Daily Predictions


This is the Facebook version of Daily Flow called Cosmic Alert!  The date header is the date the activity takes place.  The posted date is when I write this and get it up.  ALL TIMES MENTIONED ARE EDT/EST

AUGUST 13 —- A fun and easy day on the mundane level with an emphasis on opportunities for connecting, communicating and making things with your hands as the Moon in Gemini sextiles Mercury in Leo. Be playful. However, that monster of disruption is just getting larger as Uranus is almost stopped in Taurus so exercise caution and pay attention when you are driving or working with tools. The big disasters you probably cannot do anything about. Expect surprises especially late tonight when all the brain function gets a little fuzzy as the Moon squares Neptune in Pisces just after midnight tomorrow.

AUGUST 12 —- The day does not start flowing until the Moon enters Gemini at 9:46am. When the flow does begin it is generally light, playful and focused on connection, communication, short travel and working with your hands. However — the major planetary energy of Mars in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn is highly explosive until 3:14am tomorrow. Be very cautious in what you say, working with tools and in any driving that you do. Accidents and disruptions are likely.

AUGUST 11 — A solid, basic, get work done sort of day where the walls and structures work in your favor rather than as blocks as the Moon in Taurus trines Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn with a sextile to Neptune in Pisces thrown in. The only challenging time is a brief period around lunch where you lament the lack of glamor and drama as the Moon squares the Sun in Leo. Diligence and accomplishment continues until after midnight tomorrow when the Taurus Moon goes void of course at 3:55am. Make sure the tasks on your list for the day and night are enduring and meaningful. The forces today may tend to dampen the wave of physical plane disruption but only briefly and the tension may still be present in the form of rules and regulations. Take advantage of the breathing room.

AUGUST 10 —- The mental stimulation of Mercury in Leo square Uranus in Taurus drops away by 8:52am although the basic disruptions and little surprises continue through the day and into early evening as the Moon in Taurus conjuncts Uranus. After that, the challenges are in communications and travel. Be careful coming home later as the Moon squares Mercury in Leo. Generally the force of the day is slow and steady with endurance to spare with the Moon in Taurus. An excellent day to spend working outdoors especially in the garden. Tension of the week continues to build — expect more natural disasters as Uranus in Taurus is nearly stopped.

AUGUST 9 —– An exciting but challenging day. High energy, impulsive behavior, brain speeding filled with an idea a minute through late afternoon. Then becomes random and scattered late afternoon when the Aries Moon goes void of course at 3:50pm. Don’t discard the spontaneous flashes of genius all day; write them down for later consideration when you can focus better on details. Barriers and resistance are mounting bringing frustration and the potential for accidents from thoughtless action as the Moon squares Pluto then Saturn in Capricorn. Force does not settle down until tonight when the Moon enters Taurus at 9:28pm but still remains filled with little surprises and disruptions as Mercury in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus tomorrow morning. The real energy pattern to notice is increased tension that builds through the week to major explosions and upheavals climaxing by the weekend especially in the area of natural disasters as Uranus slows in Taurus stationing and turning retrograde on 8/15.

AUGUST 8 —- Action is the key word today, driven by a sense of drama and tremendous self expression as the Moon in Aries trines the Sun in Leo. Thoughtlessness can be excessive although it may portray itself as enthusiasm. Don’t try saying NO to anyone caught up in the whirlwind of high physical energy — they will mow you down especially if they are caught up in the notion of righting a wrong, of seeking truth and justice. The evening does present roadblocks and walls to the momentum but they only raise the level of the challenge to keep moving and blast through the obstacles as the Moon squres Jupiter in Capricorn. After midnight tomorrow, the driving force ramps up again; don’t expect a night of peaceful sleep as the Moon conjuncts Mars in Aries.

AUGUST 7 —- One of those days when it feels different because it is. Brain is still a little fuzzy until after breakfast with the Moon in PIsces until it goes void of course at 8:53am and then the energy of physical, enthusiastic, aggressive — definitely action packed enters as the Moon moves into Aries at 9:05am. Be! Do! Act! — think later. Watch out for thoughtless speech driven by ego that can easily be received as warlike and hostile as the Moon trines Mercury in Leo. Before noon, there is another shift in energy as Venus moves into Cancer for the next four weeks. Sensitivity and taking things personally are hallmarks of that time but also making family and home high priorities. The power force dominates today though so tender hearts should stay out of the way of the warriors.

AUGUST 6 —- An ideal mix of hard work, attention to form, creative juice and inspiration makes this a day for exceptional accomplishment — with heart. Boundaries can be useful not restrictive. Take every opportunity offered through the day and night.The Moon in Pisces sextiles Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn and conjuncts Neptune.

AUGUST 5 —- Sensitivity is high and wide all day and night with the Moon in Pisces. Watch out for the emotional energy you put out — and that you bump in to. Stay alert and you can pick up information non-verbally. There are opportunities for surprises and minor disruptions through the day as the Moon sextiles Uranus in Taurus. Sometimes things need shaking up.

AUGUST 4 —- Energetic activity to plan for future and start new things continues through 9:07am as Mars in Aries squares Jupiter in Capricorn. The rest of the day is creative, artistic, focused on friends and a little bizarre as the Moon in Aquarius trines Venus in Gemini. The Moon goes void of course at 5:45pm and remains with random wackiness until 10:28pm when the Moon enters Pisces and the energy flow becomes emotional and without boundaries. It is a squishy time for an hour until 11:32pm there is a major shift when Mercury enters Leo. Our minds and thinking have been emotion-driven for a long two months. The shift tonight replaces emotion with ego and moves our brains to confident, dramatic power thinking for the next two weeks until 8/19. You’ll notice the shift tonight in your dreams.

AUGUST 3 —- Mental energy is the key force all day and night dominated by a Full Moon with the Moon in Aquarius opposed the Sun in Leo at noon time and two planetary aspects during the 24-hour period. And, it’s not just any kind of mental focus, it’s innovative and very future oriented. Expect the kind of disruptions that occur when radical thought processes are involved as the Moon squares Uranus in Taurus. Even though the thinking is serious all day, there is no need for it to depress you. Think hard but take some fun breaks as Mercury in Cancer opposes Saturn in Capricorn. Action also comes in to play but later in the day and through the night as the Moon sextiles Mars in Aries and Mars squares Jupiter in Capricorn after midnight and mid morning tomorrow . It too is future oriented so you can start something new. Be optimistic but avoid overextending yourself; be energetic but not reckless. Self discipline is useful. There will be a future — take this time to think about it, plan for it and remember — your thinking may be universal in scope but you can’t fix the whole universe.

AUGUST 2 —- The night was disruptive and explosive with clean up continuing until mid-morning as the Sun in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus and the Moon conjuncts Saturn in Capricorn. Then the Moon is void of course at 9:59am until 2:11pm when the Moon enters Aquarius and the energy flow shifts and embraces universal, mental and somewhat weird patterns. All afternoon and overnight through tomorrow morning continues strange culminating in the Full Moon at noon tomorrow. Your electronics are particularly prone to misbehaving. Innovative solutions to hard problems are possible starting mid afternoon but warm and fuzzy emotions are missing from the scene.

AUGUST 1 —- The temporary influence of intense propaganda as Mercury in Cancer opposed Pluto in Capricorn ended with dawn. The rest of the day is active and aggressive resistance, protest and revolt against all the limitations and restrictions of this year as the Moon in Capricorn squares Mars in Aries and conjuncts Jupiter. Evening brings some creative relief but also the opportunity for fantasies and lies permeating more than the art side as the Moon sextiles Neptune in Pisces. Hard issues return tonight until just after midnight as the Moon conjuncts Pluto . Not an easy day although self discipline and focus can produce personal level accomplishments.

JULY 31 —- As long as you’re up by 7:58am when the Moon enters Capricorn, you’re good to go for the day. The flow is sober and filled with hard lessons but there is a flow. Nothing much happens through the day but as it proceeds there is increased possibility of unusual and surprising issues and actions especially after dark as the Moon trines Uranus in Taurus after midnight tomorrow. The overall tone of the day and especially the night through dawn tomorrow is one of propaganda and indoctrination, forceful attempts to persuade or be persuaded as Mercury in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn. Watch out for power plays or being obsessed by a single idea. Positive use of the energy is to investigate and get to the bottom of any issue between any two people.

JULY 30 —- Another energized and visionary day until the Sagittarian Moon goes void of course at 8:08pm and you can just drift on memories of the day’s adventures. Morning is excellent for communications and moving forward especially in business and around the house as the Moon trines Mars in Aries and Mecury in Cancer opposes Jupiter in Capricorn. You are optimistic. Then your mind becomes more attune to fantasy and dreaminess so save the creative efforts until this afternoon as Mercury trines Neptune in Pisces. Late afternoon and evening is about being sensitive to friends and their feelings — and working that sensitivity into anything you do creatively as well as the Moon opposes Venus in Cancer. All and all, a good day to see what you achieve with your efforts — and for putting positive into a world that desperately needs it.

JULY 29 —- High physical energy. Expanded,elevated, purposeful thinking. The Moon in Sagittarius trine the Sun in Leo most of the day. Optimistic and good for business and negotiations as long as you rein in thinking that is too big and try to keep at least a partial eye on the details especially tonight as Mercury in Cancer opposes Jupiter in Capricorn early tomorrow morning. Buy a house. Exploit this GREAT day — there seem to be too few of them.

JULY 28 —-While there are opportunities for accomplishment on hard tasks today, the price may be high to get things done as the Moon in Scorpio sextiles Jupiter, Pluto and Capricorn throughout the day and night. It’s an ethically slippery day with lots of hidden agendas and manipulation being used to achieve these outcomes. Be alert and listen for what’s not being said especially late morning when the Moon trines Neptune in Pisces and covert meets up with lies. Pay attention to those dark feelings and try to avoid the pitfalls that the end justifies the means. Not being face-to-face can change the dynamic and hard to say whether change for the better or not. The Scorpio Moon goes void of course a minute after midnight tomorrow.

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