Writing, organizing and promoting her adopted homeplace of Berkeley Springs, WV and reading the stars are important parts of Jeanne Mozier’s world.  So are her books that star exciting places to travel both in West Virginia and around the country, as well as her several books including Senate Magic, a novel about political stars and the latest: The Story of Berkeley Castle.

ArtVoiceWV  featured Jeanne in one of their videos about WV artists.  The segment won a national Telly award.  It includes commentary on all parts of her life from popcorn making at the Star to her lifework of “holding the vision.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgqrHRKkQFQ&feature=youtu.be

For 42 years, Jeanne and her husband Jack Soronen, worked every weekend at their vintage movie house creating an undeniable legend. In April, 2019, they sold the Star Theatre to a young family that will continue the tradition.  Visit the Star Theatre, showing movies on weekends in historic Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.  This impressive succession of an iconic business, earned the Star’s new and former owners designation as the WV Small Business Information Center’s business of the month.

Check Astrology Predictions for occasional daily predictions, news analysis by the stars, and CDs of Jeanne’s oracles lectures and articles.

If you are a traveler looking for something weird but fun, read Way Out in West Virginia, Jeanne’s must-have guide to the wonders and oddities of the Mountain State, which will teach you more about West Virginia than anyone you know.   Or search for her many travel articles especially in WV’s Charleston Gazette-Mail and the Ogden news chain’s Martinsburg Journal.

Way Out was voted best book about West Virginia and Jeanne Mozier, Best West Virginia Author by readers of Graffiti in November 2006. A new fourth edition was released in late December 2013.  Way Out is widely available in bookstores or online.

West Virginia Beauty: Familiar and Rare is Jeanne’s second coffee table book with photographer Steve Shaluta. Their earlier Wonders of West Virginia is now out of print except for a few copies available only from Jeanne.  West Virginia Beauty is now in its second printing.

For unedited and immediate tidbits from Jeanne’s world, follow her and on Facebook.   Her more traditional articles on the magical place of Berkeley Springs can be found at www.berkeleysprings.com.

To read more of Jeanne’s bio, check the Background section.