Uranus in Pisces – Enter the Imaginarium

Predicting the cultural and political future using astrological patterns is lways chancy, because there are so many factors involved in the destiny of nations, humanity, and the Earth.

The task is more certain, however, when the planet involved is Uranus. The energy streams encoded by the movements of Uranus are predictable in their unpredictability, routine in their eccentricity, and commonplace in their uniqueness. The effect of Uranus is always and reliably revolutionary. It does, after all, embody the Law of Unexpected Outcomes. Since Uranus transits a sign for seven years, there is plenty of time for sign-specific Uranian attributes to take hold and influence civilization.

Uranus is particularly useful as a hallmark of all that is new and wildly different during a given period. Uranus in Capricorn saw the collapse of communism – a true revolution in world politics that affected much more than the nations embracing that philosophy. For seven years, structures of all sorts were overthrown so that new forces could emerge. Then came Uranus in Aquarius in 1996, and the technology revolution turned the world upside down.

In March 2003, when Uranus begins its seven-year journey through Pisces, we will enter a time when the deepest, most sacred aspects of human life will be impacted by the forces of unrelenting and dramatic change. What will be the essence of the age, as we look at it from 2010 when it draws to a close? A Spiritual Revolution? The dawn of limitless imagination? Will the time be marked by rising oceans or a rising tide of psychic sensitivity, or both? Will it be the Apocalypse, in its commonplace meaning of end times or in its authentic translation from the Greek as the lifting of the veil that separates the real from the unreal? Will it be known as the time when implanting a psychic chip in the human brain became the global fashion – and changed the evolution of the species forever? Will there be contact with the Divine, or simply with alien consciousness or your long-dead great aunt Tillie?

My research shows the potential for all of the above – and more. Pisces is without boundaries; as the last of the signs, it contains all within itself. And Uranus by its very nature demands that we expect the unexpected.

Uranus is not the only ingredient in the planetary stew; Pluto in Sagittarius and Neptune in Aquarius also have contributions to make to the trends and patterns of the time. With Neptune and Uranus in mutual reception,1 we can expect a continued emphasis on technology at the same time that the mystical, spiritual essence of Pisces is intensified. Mystics with modems will be the order of the day. God.com will be a much consulted Web address. Technology may be developed to pick up psychic impressions or to monitor dreams (or make them lucid). “Virtual reality” fantasy worlds become the customary habitat of millions – on or off the Internet. We are in the final decan (the last ten degrees) of the transit of Pluto through Sagittarius, which means that the transformation of values, ideals, and religious impulse encoded by that passage is entering its concluding phase.

Eruption of Psyche

The textbook explanation of Uranus in Pisces is surely the eruption of psyche, and it will cause a revolution completely unlike those imagined by war-game planners. Dreams, fantasies, imagination, poetry, and music rule. Separateness disappears as we recognize that we are all afloat in the same psychic ocean.

The revolutionary effects of increased receptiveness will alter areas as diverse as social services and animal rights. With millions able to communicate with dolphins and dogs and especially cows and chickens we can expect a broadening of philosophy-based vegetarianism: Who can eat a creature when you can hear its thoughts? Great segments of the population across the planet will lobby for increased and stricter punishment of those practicing cruelty to animals.

Instant messaging and wireless communication will morph into instant messaging through telepathic connection – and most people will be unaware that a giant step in an unimagined direction has occurred. No longer will people explain away the dreams they have where they are downlaoding information in their sleep as caused by too much time spent in front of their computers; it will become an accepted method for gathering data.

We need to understand how important technology will continue to be, even as the seemingly unreal is increasingly recognized as reality. Uranus and Neptune trade places: Each is in the sign ruled by the other. Visits to the creative unconscious, the dreamscape, or the afterlife are going to occur through techie links and designer drugs. The results will range from a refreshed spirit, a connection with feelings, psychic development, and intuition – to escape and addiction. Invest now in virtual reality parlors; they will make their way from the pages of science fiction to the suburban mall. Rehab spas are another good investment; detox will become a way of life for vast portions of the population.

In the field of health care, we can expect dramatic shifts, especially in diagnosis, as the role of the etheric patterns in the body is understood and manipulated and as aura scanning takes its rightful place as a handy diagnostic tool. By the end of the Uranus-in-Pisces transit, we may be so far over the edge as to market auras as a fashion accessory and make viewing them an essential part of the dating game.

The threats are as great and unpredictable as the energy itself. With Uranus introducing alternate realities as part of its daily routine, we must be wary of hasty interpretations that brand such sensitivity as madness or insanity, subject to medication and treatment. There is a grave danger that psychiatry or psychotropic drugs will extinguish the revolutionary upsurge in psychic experience. As the veil gets thinner and is rent in places, invisible forces come closer. Who will be able to say with certainty what is saintly and what is mad?

People who are unprepared for the dramatic increase in psychic sensitivity, or who have been taught to brand all such insights as demonic possession, will experience great confusion. Pandemics of psychic disturbances will wash over the globe, fueled as much by the instinctive fear of a different way of being as by the actual increase in skills such as clairvoyance and telepathy. Sanity will hinge on the ability of individuals to develop a certain level of detachment, so that they are not continually swept away by tsunamis of emotions and impressions.

For people who have been exercising their psychic muscles for decades, this is the time when all that training pays off. Those who enter the psychic arcade without any training or understanding may become burned-out shells. Preparation is essential to protect the user of non-physical energy from falling victim to the negative impressions, astral forces, and despair that drive some to oblivion. People who have been searching for this psychic energy for years will not be freaked out by the intensification of it; they have the sunglasses they need to prevent them from being blinded by the light of the Divine.

The Law of Spiritual Approach

In the esoteric scheme of the universe, as outlined in Alice Bailey’s various books, the eruption of psyche described above would occur on the etheric level. The testing, quickening, and polishing of the soul that concludes in Pisces during any cycle still remains linked to the human level. It is spirit that Bailey attributes to the Divine.2 In Pisces, we find the living waters of spirit ready to connect with the human soul.

The soul’s realization of its proximity to spirit lends Pisces its typical yearning to finally be free of the earthly plane and to merge with the Divine. When the connection is complete and humanity experiences an inflow of spirit, then joy sweeps all before it, including despair and disillusionment. This connection that draws spirit down, then sends it forth into the world through the vehicle of the soul, is defined in the Law of Spiritual Approach, as set forth by the Bailey-based Meditation Group for the New Age.3 I have always imagined this law as a 90-degree angle, with spirit flowing into soul on the vertical and being sent out on the horizontal.

The revolutionary Uranian truth is that Divine contact has no need for intermediaries. In fact, what many argue is the greatest proof of Divine contact in this world – the birth of Jesus Christ – took place during an earlier transit of Uranus through Pisces. In this day of gargantuan Christian bureaucracies masquerading as spiritual institutions, we forget how revolutionary Jesus was – how he overturned the notion of priesthood and their institutional religious practice. Divine contact, as encoded by Uranus in Pisces, promises to tear down the veil and reveal inner truths. Odds are that those truths can’t be found in any traditional church canon. During this passage of Uranus through Pisces, spirit is freeing itself from the bondage of rigid beliefs. A mass rejection of traditional religion is brewing; the current turmoil in the venerable Roman Catholic Church is only the foreshadowing. Pluto in Sagittarius has been warning the world for several years that the Titanic of established religion is about to sink; Uranus is the iceberg.

The universal connection through spirit brings hope for those who live in terror of one-world political structures and their capacity to eradicate cultural diversity. Global soul may trump global government, and sensitive beings may find themselves in the vanguard of a one-world movement based on unity of spiritual purpose.

As with the eruption of psyche, there is a serious danger inherent in the crumbling of traditional religions. The boundaries that they establish for human behavior will also dissolve and disappear. People with a clear and personal spiritual path – those who have worked toward the direct connection with God that religions are supposed to provide – need not be afraid. For others, there will be nowhere to turn. Those who get lost in the fog will need the support and guidance of those whose spiritual training allows them to model the answer. And what is the answer? It is Uranus in Pisces in mutual reception with Neptune in Aquarius; it is spiritual science, the path of Light.

What History Tells Us

Analysis of the intrinsic nature of both planet and zodiacal sign is a reliable process for predicting trends, but examination of what occurred in previous periods of a particular transit lends texture and color to the ideas. The mass rejection of traditional religion, and its replacement with science, caused one of the most sweeping historical revolutions – a revoltuion that occurred during a previous period when Uranus transited Pisces as Pluto moved through Sagittarius: 1752-1760. For many historians, that period marks the beginning of our modern age. Astrologically, it is the last time that these two planets were in placements that match the upcoming period.

This revolution was centered in France where, in 1748, Baron de Montesquieu published his lifework, The Spirit of the Laws.4 This book’s postulation that mechanical forces, rather than Divine order, ruled human actions reflected the global shift in the Western world from God-centered to human-centered. Divine Right as interpreted by King and Church was banished by human reason; this was the beginning of the scientific method. Population shifted from country to city, society became increasingly secularized, and ancient superstitions were swept away in the light of reason.

As this cycle ends and begins again, we find the world in a stranglehold of materialistic, bottom-line motivation. Science is focused almost equally on making weapons of mass destruction and creating life without spirit as in cloning. Pluto in Sagittarius reminds us that this issue is an ethical one. Uranus in Pisces promises flashes of lightning illuminating a spiritual path through fog and confusion. The enhancement of intuition and unity of spiritual purpose may welcome the Divine back into political life in a far better way than terrorists and extremists of all stripes who claim God as their justification do today.

Trends and Fashions

The broad-stroke expectations of intensification and revolutionary change in both the psychic and spiritual realms may dominate the period of Uranus transiting Pisces, but other mundane trends can also be predicted. In the area of jobs, we can expect openings for personal spiritual trainers as well as soothers and healers of overwrought psyches. The most valued leaders will be those who can connect with the universal pattern; we can only pray that they are spiritually attuned, not manipulators of collective consciousness. Martyrs will abound as will those who talk to the dead. The afterlife will gain in popularity during this transit; with the continued predominance of technology, we can be almost certain that software makers will attempt to compete with television psychics in the field of afterlife communication.

Physical and psychological health will be affected. Podiatrists can anticipate a greater concern about feet, and reflexology may become part of their therapeutic repertory. The lymphatic system, as the physical counterpart of the etheric web, will come under great study; many diseases and their care will be linked to adjusting the lymphatic fluids.

Cloning comes of age as the Uranus-Neptune pairing virtually guarantees the realization that life requires an integration of spirit and body. Uranus in Pisces is clearly the lightning bolt into the primordial ocean that sparks life.

Alcohol and drug use will increase and become a form of bondage, as sensitive people seek withdrawal and escape. The most recent transit of Uranus through Pisces in the 1920s resulted in Prohibition, so we can anticipate another crusade against alcohol like the one currently aimed at tobacco. The lessons of the past cannot be avoided, however: Society must recollect the cost of Prohibition – the growth of a shadow culture of organized crime.

Overwrought romanticism and suffering heroines may become the trend in Hollywood along with fairies and sprites. One thing is certain — this period will not herald the return of the cowboy.

Astrology is often quite literal in its effects; we can expect a rising of oceans that will drown seacoasts in water, not in spirit. Water and all the places it is kept will face disruption and upheaval. The imperative for potable water will drive commercial and political wars in ways currently focused on oil. Another good investment: buy into water companies.

All We Need Is Love

Astonished and unprepared masses. Fear, confusion, madness, visions, and voices. The unseen leaking through porous boundaries into the tangible world. All the Piscean attributes have the capacity to be dangerous, and they will require steady guidance to prevent them from becoming a deluge of problems. As always, the answers are found in the same place as the questions: How to prevent rampaging fear? What to do with the information garnered through visions and unseen voices, and myriad more issues to be faced.

The Piscean attraction to the spiritual path is one way of handling these potential crises. Another path is found in the most significant characteristic of Pisces, especially during the first three years of the Uranian period when Saturn is transiting Cancer: Love – compassionate, merging, transcendent, unconditional love, based on feeling the universal connection. This is the only ointment that can heal the wounds inflicted on the hypersensitive. It is the secret heart of these next seven years, as expressed in the words of the Great Invocation: “Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.”

Post the number of your favorite “love doctor” on the refrigerator; he or she will become the most sought-after practitioner during this sojourn in a Piscean time.

©2002 Jeanne Mozier – all rights reserved — Published Mountain Astrologer: Feb/Mar 2003

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