Daily Predictions


This is the Facebook version of Daily Flow called Cosmic Alert!  The date header is the date the activity takes place.  The posted date is when I write this and get it up.  ALL TIMES MENTIONED ARE EDT/EST

FEBRUARY 25 —– Don’t waste a second of the early morning when there is the opportunity to be creative in difficult circumstances and get something done as the Moon in Pisces sextiles Saturn in Capricorn. By 9:12am, your reward is a void of course Pisces Moon that makes your mind a foggy blank good for a long, long nap — until 1:47pm when you awake from a stupor, the energy returns and roars into action as the Moon enters Aries. Watch out world especially parts of life that are filled with injustice. A warrior is on the loose — and probably a female one with Venus hanging out in Aries. All that energy and a general “act first, aim later” attitude can mix up what you are trying to communicate as the Sun conjuncts Mercury in Pisces. Alot of folks will consider a hard slap easier to get right than a long speech as Mercury in retrograde in Pisces sextiles Mars in Capricorn . Restful sleep will be a near impossibility tonight as the Moon in Aries squares Mars in Capricorn before dawn tomorrow.

FEBRUARY 24 —– The morning is vague and fuzzy with one foot in dreamland until just afternoon as the Moon conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. Then the opportunity for creative force and softening of hard work patterns enters the field and continues through the rest of the afternoon and night as the Moon sextiles Jupiter in Capricorn and later, Pluto. This creative energy enhances another overall energy making the day and evening ideal for accomplishing work especially involving physical activity as the Sun in Pisces sextiles Mars in Capricorn. You can also work well with others because everyone is more empathetic and connected. At the same time, you are more self assertive and may find yourself taking charge but still willing to find common ground. Expect productive meetings even with Mercury still being retrograde in Pisces.

FEBRUARY 23 —– It’s a beautiful morning for spreading good feelings through your own world and the world around you with Venus in Aries square Jupiter in Capricorn. A slight warning about being indulgent — put that third donut down — and ready to do nothing all day but feel good. It’s also a good morning for shopping as long as you ignore blind impulse as the Moon in Pisces sextiles Uranus in Taurus and Mars in Capricorn. Today at 10:32am is a New Moon in Pisces with intentions ready to impact the next three months. Make your intentions the HIGHER level of Pisces — universal love, compassion and an intense spiritual impulse. It’s a good excuse for a vague brain and almost non-existent drive. The afternoon and evening really are fuzzy brain and prone to misspeaking as the Moon conjuncts Mercury retrograde in Pisces. Beam love, forget the words and you’ll be good for the day.

FEBRUARY 22 —- Adrift in a progressive, humanitarian future with the Sun in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus this morning. Check how you feel. This will be dominating energy — although directed — starting from late March through early July and then for a full run of a couple years starting in December. We are flying into better weather. Today — all day until just after midnight tomorrow — the Aquarius Moon is void of course. It’s all a bit pointless but still happens. Enjoy pondering the big issues of life and exploring innovative solutions to problems; just no major action moving forward.

FEBRUARY 21 —- Live in your mind today, using it in wall busting ways to make life better. All your mental activity has the opportunity to be innovative, beautiful and provocative to your audience whether one person or the world as the Moon in Aquaius sextiles Venus in Aries. By tonight the environment becomes very exciting and filled with new activities and experiences that provide new insights as the Sun in Pisces sextiles Uranus in Taurus. Act freely tonight — it’s a time of creative change.

FEBRUARY 20 —– The idealistic fervor in the hard work you’re doing this morning persists with Jupiter in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces. However, it’s easy for idealistic fervor to slide into repression and limitation on someone else. The Moon is void of course for several hours from 9:18am to 2:42pm. The lesson-learning continues with the Moon still in Capricorn but it’s random which may be even worse — limitation for the sake of limitation. With most of the day being both void of course and Mercury retrograde in Pisces, don’t expect much that happens (or tries to happen) to move forward or to last very long. As the force returns it’s a new direction as the Moon eters Aquarius — mental, futuristic, driven by altruistic ideals without an obsession for setting limits. It’s also infused with excitement and the thrill of breaking free from routine and trying something new as Mars in Capricorn trines Uranus in Taurus before dawn tomorrow. Tonight can be a great journey of personal discovery with pleasant surprises along the way especially early this evening as the Moon in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus.

FEBRUARY 19 —- You wake up feeling feisty and ready to battle your way out of restrictions and injustice as the Moon in Capricorn squares Venus in Aries but that passes quickly and the day settles into hard work building lasting structures as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter in Capricorn. It’s idealistic starting in late afternoon and continuing through the night as the Moon sextiles Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces tomorrow morning. The hard work you do late tonight can have broad impact and help change the world as the Moon conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn. One of the ideals you support through this period is pay offs for working hard. Notice repeated use of the word “hard” — don’t expect fluffy today.

FEBRUARY 18 —- A day of hard lessons some aggressively so as the Moon in Capricorn conjuncts Mars. Late morning brings surprises and upheaval as the Moon trines Uranus in Taurus. By late night, the final remnants of reason and clear thought disappear as the Sun leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces for the next month. Only Venus in Aries stands alone for truth and freedom; all the other forces are lined up for harsh reality or spacy illusion and lies. Keep moving forward — there will always be flashes of light as the Moon changes signs every couple days. And the best thing about the stars is that the energy keeps shifting as the planets move through the heavens. The Plan never stands still.

FEBRUARY 17 —– Keep shaking your head and rubbing your eyes optimistically believing you’ll soon be awake and ready to soar — maybe sometime in about three weeks. Mercury is in retrograde in Pisces and drifting is the name of the game especially today with no planetary aspects to bump action along. Stick to dreams of adventure and vague opportunities to have an elevated thought or two with the Moon in Sagittarius. Check everything twice. Low expectations will get you through the day — and a good afternoon nap.

FEBRUARY 16 —— A notable day according to the stars…and to how they manifest in daily life. First up, an aggressive energy moves into place that will put into overdrive all the forces of repression and limitation as Mars enters Capricorn. This remains until a big shift to more progressive attitudes arrives in late March.  As if that’s not enough to absorb, Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces today until March 10 bringing with it a greater than usual amount of confusion and misinformation. Check anything you say, write or do at least twice, if not three times. And have a checklist of what you need to make it through the day before leaving the house. But…on the upside, you may find your brain being more creative, if only you could remember that thought for more than a nano second. In spite of all this action, the day has an easy flow of vision and infatuation with adventure and ideas as the Moon in Sagittarius trines Venus in Aries. It’s a hard day to figure out.

FEBRUARY 15 —- Have you backed up all your data yet? Signed all those docs? Better get it done — tomorrow Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces until 3/10.  As for today — still the deep emotion of a Scorpio Moon  with the opportunity to move mountains through powerful desire all morning as the Moon sextiles Pluto in Capricorn. The afternoon brings challenges to motive: selfish manipulation or humanitarian ideals as the Moon squares the Sun in Aquarius. At 5:20pm, the Scorpio Moon goes void of course so the passion is random but still there. Just before midnight at 11:07pm, the flow returns as the Moon enters Sagittarius and you’re ready for adventure and soaring thoughts — in your dreams. Before dawn at 6:34am on 2/16, Mars joins the Capricorn pile-up and driving force moves harsh reality and walls closing in even more aggressively for the next six weeks, until 3/31.

FEBRUARY 14 —- Plenty of passion to go around on this Valentine’s Day with the Moon in Scorpio. Easy to express those words of love all day as the Moon trines Mercury in Pisces. This evening provides the opportunity for future planning and elevated ideas about hard work paying off.  Good for proposals as the Moon sextiles Jupiter in Capricorn. Finally, around midnight, be awash in emotion and feel connected by love to all in the world. It’s a good feeling to have as you drop into dreams of love as the Moon trines Npetune in Pisces.

FEBRUARY 13 —- There are bumps in the flow early morning as the general attitude of peace and harmony runs into rigid structural forces as the Moon in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn then a quick switch to positive mental work as the Moon trines the Sun in Aquarius then another quick switch around lunchtime to rigid bumps as the Moon squares Saturn in Capricorn. Finally, most of the afternoon provides the opportunity for adventures and civilized exchanges with friends and group members as the Moon sextiles Mars in Sagittarius. The Libra Moon goes void of course at 4:40pm — perfect for a siesta or lovely Happy Hour. The flow returns at 7:37pm — passionate, covert and ready to uncover major secrets in a grand upheaval up until midnight as the Moon in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus.

FEBRUARY 12 —- A smooth day, filled with harmony and goodwill. Work in a group that fits together and know that the only challenges will be to allow all the hard work to pay off as the Moon in Libra squares Jupiter in Capricorn. Morality in leaders and institutional action cannot be sacrificed to “get along.” Everyone needs to aspire to the highest standards and demand it of others. Start planning what you will be doing to let love show through on Friday — Valentine’s Day.

FEBRUARY 11 — Work hard and tuck in all those details as the Moon trines Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn until 1:26pm then it’s time to randomly do chores like organizing your sock drawer when the Virgo Moon goes void of course.  Get into romantic mode this evening as the flow begins again, the Moon enters Libra at 6:37pm and you start making plans for Valentine’s Day. Be careful if you go out looking for a partner tonight — or maybe not — infatuation is rampant as the Moon opposes Venus in Aries and what you find may oppose your notion of the peace and harmony you want…or maybe not.

FEBRUARY 10 —- The early morning is a bit of a struggle between sharp focus on details and vagueness in all you say and communicate as the Moon in Virgo opposes Mercury in Pisces. The same opposition between clarity and fog takes place through the night a the Moon opposes Neptune in Pisces. BUT — in the meantime, all day long is made for hard work. Infuse all the day to day tasks with an elevated vision as the Moon trines Jupiter in Capricorn. Especially focus on details of projects that reflect hard work over a period of time paying off all that effort. A good day to do data backup in preparation for that Mercury retrograde period beginning on 2/16.

FEBRUARY 9 —- Start off the day with confidence and energy for the future with the Moon in Leo. Take a break and party during the void of course Moon from 11:08am to 6:39pm and then it’s back to work with an evening full of little surprises and a long list of things to do as the Moon moves into Virgo and trines Uranus in Taurus. Get started preparing for Mercury to go retrograde in Pisces next Sunday evening.

FEBRUARY 8 —- Filled with confidence and looking good, there are no planetary influences getting in the way of your power and pride on this Leo Moon day. Just go be the king or queen of your domain and any others you can wrap your hands around. But, remember, humanity must be served, not just yourself. That’s the lesson of the Full Moon which shines tonight and is exact a couple hours after midnight as the Sun in Aquarius opposes the Moon in Leo. Now a reminder about what’s coming — Mercury goes retrograde in a week, on 2/16. Start preparing and #1 task is to back up your data, especially photos. This one is going to be a real brain dissolver since it’s mostly in Pisces so make your lists of tasks now so you don’t forget where you are and what you need to do even though that’s something you can’t even imagine today so filled with personal power.

FEBRUARY 7  —- Changing patterns all day in spite of a long void of course period from 10:43am until 5:45pm. The morning finds lots of emotional battering by hard forces of reality and established positions as the Moon in Cancer opposes Pluto then Saturn in Capricorn. Don’t take it personally, have a substantial country breakfast and lean on loving family and friends. Also get things done especially in regards to business.  It’s productive to be a hard-eyed realist in that realm. During the downtime of the afternoon, Venus shifts signs from Pisces into Aries and love becomes aggressive and susceptible to waves of infatuation which continue through the first week of March. By dinnertime, the energy flow shifts when the Moon enters Leo so you can put on your power clothes, be dramatic and filled with confidence. Remember, if you take that fabulous self out tonight that infatuation is everywhere so be cautious about thinking that falling in love is the real thing. Surprises and upheaval before midnight as the Moon squares Uranus in Taurus.

FEBRUARY 6 —– Today is awash in sentiment with the Moon in Cancer. Most of the day is a tug of war between this sentimental, emotion-based energy and the hard realities of how we’re supposed to think and act if we had no emotion, no connection with family as the Moon opposes Jupiter in Capricorn. There are a couple hours from late afternoon through early night when the need for security, comfort and the personal touch wins — we all feel connected as the Moon trines Neptune in Pisces. That is soon replaced through the night with the push-pull of heart vs state demands as the Moon opposes Pluto in Capricorn. Stand with heart and sentiment, there are too much structure, form and hard lessons in the world right now — and don’t take anything personally unless it’s a warm hug.

FEBRUARY 5 —- Let no grass grow under your feet this morning sending out all messages and communications before the Gemini Moon goes void of course at 9:20am and doesn’t kick back into action until 2:03pm. That makes all the chatter and activity between those two times pointless and scattered. The new energy of the afternoon and evening is emotional, personal and highly oriented to security issues as the Moon enters Cancer. There is the opportunity for practical surprises this evening and some sentimental communications as the Moon sextiles Uranus in Taurus and trines Mercury in Pisces. The best treat for making you feel better tonight is your favorite comfort food whether that’s hot soup or a giant cookie.

FEBRUARY 4 —- There is more focus and mental strength in what you say and communicate this morning as the Moon in Gmini trines the Sun in Aquarius than the rest of the day and night so do the important work first. Remember, yesterday started a period of fuzzy brain as Mercury entered Pisces so factor that in. Being even more vague and flaky challenges attempts at connecting all afternoon as the Moon squares Neptune in Pisces. Tonight the chatter can be aggressively challenged by attempts to state a grand vision and major truths as the Moon opposes Mars in Sagittarius. The other influence tonight is a level of general excitement at trying new and different solutions and having new and startling ideas come up. Do something different tonight and leave room for spontaneity as Mercury in Pisces sextiles Uranus in Taurus.

FEBRUARY 3 —– Communicate. Connect. Devote the day to friendships and practical relationships. Creative work is favored, especially what you can do with your hands — or as a writer, speaker, filmmaker. Remember that starting this morning at 6:38am, Mercury entered Pisces and our brains became secondary to our emotions and to creative force.  Don’t try winning any arguments based in logic — you don’t really have any.   Business connections also benefit today as Venus in Pisces sextiles Saturn in Capricorn. And, the best part is that it’s fun and light at the same time as being useful with the Moon in Gemini all day.

FEBRUARY 2 —- Do solid, practical work all day but don’t get bogged down in holding stubbornly to some position or another as the Moon in Taurus trines both Pluot and Saturn in Capricorn. There is some opportunity for grace and charm for a couple hours this evening as the Moon sextiles Venus in Pisces otherwise it’s basic, heavy handed effort. This is the final day of enlightened, clear, progressive thinking for about two months with just a brief break in early March; our brains shift into mushy, vague, emotion-ridden mode as Mercury moves into Pisces.  The brief break comes March 5-16 when Mercury retrogrades into Aquarius otherwise it’s mercury in Pisces until April 11.  Any capacity for linear thinking or rational argument will be hard to come by although creative effort can be enhanced.

FEBRUARY 1 —– It’s a whole new month and it starts out with some head banging as traditional challenges progressive energy all day with the Moon in Taurus square the Sun in Aquarius. Since both streams of force are fixed energy, the banging is considerable. By tonight, the force smooths out with traditional being the way to go as the Moon trines Jupiter in Capricorn. Fortunately — or unfortunately as the case may be, the planetary influence of all the day and night’s experiences is the opportunity for profound emotion as Venus in Pisces sextiles Pluto in Capricorn. Friendships are important, love relationships more intense. Do not let ephemeral issues damage a strong personal connection. Choose what’s lasting.

JANUARY 31 —- Don’t waste a second this morning as high energy activity that has a purpose continues with the Moon in Aries squaring Saturn in Capricorn and sextiling Mercury in Aquarius.  There is head bumping but eventually the communication opportunity succeeds.  Then, at mid morning the Aries Moon goes void of course. The energy, enthusiasm and break neck action remain but randomly and that can be dangerous for anyone and anything in the way. Make no long lasting moves, start nothing new until early this evening when the force becomes grounded, solid and permanent as the Moon enters Taurus — but a lot slower and more deliberate. Disruption in the force until just after midnight as the Moon conjuncts Uranus in Taurus.

JANUARY 30 —- Another high energy, low restraint Aries Moon day although there is some head bumping against limited vision this morning as the Moon squares Jupiter in Capricorn. Once that passes, it’s free form soaring until tonight with aggressive pursuit of justice as the Moon trines Mars in Sagittarius. Get on your warrior face and warn the nay-sayers to watch out if they insist on being in the way. From late night through mid-morning tomorrow, it’s more head bumping against the traditional forces trying to block the path as the Moon squares Pluto then Saturn in Capricorn.

JANUARY 29 —- OK, I’ve been slow in posting this morning, not because the day is slow but because there’s not much to talk about. There’s an Aries Moon all day meaning high powered physical energy, lots of unbridled enthusiasm and relentless drive with no planetary adjustments to that force. Tonight there is the opportunity to add powerful mental energy to the crusade to change society… somehow, some way as the Moon in Aries sextiles the Sun in Aquarius after midnight tomorrow. This is act first, think later energy so it’s hard to be specific about the direction change will take although in general it will be against injustice. Just keep moving!

JANUARY 28 —– Use the emotional force of the day to expand your view of hard tasks and inject creative force into all you do. Working with institutional structures and programs can certainly use an infusion of humanity and compassion, so get to work making it so as the Moon in Pisces sextiles Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. At the same time, this Piscean force can tend to blur the edges of fact and allow misinformation to seep in — be aware. This same boundaryless force can be useful in spiritual practice allowing you to transcend the mundane world. The Pisces Moon goes void of course this evening so take the night off — it’s going to be sappy, vague and filled with fantasy.

JANUARY 27 —- Neptune reigns today filling the morning and most of the afternoon with inspired creativity and idealized love plus a touch of major daydreaming as Venus conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. There are opportunities to apply this creative force to real world issues and especially to morality in our public life as the Moon in Pisces sextiles Jupiter in Capricorn. By tonight, that same Neptune energy gets problematic and deceitful actions are prevalent as Mars in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces before dawn tomorrow and the Moon squares Mars and conjuncts Neptune reinforcing the planetary aspect. There are also feelings of doubts and discouragement that you are on the wrong path. You may want to wait for another day before evaluating what you are doing — a day that is not so saturated in irrationality and lack of clarity.


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