21st century starts Thursday

Here’s a little change of pace to see if you’re paying attention.  Thursday night begins a summerlong preview of the true culture of the 21st century.  And it happens on a full moon adding even more kick.   The 84 year cycle begins in earnest in March 2011.  During this preview, expect a flood of new visions, new missions embracing the desire for change that is so strong right now — and needs a positive direction.  No one will be able to act on the overwhelming rush of new ideas — new as in never even thought it before — so take notes.  There are years available to work it out.

Since revolutionary change usually means upheaval, even if it is for the good, be prepared for a warp speed pace, explosive occurrences and lots of slower folks and old forms falling by the wayside.  This is a huge wave of energy breaking through to the surface — cracks will be made.

Enhance your calm because the universe is determined to wind everyone up a couple notches tighter.  If you happen to thrive on radical and innovative and love the idea of a faster pace, be generous with your compassion.  Not everyone chooses demolition derby for a Sunday afternoon drive.

The nature of this force stream is electrical.  Try not to short out the grid — or your brain — on too much.  Avoid being out in lightning storms.

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