Daily Predictions


This is the Facebook version of Daily Flow called Cosmic Alert!  The date header is the date the activity takes place.  The posted date is when I write this and get it up.  ALL TIMES MENTIONED ARE EDT/EST

APRIL 3 —- Spirits are high as is physical energy as the Moon in Leo trines the Sun in Aries. Everyone is filled with confidence in themselves — and that can be dangerous in present world circumstances. Turn the strength into something productive, like writing that novel you now have time to begin. Creative imagination dominates the day and most of the evening as Mercury conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. On the other hand, it is also a period for lies and misinformation especially beginning at 1:11pm when Venus enters Gemini for an unusual four month long period when what we love is talking/connecting; content is less important than the act itself. It’s not malevolent just unconcerned with anything absolute — like truth. By afternoon that fluid movement can be outright boastful. The Leo Moon begins a 26-hour void of course period at 3:29pm where ego is powerful but undirected. Watch especially for extravagance because by tomorrow you are seriously worried about resources of all sorts.

APRIL 2 —-Spend the morning taking opportunities to make your house and emotional environment more comfortable and secure as the Moon in Cancer sexiles Venus in Taurus. It’s nap time when the Cancer Moon goes void of course at 12:49pm. When the flow returns and the Moon enters Leo at 2:26pm you are dramatic, generous and a bit too full of yourself and confident. That soon hits a barrier that reminds us of the need to focus our power on universal needs and innovative solutions as the Moon opposes first Mars then Saturn in Aquarius. From dinnertime on the night is disruptive and full of surprising upheaval as the Moon squares Uranus in Taurus. Imagination is powerful through the evening and night as is the potential for lies and misinformation as Mercury conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. Watch movies not the news. Take no major legal actions –wait until later tomorrow, you’ll be better equipped.

APRIL 1 —- Awash in emotion and hypersensitivity all day and evening with the Moon in Cancer trine Mercury and Neptune in Pisces. Protect yourself if need be. By tonight, feelings slam into the wall of reality and lockdown as the Moon opposes Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn pre-dawn tomorrow. The repercussions of being trapped in a dwelling with people who may be family but don’t like each other on a normal day starts being felt. Call folks who may be in that situation and give them some relief. It’s sad but real. The other possibility of the Cancer/Pisces pattern today is an increase in messages from other realities. They are on the increase, so pay attention. There may be information you need.

MARCH 31 —– The day starts soon after dawn with an emotional focus as the Moon enters Cancer. Hug — virtually or otherwise — your family and tribe. Security becomes a concern but remember, for those sensitives who resist going out into the world in the best of times, this is comfortable, sort of. Who cares if it isn’t true that intensive doses of carbs and sugar are not a cure, it’s worth a try for the next couple days. The real news today comes at 2:31pm when Mars conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius — the third and final. for the moment, step in the shift to considering the future more seriously. Innovation is everywhere. Pay attention to the shape of the world emerging. Shine a mental light on all that happens and embrace the weird and unusual. It started with a specific aspect on January 12 — Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn that had not occurred in 500 years — and it’s universal. No guideposts, just pioneering.

MARCH 30 —– Bustle around all morning getting out communications by whatever means, making those essential forays for food then settle in at 11:10am for a long void of course Gemini Moon until 7:43am tomorrow. Conversation turns to mindless chatter, short trips turn to wandering from room to room. Except, there is MAJOR action in the pattern. By 3:43pm we begin what may be the most significant 24 hours since January 12. Our impulse for action changes as Mars enters Aquarius. We no longer sit waiting for normal to return. It is not returning and we know it so now it’s time for acting the “new normal.” How are we going to do….whatever, from now on? Innovative solutions are everywhere and embraced with fervor. Don’t be concerned that the near future seems unformed — that changes tomorrow at 2:31pm when Mars conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius. Life becomes progressive in its truest meaning even if there are relapses along the way. Take the plunge with or without choice.


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