUGUST 7 —- The Gemini Moon is void of course all day until just after midnight. Talking/communicating is a major activity but it is random, light and mostly chatter. However, there are bigger things happening. Do something outside your normal patterns and don’t resist the upheavals that fill the day as Uranus stations before moving retrograde in Taurus. They are clearing out trash. The best aspect of the day makes for charming encounters on every level as Venus in Libra trines Mars in Aquarius. You can get what you want without offending anyone. Even the most casual of encounters will be satisfying and because of the other forces in the day can have life altering impact even if brief.

AUGUST 6 —- Skittery is the word of the day with little surprises and upheavals popping up as Uranus is stationing in Taurus before going retrograde  tomorrow. It’s hard to hold a thought or have serious focus with the Moon in Gemini. Some of those wild ideas passing through are worth capturing. The major stress of the day is excess as the Sun in Leo squares Jupiter in Scorpio, thinking you can do more than you can because you want to do it all, grab all the opportunities that seem to be coming your way as the Moon sextiles the Sun in Leo. Watch out for extravagance and arrogance. This evening Venus moves into Libra for the next month bringing sweetness, beauty and harmony into our personal lives.

AUGUST 5 —– Not much to say beyond it’s a perfectly beautiful day. Surround yourself with as much beauty as possible preferably the natural kind but created beauty works too. Be loyal, supportive and loving as the Moon in Taurus trines Venus in Virgo. The Moon goes void of course from 7:46 to 9:32pm and when it enters the next place — Gemini — it’s all about talking, talking, talking up to midnight as the Moon trines Mars in Aquarius — talking about how perfect the day was, no doubt.

AUGUST 4 —- Be grounded all day with a Taurus Moon, a perfect day for being outside — in the garden, at the beach. Stubborn is the hallmark of activity. If you are in motion, stay in motion; if still, stay still. If you’re doing hard work, you’ll be amazed at your endurance and strength. The morning has some challenges mostly from too much drama like deciding what to wear outside as the Moon in Taurus squares the Sun in Leo. By afternoon the tension shifts to ethics — being basic and old fashioned rather than shifty and manipulative as the Moon opposes Jupiter in Scorpio. Finally, from dinner time on, it’s about taking the opportunity to be creative as the Moon sextiles Neptune in Pisces. Try to stay out of arguments late tonight — that stubbornness comes back as the Moon squares Mercury in Leo after midnight.

AUGUST 3 —- Huge glops of random energy ricochet around all day with the Aries Moon void of course until 3:51pm. It’s gleeful insensitive so watch where you aim. Then the force becomes directed but rooted and stubborn as the Moon enters Taurus. The initial challenge is from future-type activity that seems really weird as the Moon squares Mars in Aquarius. Then there are general surprises and upheavals as the Moon conjuncts Uranus in Taurus. Finally, you can get some serious work done just before going to bed as the Moon trines Saturn in Capricorn.

AUGUST 2 —- The energy level continues to be extremely high and still impulsive but without yesterday’s danger. Today is more about facing down frustration as obstacles are put in the way of your forward motion — and facing them down without blowing them to smithereens. Just mow down the nay sayers easily; they don’t know any better as the Moon in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn. By this evening your mind is racing — let it go and get all that brainwork done with originality as the Moon trines Mercury in Leo. Then collapse into bed as the Moon goes void of course at 10:52pm. It’s an exhilarating day and night.

AUGUST 1 —- High energy, nearly uncontrollable action. very impulsive and unconcerned with anything but being free. Revolt against restrictions and people. Morning is best for the opportunity to turn all this force to good as the Moon in Aries sextiles Mars in Aquarius. There’s a period around lunchtime where restrictions are imposed spelling danger of explosion to those trying to restrict as the Moon squares Saturn in Capricorn. The rest of the day and night is virtually unleashed explosiveness and breaking free from old patterns as Mars in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus. It’s a tricky path to race along — trying to keep from blowing everything up while still allowing change. Don’t repress the force — that’s what causes accidents and this is a red letter day for accidents. Beware of pistol packin’ mommas.

JULY 31 —- The day is fuzzy in general with a Pisces Moon. Don’t expect too much clarity in your thinking and remember, Mercury is still retrograde in Leo so your “lost” list is getting long. The general vagueness and responsiveness to unseen forces provides the opportunity for creative accomplishment this morning as you try to put form to the energy as the Moon in Pisces sextiles Pluto in Capricorn. The rest of the day is filled with tension between the unseen and the urge to be precisely seen as the Moon opposes Venus in Virgo. Makes for an exciting wardrobe day though. At 6:42pm the Moon goes void of course and life gets really random. Pick a few movies to watch and let it flow.

JULY 30 —- With nerve endings on the outside of your skin, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and swept away with emotion as the Moon is in Pisces. To stay safe, exercise caution in your surroundings — people and places. The greatest benefit come from associating with like minded folks to accomplish actions.Be selective but expand your circles as the Moon in Pisces trines Jupiter in Scorpio. Trust what you feel — it’s all there is today and expect serious psychic activity. Enjoy dreams tonight that are filled with emotional content as the Moon conjuncts Neptune after midnight.

JULY 29 —- The final phase of chilling out from the eclipse — an entire day of a void of course Aquarian Moon. Your electronic devices can be your best friend today, you can look eccentric and think weird thoughts in no particular order. The energy flow returns early evening and it’s emotional as the Moon enters Pisces. Anticipate the weird dreamscape of the past several days continuing but they’ll be much more vague and surreal as the Moon sextiles Uranus in Taurus. There’s opportunity for creative work tonight as the Moon sextiles Saturn in Capricorn after midnight.

JULY 28 —- Little challenges fill the morning coming from secret attitudes and selfish desires as the Moon in Aquarius squares Jupiter in Scorpio. The tension shifts only slightly during the rest of the day and night with the resistance to universal ideas coming from a devotion to thinking about the personal as the Moon opposes Mercury in Leo tomorrow at dawn. The general flow is both mentally focused and a bit wacky. Think about the big picture.

JULY 27 —- Tension. Weirdness. Emotional intensity. No break in all this energy through the day and night. The actual time of the lunar eclipse is 4:20pm but the emotional intensity continues through the night as Venus in Leo trines Pluto in Capricorn. The eclipse represents a strong resistance between attention to universal issues and focus on yourself as the Moon in Aquarius opposes the Sun in Leo. Ego stress and drama is likely especially within these high intensity relationships of the day. No matter how powerful a relationship starting today may seem, the eclipse guarantees it will be over in three months. That’s the duration of any lunar eclipse effects. The morning is filled with disruption and upheaval as the Moon in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus and then the strange force continues through eclipse time as the Moon conjncts Mars in Aquarius. Do not attempt to resist and draw the energy direction into some sort of straight line. It’s a squiggle no matter what you do. Embrace the madness, that’s where genius lies.


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