Daily Predictions


This is the Facebook version of Daily Flow called Cosmic Alert!  The date header is the date the activity takes place.  The posted date is when I write this and get it up.  ALL TIMES MENTIONED ARE EDT/EST

MAY 31 —- You may feel the compulsion to busy yourself with random details all morning as the Virgo Moon is void of course — and feel free to do so. The day doesn’t really start until 10:38am when the Moon enters Libra and then it’s generally smooth, sweet and harmonious all day and night. The mental flavor is strong through early afternoon as the Moon trines Saturn in Aquarius and then personal emotion and fears challenges the balance until dinner time as the Moon squares Mercury in Cancer. Probably disputes over what to serve. The evening and all night through dawn tomorrow value cogent and loving connections and communications with your group and partner as the Moon trines the Sun in Gemini. Love talk works.

MAY 30 — The general flow of devotion to duty and detail is challenged — in good way — by the desire to connect, communicate and have fun as the Moon in Virgo squares Venus in Gemini. These are all stress reducing activities and stress keeps you healthy so laugh this morning. The rest of the day, dreams and fantasy are encouraged to pull you from dreariness and aid in healthiness as the Moon opposes Neptune in Pisces. By tonight, the hard work on hard tasks returns but happens easily through dawn tomorrow as the Moon trines Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn. Follow the stars’ advice and this can be a splendid day where you can get tasks accomplished as well as have fun.

MAY 29 —- The day starts a couple hours after the crack of dawn — AT 7:40AM — but when it does, get down to work on your list of chores with the Moon in Virgo. The opportunity in the morning is to focus on home related chores — and assigning them to other folks to do as well as the Moon sextiles Mercury in Cancer. The rest of the day has details upending your environment in mostly positive ways like finding things you thought were gone forever as the Moon trines Uranus in Taurus. There’s some challenge for a little while late tonight as you resist too much order as the Moon squares the Sun in Gemini and opposes Mars in Pisces. It’s a good day for planting in the garden… but orderly rows only.

MAY 28 —- Make sure your list and plans for the day are ready because void of course is the strong pattern by mid-morning when the Leo Moon goes void of course at 9:30am. You feel confident and strong, just not directed. So, take the opportunity to look good as the Moon sextiles Venus in Gemini and let it carry you through until 7:40am tomorrow. To compound the drift, our brains are shifting beginning 2:09pm when Mercury enters Cancer, and it’s in a direction that does not bode well for clear, logical thought through mid-August. Our mental processes are driven by emotion for all that period and the emotion is taking things personally and being consumed by unconscious fear for safety. Whatever capacity for critical thinking was at large in the general population mostly disappears and any disputes are clouded by these emotions. Spend the afternoon and evening adjusting to this new reality.

MAY 27 —- Feel confident, look good all day and night with the Moon in Leo. Take the opportunity this morning to connect and communicate with generosity — you feel strong so don’t act from fear as the Moon sextiles the Sun in Gemini. This is the final day for easy communication with Mercury in Gemini for a couple months so take advantage of it. Some upheaval in the physical world late afternoon as the Moon squares Uranus in Taurus then take the opportunity this evening for partying — whatever that may mean these days. Enjoy some theater, drama even if on a screen not live. Get dressed up even to stay home. Be extravagant in your words and actions but always from a loving heart as the Moon sextiles Venus in Gemini tomorrow morning.

MAY 26 —- Shake off a pre-dawn morning full of dreams as the Moon in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces and then coast for the rest of the morning on comfort and security. By lunchtime, the world begins to intrude with harsh reality, restrictions and hard lessons to learn as the Moon opposes Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn. Don’t take it personally. Retreat to that soft cloud of safety and tribal love and belonging. The Cancer Moon is void of course at 9:06pm until 2:33am tomorrow when the Moon enters Leo and feelings of personal power and drama return with a rush setting up tension with all notions of an abstract future as the Moon opposes Saturn in Aquarius just before dawn.

MAY 25 —- An emotion saturated day and night as the Moon in Cancer trines Mars in Pisces. Let it flow especially towards your tribe, be it blood family or choice. Seek out security and comfort. The dangers of the time are unconscious fears and taking everything personally. If that’s your emotional universe right now — stay home and protect yourself.

MAY 24 — The Gemini Moon is void of course all day from 7:09am to 7:09pm making it a time when all thoughts and actions are on a time frame of a nano-second of attention before moving on to the next thought or action. With this pattern, the day is made for having fun, hanging with friends, randomly moving about. No heavy lifting of any sort although there will be almost constant adjustments happening because this is not the sort of energy flow made for these larger times. Early evening, the flow returns as the Moon enters Cancer and it’s all about comfort and security, being home with family and warm cookies. This impulse runs directly into a stronger force tonight that insists on taking opportunities for change, for resisting limitations and for seeking excitement as Mars in Pisces sextiles Uranus in Taurus after midnight. More adjustments.

MAY 23 —- Immerse yourself in beauty all day and night as the Moon conjuncts Venus in Gemini as its sole aspect. Splash in it, roll in it, feel it, think about it. Art, music, the beauty in nature and your fellow humans. One can certainly imagine that beauty and its attractive power is at the core of the Divine Plan for creation. It is simultaneously the most Divine and the most human of all experiences especially when love and connection between humans is thrown into the mix. Explore aesthetics — how does the mind respond to art, beauty and love. Even the most mundane of human inventions and artifacts can be elevated to the sublime by being beautiful. What could be a more productive and pleasurable way to spend the day? And take it to your dreams for a brief time just after midnight as the Moon in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces.

MAY 22 —- Hang out making plans early this morning as the Sun in Gemini trines Saturn in Aquarius and the Taurus Moon is void of course until 9:36am. But once the flow starts today and the Moon enters Gemini it’s all about communicating and connecting — with a New Moon, now and for the next month. No one is going to be staying home. In the communicating area, be cautious this morning — stick to the absolute truth and be prepared for confusion and lies from everyone around you as Mercury in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces. Words and communications are better around lunchtime as the Moon trines Saturn in Aquarius but then it all dissolves into the challenge of sorting truth from fiction all afternoon and tonight as the Moon squares Mars in Pisces. Undertake nothing strenuous — you won’t have the focus needed.

MAY 21 —- A day of significant practical accomplishment with the Moon in Taurus especially related to business as the Sun in Gemini trines Saturn in Aquarius. Communication is at a high level especially related to art and beauty as Mercury conjuncts Venus in Gemini. You can use both your brain and your body to great effect. All morning through early afternoon provides opportunity for imaginative inspiration as the Moon sextiles Neptune in Pisces and then it is solid, relentless hard work. You have the endurance you need to keep on keeping on until the Moon goes void of course at 4:01am tomorrow. By then, you’ve done so much that you can collapse and rest.

MAY 20 —- First thing this morning provides opportunities for some creative and practical action as the Moon in Tuarus sextiles Mars in Pisces. In fact, the entire day through early this evening has a creative and imaginative cast to it. Not good for relationships though since the romantic part is rather unrealistic — better stick to art as Venus in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces. Also this morning at 9:49am, the Sun moves into Gemini for the next month. The daily energy lightens and becomes more focused on fun and friends. This also contributes to the productive creative efforts of the day especially writing. Mid afternoon, there are upheavals and surprises in the physical world as the Moon conjuncts Uranus in Taurus.

MAY 19 —- Run with great enthusiasm headlong through the day slamming into walls of resistance and limitation along the way as the Moon in Aries squares Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn. Hard to say who wins this challenge but watch out for collateral damage. The moon goes void of course at 4:33pm and the thoughtless, high speed Aries energy continues without direction until 10:10pm when it enters Taurus and a new phase and becomes solid and stubborn. Later, the night is challenged by demands to expand your mental vision and consider the future for everyone as the Moon in Taurus squares Saturn in Aquarius.

MAY 18 —- ACTION! and even a better than usual chance that there is the opportunity to think before acting with the Moon in Aries. People are not waiting for permission to move around, take short trips and communicate all morning as the Moon sextiles Mercury in Gemini. Try to keep speed in check and avoid squashing anyone who doesn’t get out of your way quickly enough. The rest of the day and night is about the opportunity to make new friends, connect with the old ones and speed through a bunch of crafty projects as the Moon sextiles Venus in Gemini tomorrow before dawn. Writers — this is your day. First drafts will be as complete as can be so just start and race through.

MAY 17 —- The day starts slowly with the Pisces Moon void of course so just drift a bit until 9:36am when the Moon enters Aries and the energy returns fast and furious. Plus, that flow is bolstered by a huge burst of optimism, enthusiasm and good fortune in all you do especially this morning as the Sun in Taurus trines Jupiter in Capricorn. Search out new activities and experiences. Expand your mind. Vault over all barriers. There is nothing but opportunity for accomplishing future plans and communicating them to the world the rest of the day and night as the Moon sextiles Saturn in Aquarius and Mercury in Gemini .

MAY 16 —– Another day of “we are all in this together” on the cosmic level. Plus, there’s a good dose of visionary activity through mid afternoon as the Moon conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. After that for a couple hours you may struggle to put things into words as the Moon squares Venus in Gemini but then the rest of the day and night provides great opportunity to get hard tasks done with a notable dollop of creative juice as the Moon sextiles Pluto in Capricorn, the Sun in Taurus and Jupiter in Capricorn. Another good planting day — flowers early then food plants later.

MAY 15 —- With the Moon in Pisces, you can choose to live inside your imagination all day but try to make time for taking advantage of this being a good day for planting as well. This morning provides the opportunity for some unexpected visions, impressions and happenings as the Moon sextiles Uranus in Taurus which are a challenge to communicate as the Moon squares Mercury in Gemini because they happen primarily on a diffuse emotional plane. The rest of the day and night are particularly vague in reality but rich in dreams, imagination and emotional connections without boundaries or substance as the Moon conjuncts Pisces tomorrow afternoon. Be one with the universe — it’s the easiest action to take today.

MAY 14 —- Start your day early and get focused mental work done even though you may face challenges from the list that says you should be working outside or doing physical labor as the Moon in Aquarius squares the Sun in Taurus. The Aquarian Moon goes void of course at 10:03am and the rest of the day until tonight is void of course. Your brain can still work cranking out weird ideas, it’s just more random. Once the flow returns as the Moon enters Pisces at 9:24pm, it’s vague and dreamlike with a weak grasp on any real activity. In spite of all this wishy washy energy, this is a profoundly powerful day where you can have intense and significant experiences. Investigate the inner workings of the world and yourself then summon the will to make major changes and transformations in your life. Be forceful, get needed work done and keep evolving upward as the Sun in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn at 2:49am tomorrow. Today marks the final step in the phase of moving backward as Jupiter stations and retrogrades in Capricorn. There are now four planets in retrograde: Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus.

MAY 13 —- It’s one of those days where everything has already happened and new energies like Mars in Pisces and Venus retrograde in Gemini are in place with no other influences until just before dawn tomorrow when the Moon in Aquarius trines Venus. So…go with what we have which is a flow of out-of-the-box thinking and doing especially focused mentally on the big picture — humanity — and the future provided by the Moon in Aquarius. It’s also time to start re-evaluating all your relationships and how the energy moves within them thanks to Venus retrograde. All those hard lessons of the past couple months are intensified today before they start receding tomorrow as Jupiter stations before turning retrograde in Capricorn. All in all, a pleasant if weird day that improves tonight. Remember in reading these alerts that the date posted is the 24-hour period in which the forces described are occurring unless so noted in the narrative.

MAY 12 —- The day is slow in starting with the Capricorn Moon void of course until 11:39am. Once it does begin as the Moon enters Aquarius, the focus is on your brain with practical, serious thinking and important concerns. The energy is almost all Gemini and Aquarius. You can be persistent in your mental tasks. It’s a good time to organize for what the future will bring. Communication is solid and information from older folks is particularly beneficial as the Moon trines Mercury and conjuncts Saturn and Mercury in Gemini trines Saturn in Aquarius. There are two more major shifts in direction just after midnight and both take us through late June. The first is Mars entering Pisces which dissipates your drive to action and makes it more prone to fuzzy direction and influence from outside sources and substances. The other is Venus stationing then retrograding in Gemini which impacts relationships especially friendships. You reevaluate all those patterns in your life and eliminate or alter those not working.

MAY 11 —- It just seems like we’re standing stuck on the edge of the future as Saturn stations and retrogrades in Aquarius and we turn back and retrace our steps until September relearning all the hard lessons that began last September. This change in direction makes today move slowly. Starting this evening at 5:58pm, there is a shift to celebrate however: Mercury moves into Gemini and our minds speed up through May 28 becoming more playful and communicative. Short trips around the neighborhood are more likely. There is the opportunity early this evening for creative but substantial energy in what we say and what we do with our hands as the Moon in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces and trines the Sun in Taurus. Overnight the force becomes heavy with responsibility and hard work as the Moon trines Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn before the Capricorn Moon goes void of course at 6:30am tomorrow.

MAY 10 —- An interesting day launches a week of stops and shifts in direction with a significant end of forward movement on a major scale just after midnight tonight as Saturn stations and begins to retrograde in Aquarius. For today, the force is serious but at the same time optimistic and fortunate as Mercury in Taurus trines Jupiter in Capricorn and the Sun in Taurus sextiles Neptune in Pisces. Focus on planning for the future. All morning long the plans welcome new ideas. Your mind expands and the force is intense. It’s even a good time for business plans. The afternoon brings disruption and upheaval but often it’s a positive and surprising new direction as the Moon in Capricorn trines Uranus in Taurus. The energy this evening deteriorates and irritation takes over as the bright future you’ve been planning appears distant and nearly impossible. Be careful, especially if driving — repressed anger can lead to accidents as Mercury in Taurus squares Mars in Aquarius.

MAY 9 —- A soaring day with possible great adventure as the Moon continues in Sagittarius until dawn tomorrow. Dreamlike force challenges up through early afternoon with an abundance of intuition and spirit especially early this morning as Mercury in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn and the Moon squares Neptune in Pisces. It is easy to wake up having learned something new and profound. Sort through your dreams before they fade. Early afternoon creates the tension that makes for excellent telling of your story and the insights of the morning as the Moon opposes Venus in Gemini. The rest of the day and night provides ample opportunity to weave these new patterns into the future of your life and even the greater whole of humanity as the Moon sextiles Mars in Aquarius after midnight. Having fun while changing the world — how much better can life get?

MAY 8 — A day of focus on matters of serious concern, examining mysteries and what goes on beneath the surface as Mercury in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn tomorrow morning. Learn something new that may transform your beliefs but beware of obsessive thinking. With the Moon in Sagittarius and virtually no other planetary aspects to discuss, let’s ponder the great mystery contained within the sign of Taurus, current location of the Sun. Simply put it is the role of matter in bringing spirit into manifestation. It is the Law of Attraction, the secret of divine purpose which is to illuminate matter so that it is elevated to Heaven. The first climax of human consciousness comes here when spirit arisen in Aries is anchored by Taurus in matter. And what does this mean? Do not dismiss matter as lesser than spirit. It is the essential builder. At the same time, do not become so chained to the material world that the purpose of elevating it is lost.

MAY 7 —– The Full Moon is exact at 6:45am as the Moon in Scorpio opposes the Sun in Taurus. All humanity gathers to connect with the mind, heart and spirit of God — and with the earth, their home. The rest of the morning is spent in this state of spiritual unity as the Moon trines Neptune in Pisces. Around noontime we absorb the power and the Plan into our minds to mold how we think as the Moon opposes Mercury in Taurus. The afternoon is for doing the hard work, learning the hard lessons as the Moon sextiles Pluto in Capricorn and then there is the challenge to reach out of our own deep desires to be part of all humanity and the move forward as the Moon squares Mars in Aquarius. The opportunity to bring the Plan down to earth follows as the Moon sextiles Jupiter in Capricorn — and then the Scorpio Moon goes void of course at 10:39pm and we soak in the profound emotion that can be part of the great healing. The flow returns as the Moon enters Sagittarius at 3:15am tomorrow and we take a leap forward, inspired by the power of this Full Moon day. Let it all flow through you –allow no blockages.

MAY 6 —- With the Taurus Full Moon as the Sun in Taurus opposes the Moon in Scorpio exact at 6:45am tomorrow, we are in the shadow of the most profound and sacred feast of the esoteric world — Wesak. And the stars double down making it a highly intuitive, sensitive and spiritual day as Mercury in Taurus sextiles Neptune in Pisces. Deep emotions bring disruption in the morning as the Moon in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus but that smooths out as we prepare to receive the blessings of the day and night. Touch souls in your current reality and connect on the deepest level with millions around the world. The essential mystery of Wesak is the meeting of the Buddha and the Christ exchanging a communion of water and spreading it to all humanity. Accept the blessings with an open heart.

MAY 5 —- Focus the morning on communicating, especially writing as the Moon in Libra trines Venus in Gemini. It will be lively and beautiful. The afternoon is a challenge to enhancing your calm as the incessant demands for limitation and control from the outside world come into play as the Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn. There is a brief moment this evening of vision for a better future as the Moon trines Mars in Aquarius and then it’s back to an evening and night of limitation and harsh reality as the Moon squares Jupiter in Capricorn before the Libra Moon goes void of course at 10:31pm until 3:05am tomorrow.

MAY 4 —- Sweet, smooth and seeking balance is the overall flow of the day with the Moon in Libra. It especially involves your “mates” — intimate and collective. Talk with people, take short trips around the neighborhood. Be grounded, basic and traditional in all you do as the Sun conjuncts Mercury in Taurus. Persistence is good, stubbornness can ruin the pleasant quality of the day. Be outside and think about future business plans that are group oriented and produce something real. This is NOT the day to wave around inflammatory and destructive ideas. Go in peace. Hug a tree.

MAY 3 —- Another day to focus on getting things in your daily life done, especially those small chores on your list with the Moon in Virgo. The morning is a bit challenged by a lack of focus and desire to have some fun as the Moon squares Venus in Gemini and opposes Neptune in Pisces but by 11:22am it becomes easier to get down to work as the Moon trines Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn. Up until late night, there is a tendency for daydreaming which can also translate into imaginative activity as Venus in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces. There are challenges all day and night from an inclination to yearn for romance and fantasy in your relationship which blended with an overall force of being critical today can cause disappointment on the homefront.

MAY 2 —- From early morning through late night the Virgo Moon guarantees the day is one of focus on daily life tasks and getting them checked off your list. Being of service, following routines, keeping to the pattern, checking your health, idealizing order. Forget speed, you have the persistence and endurance to accomplish all you choose as the Moon trines Uranus, Mercury and the Sun in Taurus. Practice rituals and do everything in the correct order. Finish the night by making new lists for tomorrow and beyond.

MAY 1 —- Use the tension of the morning as the Moon in Leo opposes Mars in Aquarius to move forward on substantial activities and projects. Use your confidence and physical energy to draw back from the future and focus on now — and on yourself. But still be generous is all you do. At 12:04pm, the Leo Moon goes void of course for the next 24 hours until 1:35am. Schedule no beginnings after this morning. Instead expend the directionless Leo force play acting, working on your look and just generally feeling good about yourself. It’s OK, it’s a worthy task and you’ll be glad you did it.

APRIL 30 —- We get to end the month on a high note. Overall we feel proud, confident and dramatic. Looking good is tops on the list with the Moon in Leo. Our minds are fast, excited and highly inventive — be cautious that they aren’t too much so which can lead to nervousness and accidents as Mercury conjuncts Uranus in Taurus late tonight. The main activity is how all this positive energy bumps up against immovable forces. Expect some disruption this morning as the Moon squares Uranus in Taurus and general resistance and stubbornness this afternoon as the Moon squares the Sun in Taurus. Whatever happens, this is not a boring day.

APRIL 29 —- A push-pull day until tonight. Fear for personal security is driven by emotion all day with the Moon in Cancer. There is also a wave of desire for comfort and ease that is emotionally based. The other side of the equation is harsh reality — the continued demand to keep the walls closed in to provide that security as the Moon opposes Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn. But how harsh and how restrictive is enough. The Cancer Moon is void of course at 3:29pm through most of the afternoon and evening and then at 9:06pm moves into Leo and shifts to a sense of power and confidence. Individual concerns face off just before midnight against concern for the universal as the Moon opposes Saturn in Aquarius. Below the surface, it’s a tense day and continues so tomorrow.

APRIL 28 —- One of those days divided in half by somewhat conflicting forces. Up until early afternoon, the dominant force is mental. Unfortunately, it is also highly critical in thinking as Mercury in Taurus squares Saturn in Aquarius. Communication is a challenge especially since the underlying flow is sensitive and sentimental with the Moon in Cancer. You are focused on the negative so it may be best to work alone. Once that force expends itself at 1:28pm, the energy becomes increasingly sentimental and awash in emotion as the Moon trines Neptune in Pisces through pre-dawn tomorrow which may be a good thing since there are all those hurt feelings to soothe. Focus on comfort foods and family connections later today and through the night. Here’s a brief look at our long term future — sentiment and personal concerns are going to be in short supply. There is not much room for emotion-based choices when the direction is to a fairer world.

APRIL 27 —- The cosmic news today is adjustment. The routine flow of the Gemini Moon that has been light and airy for the last couple days shifts to a Cancer Moon’s emotional force at 1:28pm following a brief half hour void of course period for the Moon. Security is the driving force with Cancer. The bigger, long term adjustment comes in our thinking and movement patterns. Rapid fire and aggressive direction of Mercury in Aries moves to slow, traditional and stubborn Mercury in Taurus until May 11. This evening and night presents the opportunity for excitement as the Moon sextiles Uranus in Taurus.

APRIL 26 —- A delightful morning filled with connections, chatting, light fun and short trips even if you have to sneak out as the Moon conjuncts Venus in Gemini. Afternoon is devoted to projects related to future plans as the Moon trines Mars in Aquarius. Not until Happy Hour time does fogginess challenge your mental actions as the Moon squares Neptune in Pisces. All night long it’s back to opportunities for lighthearted fun; games, puzzles, movies, crafts as the Moon sextiles Mercury in Aries tomorrow. Enjoy this day as long as you stay on the surface.

APRIL 25 —- The most intense day since mid January as Pluto stations and retrogrades in Capricorn at 2:54pm. With the Moon in Gemini, the general flow is all about communication and connection and there is a seemingly out of place lightness and fun to activities. Hold onto that feeling. What you say is extremely powerful with dramatic effect and impact. Don’t sit around in silence but think about this impact when you speak. As the day progresses, there is an optimistic flavor to it. Make big plans and set long-range goals as Mercury in Aries squares Jupiter in Capricorn. This activity may become essential as other aspects bring tremendous upheaval during the night and until dawn tomorrow as the Sun conjuncts Uranus in Taurus at 5:01am tomorrow. It’s upheaval on the physical plane — both natural disasters and in your personal life. Many of the established and traditional forces begin to recede and be swept away through early October. If you have been feeling all this intensity in your physical body, it climaxes today then begins to disappear.

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