December is taken up with that great American pasttime — shopping. For many, shopping is fraught with challenge and mystery. Finding the perfect gift ranks with scaling the Alps for degree of difficulty.

Help is at hand — an infallible gift manual keyed to the astrological signs. Check for the sign placement of the Sun and/or Venus to find a gift idea. The Sun represents the core energy of the individual. Sun-directed gifts appeal to who a person is. Venus, on the other hand, speaks to the desire nature, what the person wants; what “turns them on.” Choose those Venus-keyed gifts carefully; they are seductive.

Whether you buy for the Sun or Venus, you can be a gift-buying star for less money and time than you ever imagined! Just follow the signs, and this December — wait until after the 10th to buy gifts that you do not want to be returned.


Impulsive and enthusiastic, the ever-youthful Aries will rip open their gift first, gush their adoration of it then move on to the rest of their gift pile. And there better be more.

Those with Aries energy are adventurers, active and seldom domestic. If a gift for their home is required, try knives, strings of hot peppers, or do-it-almost-itself housewares. Red glassware is another sure thing; no Aries can ever have enough, especially at the rate they break them.

For the ultimate gift, arrange for immortal fame — their name on a plaque in a public place is more satisfying to those with Aries energy than a wallet full of cash.


Although the favorite Taurus gifts are real estate or cash, there are possibilities for those on a limited budget. Taurus taste is conservative and sensual with an inclination to luxury. Fine leather, beautiful fresh flowers, and rich rugs will always win thanks from those born under this Venus-ruled sign. Mirrors, wallets or grandmother1s tablecloth are excellent choices as are bath oils, lotions and perfumes.

Nature, gardening and entertaining at their comfortable homes are Taurus interests that provide abundant gift-giving opportunities. Tickets to the symphony or the opera are ideal, especially if matched with an antique necklace of lasting value.

A quality gift is never wasted on one with Taurus energy. They have an excellent memory and will never forget what you gave them.


Light and playful, Geminis seldom hold a thought for more than a brief flash. Boredom is their worst nightmare. Games and handcrafts challenge their versatility; and they want books that are short and easy to browse. Manicures, gloves or an overnight bag are suitable gifts for those with Gemini energy. Don’t worry about getting them something they already have — Geminis like having two.

Inveterate social butterflies, Geminis would be delighted by two tickets to anything. Pre-paid phone cards and cellular phones are high on the list of talkative Geminis.

To really thrill a Gemini send them on a scavenger hunt with at least two gifts to find.


Devoted to the “good old days,” the Cancer-energy person is a passionate collector, especially of antiques. Learn what they collect and you’ll have gift ideas for life.

They cherish personal, intimate gifts, especially those with sentimental value. Cancers love to feed their families and friends making cooking tools and dining items, especially heirloom silver and china, favorite gifts.

If your budget is small, look for patriotic trinkets, cloisonne or family photographs. No individual with Cancer energy ever has enough boxes, bags or containers.

You will be a hero if you intuit that the Cancer’s dream gift is a home or boat.


Don’t ever approach a Leo female without a gift in hand. If you wrap it in an extravagant gesture, the gift need not be expensive. However, if it glitters, it better be gold.

Dramatic, with movie star tastes, your special Leo’s fantasies can be satisfied by staging an event or hiring a limo. Jewelry is always a good choice for those with Leo energy, especially gold and amber.

Leos love to entertain and show off their castles — so fine wines and party supplies are always welcome. And remember — no disrespectful gifts if you want to please the king-like Leo.


A useful gift bought at bargain prices will thrill the practical Virgo. But no defective seconds allowed. Virgos are particular so make certain it’s a perfect bargain. The children of this sign are happy to find socks and shirts in their holiday packages; adults appreciate conservative, tailored clothes.

Creatures of habit and routines, the daily life of a Virgo is a ritual and they cherish organizing tools like day timers and bookcases. Health and cleanliness are important putting bath items, vitamins, a first-aid kit and diet books on their must-have list.

Virgos also have long lists of what not to give them ranging from flashy clothes to anything that makes a mess.


Dedicated to domestic peace and harmony, Librans will love whatever you get them — whether they do or not. They are far too charming to hurt anyone’s feelings. Rose-colored glasses that match their view of the world are an ideal choice.

Beauty rules in this sign of Venus making the Libra home an oasis of refined taste. Nothing vulgar or harsh will do. Art, mirrors and white marble can be added to music and poetry books as Venus selections.

For the ideal gift, send your favorite Libra off for a day of beauty treatments or a fashion shopping spree. Make it even more perfect by going along and helping them make choices — always a challenge for the fair-minded Libra.


Scorpios like to be mysterious — and they love to investigate. Challenge them to find well-hidden gifts as an added spice to whatever you chose. Or give the gift in secret. Those with Scorpio energy thrive on secrets.

Passionate and intense, Scorpios are drawn to magic and ancient mysteries. Select chemistry sets for earnest young Scorpios, murder mysteries and horror stories for all ages. They are suspicious so don’t hand them anything wrapped that ticks.

Scorpios are the sexiest men and women of the zodiac. Exotic perfumes, satin sheets and lingerie will delight their sensual tastes. Be careful with those intimate gifts however, you don’t want to show how well you know them. Remember, those with Scorpio energy like to be mysterious.


Sagittarians are players. There’s no better gift for them than a pack of lottery tickets unless it’s a day at the track.

Fun and freedom are important values; sports often a passion. Those with Sagittarian energy love physical activity and can always use new snowboards or rollerblades.

College paraphrenalia is a hit even when it’s not the Sagittarian’s alma mater. All imported goods are attractive; and travel a part of their routine.

For that special Sagittarian in your life, send them on an adventure or get the library a new philosophy book in their name.


Designer labels and prestige gifts will tickle the fancy of even the stiffest Capricorn. They are not sentimental and are very interested in material security. No funny cards for most Capricorns, but formal stationery would be an ideal choice.

Basically frugal, those with Capricorn energy appreciate high quality gifts — as long as it’s not their money being spent. Getting ahead in their career is a major concern so business-related gifts are appreciated.

Pocket watches and grandfather clocks serve their obsession with time and their love of tradition. If clothes are on their gift list, make certain they are conventional, not bizarre, fashion statements although suspenders are fine. Onyx, crystals and mosaics are materials that please Capricorns.


Aquarian energy is unconventional, original and ultra-modern. Antiques never make the gift list of Aquarians; computerized mechanisms do. Unemotional but friendly, they are often involved in group projects. Their legions of acquaintances make address books and rolodexes ideal gift choices.

Electronics or the equipment needed for their unusual pasttimes like aviation and astrology are always appreciated. Aquarians are curious and have the makings of great inventors. The future is their favorite time.

With their taste for the bizarre, Aquarians of all ages are delighted with gifts of tie-dyed clothes, socially relevant posters and neon art.


Be careful with your gift choice for those with soft and sensitive Pisces energy; they often let other people define them. They tend to be indiscriminate and accepting of everything. What the gift is matters far less than that you thought to give them one.

Pisces are creative and often involved in the arts — theater, video, music. Ballet shoes, sheet music or theater tickets will please an artistic Pisces.

The ultimate water baby, they are enchanted with aquariums and all the supporting apparatus. Or bring them a puppy ot kitten, preferably one with a hard-luck story as a pedigree. Mystical and vague, Pisces views time as a flow. Gifts that organize are useless; try a maid or secretarial service instead.