This is the Facebook version of Daily Flow called Cosmic Alert!  The date header is the date the activity takes place.  The posted date is when I write this and get it up.  ALL TIMES MENTIONED ARE EDT/EST

NOVEMBER 25 —– Eat your power breakfast and get going. Today is all action, all day as the Moon in Aries conjuncts Mars in Aries. Try to exercise some restraint when you encounter the less energetic among us — and try to be a little kind. New projects. New ideas. New energy. Running into obstacles and old thinking doesn’t come into play until later tonight as the Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn at 8:50am tomorrow.

HOVEMBER 24 —- It takes a little time this morning to shake the dreams from your mind. Enjoy the void of course Pisces Moon time until 10:05am when the Moon enters Aries and the energy flow is full-speed ahead; stay out of my way, I have places to go and things to do. Vision is clear and forward-thinking all day and discussions may be a bit blunt. Truth is what matters, not tact as the Moon in Aries trines the Sun in Sagittarius. There seems to be no “slow” speed until Thursday morning. Take advantage of the force; energy gets muddled and lies re-appear by the end of the week as Neptune begins to slow in preparation to moving forward on Saturday.

NOVEMBER 23 —- Surrender to the fantastical, imaginative and visionary all day and night with the Moon in Pisces. Be highly sensitive to all. There are abundant opportunities to use this special energy to the advantage in any creative work — and in gathering impressions for understanding the folks around you. It may take a couple hours this morning before the motivation kicks in as the Moon conjuncts Neptune in Pisces to do anything but wallow in the dreams but once it does — use it as the Moon sextiles Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn. Connect emotionally with everyone and everything especially the animals in your life. Everyone can be a “whisperer” today with little effort as Mercury in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces. Put effort into the higher level of these energies leaving behind the delusions.

NOVEMBER 22 — A little vague. A little emotional. A little visionary. The Moon is in Pisces. Take the opportunity to hold onto creative surges and visionary flashes up until early afternoon as the Moon sextiles Uranus in Taurus. The rest of the day can be spent in communicating how you feel about being part of the network of all living beings as the Moon trines Mercury in Scorpio toorrow morning. Now that the Sun is in Sagittarius and truth is a shining goal, maybe we can elevate the Pisces energy reflected today to its highest level, to a spiritualized place rather than wallowing in delusion and lies.

NOVEMBER 21 — The Moon is void of course all day and night until 11:06pm. Don’t think that means you can take the day off because the Moon remains a bit directionless but still in mental Aquarius coming up with weird, brilliant solutions to basic societal problems. Plus, there are planetary shifts that rearrange some of the energy for the next couple weeks. First we have Venus shift into Scorpio at 8:22am bringing sensual pleasure to the fore in our personal lives. This entry of powerful emotional energy replaces the Sun being there for the past month as at 3:40pm, the Sun moves into inspirational, adventuresome Sagittarius for the next month. Just before midnight at 11:06pm as the flow returns from its void day and enters Pisces, it is emotional, vague and potentially visionary. Best choices — morning at the spa; afternoon outside hiking the woods — using the time for thinking during both.

NOVEMBER 20 —- A mentally focused and a bit weird day with the Moon in Aquarius looking forward to the future with challenges from your brain that really wants to plot and manipulate in the past instead of moving into a new world as the Moon squares Mercury in Scorpio. By late afternoon, the energy improves and there are opportunities for forward action as the Moon sextiles Mars in Aries before going void of course at 7:49pm until late tomorrow night. A couple planetary changes occur tomorrow while the Moon is off duty.

NOVEMBER 19 —– Mark out the morning for those hard tasks and work diligently to get them done with the Moon in Capricorn conjunct Saturn, square Venus in Libra and sextiles the Sun in Scorpio. The Moon goes void of course a 11:30am. Use momentum to keep going — or take a break. By 3:25pm the flow returns but a bit wacky and focused on mental activity with the Moon in Aquarius. It’s a prelude to the energy that dominates 2021 and bumps into the old ways all night long as the Moon squares Uranus in Taurus. The challenge is building structures for the new energy to flow using the rubble of the old structures desperate to hold on. The night is filled with disruption.

NOVEMBER 18 —- Roll up your sleeves and get to work with the Moon in Capricorn. The morning can be a bit challenging as forces collide as the Moon squares Mars in Aries — one segment wants to move full speed ahead regardless of obstacles, the other segment urges cautious, thoughtful, occasionally obstructive steps. The dangerous place is in between. Afternoon is easier, smoother and more creative as the Moon sextiles Neptune in Pisces. Whatever the stresses, the work gets done thoroughly so no slacking off through dawn tomorrow as The Sun in Scorpio sextiles Saturn in Capricorn. While all this hard work is front and center, you reevaluate relationships and determine which are worth keeping anf which are not as Venus in Libra squares Saturn in Capricorn. By tomorrow morning you should have your list.

NOVEMBER 17 —– Another void of course morning, but one we may be happy to engage since the morning may be somewhat random and undirected but forward thinking, truth seeking and optimistic as the Moon is in Sagittarius. Once the flow begins at 11:35am so do the hard lessons as the Moon enters Capriocrn. The added energy stream all day and through 1am tomorrow is upheaval; breaking down the walls as the Moon in Capricorn trines Uranus in Taurus. That can also be fun when you choose the right walls and undertake the breakdown in the spirit of liberation. For night owls and those in western time zones, there is the opportunity for serious and impactful communication for a couple hours after midnight tomorrow as the Moon sextiles Mercury in Scorpio at 3:32am .

NOVEMBER 16 —- Directed. Focused. Shooting upwards and onwards with the Moon in Sagittarius until 2:55 am tomorrow. Plenty of physical energy and inspiration this morning as the Moon trines Mars in Aries, then integrate visionary ideas in the afternoon although there is a challenge to not let the ideas be too flaky and ungrounded as the Moon squares Neptune in Pisces. Truth requires prevailing today. All evening and continuing after midnight tomorrow, there is the opportunity for love and beauty to be part of this grand adventure as the oon sextiles Venus in Libra. Your brain is operating at warp speed all day and night so try to stay focused; blunt talk can easily turn hurtful and damaging as Mercury in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus. Make a point of trying new things and meeting new people. Mark this day A for Adventure.

NOVEMBER 15 — With these repeated void of course mornings, we’re going to begin to think days don’t start happening until mid-morning. Indulge your secret sensual self with the Scorpio New Moon at 12:07am and Void of Course until the flow begins at 10:47am and then it becomes a day of adventure, elevated thought and long range vision as the Moon enters Sagittarius. That’s optimism you’re feeling! The day is also filled with force aimed at relationships. Work on any changes necessary and expect some intense emotional connections as you do so as Venus in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn. All afternoon and through tonight, the feeling tone is pleasant and enjoyable in the company you’re keeping as Venus squares Jupiter in Capricorn at 12:33am tomorrow. A good day for shopping and investments as long as you keep that positive feeling from turning into indulgence. Adventure and pleasure are the hallmarks of today — forget onerous tasks. Count on luck.

NOVEMBER 14 —- Prepare for the Scorpio New Moon just after midnight tomorrow and focus on healing both physical and emotional. Dig deep for causes all day. There are abundant opportunities available for tackling difficult tasks and undertaking transformations as the Sun in Scorpio sextiles both Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn. Be subtle as the Moon in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces. There is a way to take energy from someone, clean it up and return it to them elevated. Practice that today. Hold everything up to the Light.

NOVEMBER 13 — Don’t worry that you’ve gotten nothing done yet and breakfast is over. The Moon is void of course in sweet Libra until 11:19am so it’s OK to drift along in peace and harmony. More than OK for it’s not going to last. Once the flow begins again just before noon, the Moon moves into Scorpio and it’s filled with manipulation, secrets and covert attitudes as the Moon conjuncts Mercury in Scorpio — AND the aggressive activity of Mars moving forward again starting at 7:36pm. That does mean everything moves forward in action, but… often with too much enthusiasm and too little thought. Hopefully the fires and battles of summer do not return as we cover that same ground again. This high energy action period continues until January 6. The evening until just after midnight is really devoted to unearthing secrets so be prepared as the Moon opposes Uranus in Taurus. Feel free to use up the energy in reading murder mysteries.

A day of power, ambition and achievement; the final major aspect of expansive Jupiter before it moves into a new energy field in mid-December as Jupiter conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn. When you feel the drive, embrace it while trying to find some level of harmony as the Moon in in Libra. There is high energy of taking action all morning complete with a feeling of tension between bulldozing ahead no matter what lies in the path, and trying to find a balanced approach as the Moon opposes Mars in Aries. With all the power at hand, it’s hard to predict what each individual will choose but balance seems to win through the afternoon as the Moon conjuncts Venus in Libra. Look to the group and don’t be consumed with selfish attitudes. Then the energy shifts all evening and night with forces of limitation gaining sway and moving the needle toward the harshest reality as the Moon squares Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. There are challenging days ahead as this difficult cycle of 2020 grinds to a better path in mid-December. Hold onto hope.

NOVEMBER 11 —- It’s official “Take a break” day. The flow does not begin until 11:09am when the Moon enters Libra so you’ll be randomly picking up “litter” all morning with the void of course Virgo Moon. And then, on this Veterans Day, ponder how most of those engaged in war really are seeking peace, harmony and joining together to work for that. Be grateful for those who serve their community, their country, their fellow humans and other life all over this precious planet. Thanks and bless all who serve. Truly, the stars send the only message for the next 27 hours — work for peace no matter the struggle and tensions as the Moon opposes Mars in Libra at 11:50am tomorrow as Mars stations preparing to move forward on Friday. Balance is always the goal.

NOVEMBER 10 — Most of the day is clouded up and somewhat depressed as the Moon in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces until 3:42pm. Keep motoring on through the fog though, working on your daily life tasks and it gets much easier with a hugely productive late afternoon, evening and through the night until down tomorrow as the Moon sextiles the Sun in Scorpio then trines Jupiter, Pluto and Satur in Capricorn. Maybe the best plan for East Coast folks is to set aside the day for napping; west coast folks have better timing. By late afternoon there is a major 3-week shift in thinking and communicating as we move into a realm more built on deep emotion and covert thinking and Mercury enters Scorpio. Watch for the rise in manipulation and obsession with secrets. We’ll begin retracing our steps and thoughts from mid to late October until 11/20 when we move onto new territory. Use this time to fix things.

NOVEMBER 9 —- The day is just a little slow in getting started with the Moon entering Virgo at 8:30am. That’s time to get out your many lists and start powering through chores; the more trivial, the better. Throughout the day there are little surprises as the Moon trines Uranus in Taurus. Items turning up that have been disappeared is a favorite outcome. More significantly are two planetary activities. The morning is still in the thrall of male/female tension on every level as Venus in Libra opposes Mars in Aries. Enjoy it but don’t expect anything long lasting. Creativity, idealism, intuitive flashes fill the rest of the day up until midnight as the Sun in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces. Pay attention to even the smallest detail of these visions and use the creative force. In all that you do today — be humble and be of service.

NOVEMBER 8 — No need to stop flexing your power muscles yet even though there are some subversive and covert forces early morning that try and shut the graciousness and exuberance down as the Moon in Leo squares the Sun in Scorpio. Physical energy remains high but the rest of the day is about adjusting to the new forms. By tonight, take the opportunity to connect and communicate with friends and the group as the Moon sextiles Mercury in Libra before the Moon goes void of course at dawn timorrow. Be selective however and recognize there is powerful sexual energy moving through tomorrow morning but not really permanent.

NOVEMBER 7 —- It’s a Leo Moon day! Put on your power clothes. Dress to be dramatic. Feel the power. Be generous and gracious to all. Shine on. Shop for beautiful things with regal touches. There are little burps all day as the new power is challenged by rooted tradition — and there are earthly blips as the Moon squares Uranus in Taurus. Use the force to clear your gardens. Then party all night long — love is in the air and isn’t it lucky you are looking good and feeling your best as the Moon sextiles Venus in Libra and trines Mars in Aries after midnight and before dawn tomorrow.

NOVEMBER 6 —- It’s a hard day torn between safety, comfort and family vs the established outside world with its own agenda that does not include personal feelings as the Moon in Cancer opposes Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn all day and evening. It finally ends with a burst of challenge between selfish self and connecting to the group to support peace and harmony as the Moon squares Mercury in Libra. The Moon goes void of course at 8:27pm and you can simply drift into a stupor of comfort food and Hallmark movies. The next couple days are filled with power surges and moving forward so rest up today and shelter in place.

NOVEMBER 5 —- Keep your protective coating in place around your sensitive core with the Moon in Cancer. The energy of assault is not death-ray intense but it’s there and can bruise the feelings of those who take things personally. There are surprises this morning and upheavals in the basic earth world — but not all surprises are unpleasant as the Moon sextiles Uranus in Taurus. You may find items lost during the recent Mercury retrograde period for example. Most of the morning brings challenges to peace, harmony and working together from those still wrapped in their own personal hurts as the Moon squares Venus in Libra but it gets easier in the afternoon when deep emotions for healing flow as the Moon trines the Sun in Scorpio. Tonight is back to conflict ad the Moon squares Mars in Aries. Most of the afternoon and night is overshadowed by mental activity heavy on the critical side and depressing as Mercury in Libra squares Saturn in Capricorn. Stay away from negotiations and working with people. The dark thoughts will pass. This is really a day when you need a cookie and a hug even if you have to wrap your arms around yourself.

‘NOVEMBER 4 —- If you need to communicate in any way that is productive and meaningful, do it before 8:49am. After that, the Gemini Moon is void of course and the whole day until late afternoon is just mindless, pointless babble. Surrender to the void of course Gemini Moon and expect no direction. Just be playful, be pointless and have fun. The good news is that Mercury in Libra is no longer retrograde and we should be experiencing that smooth, forward movement more as the week progresses. This evening when the flow returns at 4:45pm entering Cancer it is emotional, security conscious and in dire need of a comfort food dinner with gooey dessert. Hold your family and tribe tightly around you; the night is filled with the opportunity for surprises up until breakfast tomorrow as the Moon sextiles Uranus in Taurus. Let the surprise be cake for breakfast — it will soothe your shattered heart all day.

NOVEMBER 3 —- The opportunity for action fills the morningas the Moon in Gemini sextiles Mars in Aries and then, at 12:50pm, Mercury shifts and begins moving forward in Libra. It’s very very slow at first but picks up speed as the week progresses. The time when Mercury is shifting direction is always a problematic one so expect mechanical breakdowns, minor mistakes in writing/speaking, and, with Mars being retrograde in Aries — disruption. Check everything twice — or three times. As for the voting process — machine breakdowns, problems opening on time, and of course delays in results, are to be expected. Be patient especially with those trying to do their jobs. Afternoon has challenges in communication and PLENTY of lies as the Moon squares Neptune in Pisces. The Moon goes void of course at 8:49am tomorrow morning and spends most of the day that way. Consider it akin to a hangover.

NOVEMBER 2 —- Today is one of those days where the astrology just can’t decide what the day should be. Based on the daily flow energy of the Moon in Gemini it is delightful, filled with friends, chatting and connecting, having fun and being playful as the Moon trines Venus in Libra through this evening. According to Mercury now in Libra, slowing almost to a stop in preparation for going direct tomorrow at 12:50pm you will have trouble getting the words out, making connections and being playful as you can’t find your glasses or car keys or have to worry about that broken appliance. Best advice — go with the flow, speak slowly and check everything twice but don’t pass up the fun.

NOVEMBER 1 —- A highly practical day with determined, enduring strength on call for addressing all the difficult tasks as the Moon in Taurus trines Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. Work hard. It gets a bit easier to work effectively as the day progresses. Up until 2:06pm as Mercury in Libra squares Saturn in Capricorn, thinking can be pessimistic. Your critical mental skills are acute and powerful — and that can be a problem especially if others are involved. Not a good day for negotiations — you are too obsessed with details and see too much darkness. Better to work alone. On top of this negative nugget, Mercury is slowing down ready to go direct on Tuesday so your brain is slower than usual in processing information and making choices. Stick to work already underway preferably with only one possible answer and start nothing new until later in the week. You can start preparing all those documents to be signed and purchases to be made once Mercury moves forward. The Moon goes void of course at 9:29pm — go to bed early, don’t lose momentum and turn into a couch potato unable to get to bed.

OCTOBER 31 —- The morning is filled with the potent energy of the Full Moon, exact at 10:49am — the second one in a month which makes it a calendar Blue Moon. (There are also astrological Blue Moons which are the second one in the same sign — much rarer.) The forces of this Full Moon are about values — true vs manipulative and covert and the tension between those poles with the Moon in Taurus opposed the Sun in Scorpio. Then the morning gets even more challenging with continual surprises and upheaval as the Moon conjuncts Uranus in Taurus and the Syn opposes Uranus. Don’t try to repress, that only leads to accidents. View it as revealing hidden attributes you need to know. The intense force dribbles away over the rest of the day with night influenced by the opportunity for fantasy and creativity a the Moon sextiles Neptune in Pisces before dawn tomorrow. It is Halloween after all.

OCTOBER 30 —– Energy is high this morning with the Moon in Aries and if directed properly and not wasted on head banging against things you cannot affect you can undertake and accomplish hard tasks that need super-strength as the Moon squares Saturn in Capricorn. Late morning finds that same impulsive, blunt force being used in harsh words directed against harmony and peace so check yourself. No beating up those who aren’t in the fight as the Moon opposes Mercury in Libra. At 12:12pm, the Aries Moon goes void of course for the whole afternoon. Take a break or use up all that physical energy in something random but preferably productive destruction. Chop wood, Dig up your garden. Then the energy shifts at 5:19pm into Taurus bringing solid, placid, rooted in traditional values and building to tomorrow morning’s powerful Full Moon at 10:40am. It will be highly visible if not astrologically exact tonight. Howl. It’s traditional.

OCTOBER 29 — The powerful aggressive and physical energy continues with the Moon in Aries conjunct Mars in Aries until 2:33pm. If you don’t have a good channel for it, the force may just wear you out. In general, stay out of the way of those folks who are feeling the fight. Sensitives are at risk to be sure. Checks begin being placed on the force by mid afternoon and it is easier to direct to productive — and difficult — tasks especially those where hard work is guaranteed to pay off as the Moon squares Jupiter in Capricorn. The energy of directing aggressive force to hard problems with lots of head banging on the way continues through tomorrow morning as the Moon squares first Pluto then Saturn in Capricorn. Consider wearing a helmet.

OCTOBER 28 — Fasten your seat belts for the next 32 hours or so with the Moon in Aries and the only aspect being the Moon conjunct Mars in Aies tomorrow afternoon at 2:33pm Fast, enthusiastic to the point of mowing down any suggestions to calm down and think for a moment or two; infatuated with life but not obstacles. Blunt and occasionally thoughtless talk. Do something physical — it will help use the energy constructively; ditto for trying something new … but expect nothing lasting. Limit the number of fights you choose to start; there actually is some harmonious energy out there especially in face-to-face encounters with both Mercury and Venus now happily residing in Libra.

OCTOBER 27 —- Opportunity comes knocking all day and into the evening as the Moon in Pisces sextiles Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. Actually, it comes flowing under the door or popping into your head from the clouds. However it arrives, take advantage of the opportunity to insert creative and emotional juice into getting hard tasks done or hard thoughts softened. The Moon goes void of course at 8:46pm and then the fun really begins. Both Venus and Mercury change signs within a few minutes of each other tonight moving into Libra and bringing love, balance and harmony for the next couple weeks. These are strong personal planets so we may not see it in the world at large but we can notice it at home, at work, in all our interactions with others. Make this a romantic night even if a bit random. Say loving things while you have an open field; it doesn’t last long with conflict and tension jumping into the mix before dawn tomorrow as the Moon enters Aries and opposes Venus.

OCTOBER 26 —- A basically soft and juicy day as the Moon is in Pisces with bursts of creative disruptions this morning as the Moon sextiles Uranus in Taurus then drift with the Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces tomorrow just before dawn Be cautious about your boundaries, physical, mental and especially emotional. If you sprawl on the virtual floor open to whatever stray thought or feeling comes your way, it can be dangerous. Watch what you let into your head and heart. Not all thoughts or emotions are worth having in your environment. When you commit to universal love, try to keep elevated. Don’t have high expectations of your brain or critical sense today.

OCTOBER 25 —- It’s Sunday and a real day of rest with the Aquarian Moon void of course until 5:18pm when the energy flow returns gushing emotion and removing any barriers as the Moon enters Pisces. During that void of course, you are encouraged to be weird. There is an aspect up until mid afternoon that has everyone talking, talking and talking some more as the Sun conjuncts Mercury in Scorpio. Content? Secrets, conspiracies, plots, manipulation — and if you are tuned in to the highest plane: words of healing. The emotion flows heavily and easily all evening so be cautious about your surroundings since everything can seep through as the Pisces Moon trines first the Sun then Mercury in Scorpio. Choose sappy love stories not gruesome horror to fill your bubble. Again — be on the elevated level and let the flow be universal love.

OCTOBER 24 —- A day made for working with mental focus as the Moon is in Aquarius and the opportunity to draw on serious physical energy as the Moon sextiles Mars in Aries — and then quit at 5:54pm and enjoy a weird void of course evening that stretches through the entire day tomorrow. Plan accordingly which means getting things done today. Emotions are in check. This morning the force is positive for practical relationships and especially good for business as Venus in Virgo trines Saturn in Capricorn. Shopping should be high on everyone’s list since you would be focused on future use and practicality with a touch of unusual.

OCTOBER 23 — The morning just started at 8:17am when the Moon entered Aquarius and the energy pattern shifted to more mental, future-oriented and not very warm and fuzzy — much like what next year will be. The clashes and challenges all day and tonight are connected and powerful forming a T-square meta aspect; they come from this cool, detached energy bumping up against emotional, covert, selfish and manipulative force all day as the Moon squares first the Sun then Mercury in Scorpio. By tonight, the challenge breeds upheaval and disruption with traditional, earth-bound energy as the Moon squares Uranus in Taurus competing the T-square. Play the long game — choose the force that represents the future. It’s our main hope.

OCTOBER 22—- The challenge of the morning is where the hard Capricorn Moon bumps up against action-packed, knows no walls driving force of Mars in Aries. You can do head banging or you can use the tension to make things happen and get things done. There’s an opportunity for a little creative juice in the mix at 11:23am as the Moon sextiles Neptune in Pisces then the rest of the afternoon through dinner time requires facing all the hard lessons of this year — and keep on struggling as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter then Pluto in Capricorn. It gets easier this evening — sort of — when critical, detail demanding energy enters the scene as the Moon trines Venus in Virgo. Again, more can be accomplished. Finally just after midnight tomorrow is more limitation and hard work as the Moon connjuncts Saturn in Capricorn. But — there is routine big news as the Sun moves into Scorpio at 7pm for the next month. Bye, bye sweet Libra for another year; hello deep emotion, manipulation, secrecy and the good forces of healing and deep transformation. Stay on the side of Light when Scorpio’s around — it’s the only way to handle the darkness. Remember, especially when Mercury is still retrograde in Scorpio: just because a “secret is revealed” doesn’t mesn it’s true.

OCTOBER 21 —- Intense emotions in relationships are key all day as Venus in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn. Shower all that love on those near and far — and new folks too. Even though the day is serious with the Moon in Capricorn, it’s highly productive with opportunities for communications that matter and with some Happy Hour surprises as the Moon sextiles Mercury in Scorpio and trines Uranus in Taurus. Keep your head down and working through the night. Remember, Mercury is still retrograde so check everything important twice.

OCTOBER 20 —- Another day of upward and onward, facing the future with a desire for truth with the Moon in Sagittarius. Early morning is very active so get your walk in early as the Moon trines Mars in Aries. The rest of the morning is a challenge between soaring and picking at all the details. Find a place for both as the Moon squares Venus in Virgo. All afternoon and evening offer opportunities for choosing companions and working together for great adventures or future planning as the Moon sextiles the Sun in Libra. The Moon goes void of course just before midnight so waste no time ..tomorrow will not be near as much fun.

OCTOBER 19 —- Get geared up for a high flying, mentally stimulated day as Mercury in Scorpio is opposed to Uranus in Taurus and the Moon is n Sagittarius. You seek new experiences and new ideas. Your vision is soaring upwards and forwards. You understand, perceive what’s happening and have intuitive insights all at warp speed. It’s the speed that’s the only potential problem as you move, think and speak hastily. Do nothing that requires patient persistence or focus and be aware that what you say may be too blunt. Truth is essential and that can be dangerous. Try to quiet your brain enough to get some sleep tonight because you’ll be ready to soar again before dawn tomorrow as the Moon in Sagittarius trines Mars in Aries. It’s adventure time — in your head or on foot — don’t miss it.

OCTOBER 18 —- Lots of planetary forces in action over the next 24 hours and most bring positive benefits. The morning begins with a feeling of being burdened and you still are struggling with duty versus self gratification as the Sun in Libra squares Sturn in Capricoen at 9:58am. Tossed in with that is Venus in Virgo opposed Neptune in Pisces that brings illusion and often deception in a relationship. One of the burdens you may feel is that you are the unselfish one and you attempt to manipulate a sense of obligation. Fortunately, these energies pass by late morning and the afternoon provides the opportunity for accomplishment through effort as the Moon in Scorpio sextiles first Pluto then Saturn in Capricorn. Then the Scorpio Moon goes void of course at 5:43pm. The evening can be pleasantly spent in watching mystery or horror movies, or you can keep moving. There is the driving urge to do something all evening but direction does not return until the Moon enters Sagittarius at 12:43am tomorrow. When it does, there is a blazing path to success and good fortune. You feel content but still energetic and ready to move forward into the future especially on creative projects as Mars in Libra squares Jupiter in Capricorn and Venus in Virgo trines Jupiter all before 3:35am. How to best use this seemingly endless energy? Get in motion by lunchtime today and keep moving through the night.

OCTOBER 17 —- Spend the morning and afternoon unearthing surprising secrets and spreading the word about your discoveries as the Moon in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus and conjuncts Mercury in Scorpio. Emotions are deep but often hidden. By tonight have concerns about deception especially in emotion-laden relationships; feel a conflict between duty and self gratification as the Sun in Libra squares Saturn in Capricorn and Venus in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces tomorrow morning. Let those late night dreams and fantasies remain just that — dreams and illusions that can be set aside as reality emerges with the dawn tomorrow as the Moon sextiles Venus in Virgo, trines Neptune in Pisces and sextiles Jupiter in Capricorn. Much can be learned on this Scorpio day by digging deep.

OCTOBER 16 — Balance is the most sought after force today especially with a New Moon in Libra at 3:31pm. Unfortunately, it will not be easy to achieve now or for the next month. The struggle all day includes challenges from the limitations and all those hard lessons we have been facing all year as the Moon squares Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn as well as opposition from the aggressive force of the past couple months as the Moon opposes Mars in Aries. Layer in the delays, misfirings and breakdowns of ongoing Mercury retrograde in Scorpio and it’s clear that harmony, justice and beauty are hard to find. The Moon goes void of course at 6:11pm making the evening more pleasant than the day even if it has little or no direction. Try to find the love tonight.

OCTOBER 15 —- Phew. Take a long and mellow breath today after the stresses of the past two. The Moon is in Libra and it’s a sweet, harmonious, balanced flow of energy until after midnight tomorrow when the peaceful vibes run into challenges from the forces of restriction and conflict as the Moon squares Jupiter in Capricorn and opposes Mars in Libra by 9:49am on 10/16. If you’re lucky, you can sleep through most of it. In spite of all this beauty, remember Mercury is still retrograde in Scorpio and moving slowly; think through those words of love before you say them so you get it right.

OCTOBER 14 —- Made it through the stresses of yesterday and beginning to adjust to Mercury being retrograde Having a pre-breakfast fantasy as the Moon in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces that it will be easy to get out that task list complete with misspellings and typos and get down to work as the Moon then trines Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn through the day. You may feel ready to take on all the hard ones but be warned. Not only does Mercury require that you check everything twice but it also conspires with another major aspect exact tomorrow at dawn that is mobilizing forces in opposition to whatever you undertake and promises breakdowns in machinery as the Sun in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn. Transforming the world is never easy but today is more of a challenge than ever. Part of the cosmic plan is to purge old habits that hold you back. Don’t hesitate to do so. As much as possible, avoid confrontations with authority; expect hidden agendas and manipulation. By the time the Moon goes void of course at dinnertime, you’ll be ready to settle in and organize your sock drawer.

OCTOBER 13 —Intense planetary activity today. Early in the day the basic force is about order and tasks with the Moon in Virgo although there are surprises and disruptions through early evening — mostly good disruptions on the daily life level so don’t resist as the Moon trines Uranus in Taurus. However, there’s also real disruptive energy on the planetary front with a good dose of aggressive lashing out as the Sun in Libra opposes Mars in Aries. Watch what you say and especially what your are plotting. By this evening Mercury in Scorpio stops in its turn to moving retrograde through 11/3. Remember what this means — things go backwards; stuff gets misplaced; words come out wrong. Start nothing major; sign nothing important; buy nothing you want to work right. We’ll be going over actions of the past couple weeks before finally covering new ground by mid-November. The words, the movement is covert and manipulative. Pay attention and CHECK everything twice especially anything you read or are told. Meanwhile on the basic daily life level, the evening is pleasant as long as you’re cleaning as the Moon sextiles Mercury in Scorpio and conjuncts Venus in Virgo.

OCTOBER 12 —- If you insist on working today, get to it early when energy is high and driving as the Moon in Leo trines Mars in Aries. The entire morning is devoted to a pleasant time, feeling generous and loving and finding it easy to tell your friends and partner that as Mercury in Scorpio sextiles Venus in Virgo. The Moon goes void of course at 10:29am until just after midnight tomorrow so capitalize on feeling lighthearted and good about yourself and take the day off or at least devote it to surrounding yourself with beauty. Seek out an art establishment or take a ride in the natural beauty of a Fall countryside. Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow night at 9:05p and is nearly stopped now so not much you can do about getting ready.

OCTOBER 11 —- Drama fills the day in the best possible way with the Moon in Leo. Look your best. Be generous. Helping others is a very strong urge all day and through the middle of the night. Insights and spiritual connections abound. Focus on formulating your ideals for the long term as Jupiter in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces. There are some challenges this afternoon when disruptive natural forces and less than honest talk get in the way of the positive flow as the Moon in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus and Mercury in Scorpio. Just keep moving through but do realize you can get tired or not be able to do everything you think of. Overall a strong, positive day.

OCTOBER 10 —- Push against restrictions and limitations all morning meaning do your baking and work on your home then as the Moon in Cancer opposes Pluto then Saturn in Capricorn. At 12:04pm the Cancer Moon goes void of course until 8:24pm and then the new energy of the Moon in Leo is about dressing up and going out. Don’t be too extravagant or arrogant though as you are out on the town especially as the night wears on and turns into dawn tomorrow as the Sun in Libra squares Jupiter in Capricorn. During the blank time all afternoon, gather up your courage and do something different; find some unusual entertainment or strange and exciting friends as Venus in Virgo trines Uranus in Taurus. All in all, this can be a memorable day.

OCTOBER 9 —- Tension all day until late night. The power struggles, ruthless and dangerous actions as Mars in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn are past by 9:09 and then we slide to just normal tensions beginning with challenges between selfish and group concerns as the Moon n Cancer squares the Sun in Libra then family and security opposed by state demands as the Moon opposes Jupiter in Capricorn. Finally there’s a positive flow of energy for a brief time just before midnight as the Moon trines Neptune in Pisces only for tension to return aggressively and with intense repression by dawn tomorrow as the Moon squares Mars in Aries and opposes Pluto in Capricorn . Now here’s the (sort of) good news — use the energy derived from those tensions to motivate all the actions you need to take in preparation for Mercury going retrograde in Scorpio on Tuesday morning lasting until 11/3. Hand wringing and head banging allowed.

OCTOBER 8 —- The new flow of the day does not begin until 11:45am when the Moon enters Cancer making the morning random chatter and distraction with a void of course Moon in Gemini. When the Moon enters Cancer, the energy becomes emotional, focused on security and taking things personally. Make this a night home with family and family-like folks surrounded by comfort food. You’ll need it because the day and night become increasingly harsh and dangerous, filled with fierce power struggles especially between groups and individuals as Mars in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn. If you have the will and strength to use the energy wisely, it can transform your world especially late night with the Moon sextile Venus in Virgo and Uranus in Taurus and finally trine Mercury in Scorpio at dawn tomorrow. Your energy level is high and you can get a lot done if you can avoid getting tangled up in the great opposition that may be brought against you. Avoid being ruthless and you may avoid the pitfalls. Literal danger is not out of the question tonight so stay out of dangerous places.

OCTOBER 7 —- All day and evening is about communicating and connecting with the Moon in Gemini but there are obstacles along the way. The general force of the communication is fast but not deep or disciplined. That’s especially true until early afternoon when vague but often imaginative and even psychic energy gets involved in the messaging as the Moon squares Neptune in Pisces. Until late afternoon around 5pm the most powerful force has to do with stimulated brain and hasty speech as Mercury in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus. Although understanding is speeded up it may miss details for several reasons so take an occasional mental breath and attempt nothing today that requires great discipline — or tact. You tend to be a bit blunt so try not to aim for shock alone but you are drawn to new and exciting experiences. Keep out of the slow lane because you’ll want to mow down all those poking along. The evening provides opportunity for sparks as you communicate as the Moon sextiles Mars in Aries The Moon goes void of course at 9:57pm and then it’s more than 12 hours of random Gemini chatter.

OCTOBER 6 — Except for a minor challenge early morning where obsession with accurate statement is the rule as the Moon in Gemini squares Venus in Virgo, this is a day and night of fun communications and connections as the Moon trines the Sun in Libra before dawn tomorrow. Call people. Send them a message. Make a recording. It is all a pleasant experience and includes short trips and working on fun things with your hands. It doesn’t matter what you say, as long as you are connecting and it doesn’t require too much focus.

OCTOBER 5 —- Get all the heavy work done by mid-afternoon when the Taurus Moon goes void of course at 2:41pm. Fortunately, up until then the force is solid and ready to achieve any hard tasks successfully as the Moon trines Pluto then Saturn in Capricorn. Just make sure you are “in motion” when the Moon goes void because you’ll stay that way and find the force not very directed but slow and steady. If you are NOT “in motion,” then expect to remain a solid mass wherever you are. The new force arrives just after midnight tomorrow when the Moon enters Gemini, playful and a bit scattered. It is challenged all night by a demand that every word be perfect as the Moon squares Venus in Virgo.

OCTOBER 4 —- It’s not the weight of the world today — it’s the weight of Pluto as it stations at 9:32am and prepares to begin moving forward in a couple days. Pluto is one of the major causes of our dramatic transformation during this year. What Pluto transforms, down to the molecular level, it first pulverizes into dust. All actions today have major significance. If you go with the mundane flow of the day, it’s all about hard work that pays off, especially work done outside as the Moon in Taurus trines Jupiter in Capricorn at 12:07am, the only aspect from dawn on today. After midnight tomorrow, there’s the opportunity for some psychic input so pay attention to those dreams as the Moon sextiles Neptune in Pisces at 1:37am.

OCTOBER 3 —The day is slow to start with the flow beginning at 11:12am when the Moon enters Taurus. The morning is a void of course Aries Moon with its random aggressive force with plenty of undirected enthusiasm pushing. Once the Taurus force begins, it’s solid, stable and devoted to beauty for the first couple hours as the Moon trines Venus in Virgo. The rest of the day and night finds unrelenting tension in values and how they are expressed: traditional vs manipulative as the Moon oppposes Mercury in Scorpio. The major news is planetary. Yesterday afternoon at 4:48pm Venus, our avatar of love and beauty, moved from flashy and regal Leo into humble and excessively picky Virgo until 10/28. This can be extremely hard on relationships where perfection is decidedly difficult to find. And then there is powerful Pluto in Capricorn, standing still and ready to move forward tomorrow at 9:32am although it does not really start moving forward for another week. It is Pluto’s efforts towards dramatic transformation that underlines all actions at this time (and yesterday.) Transformation can be difficult and Pluto is generally nonnegotiable and often fatal to the old way.

OCTOBER 2 —- Still working on frustration mode although today, with yesterday’s Full Moon in Aries on the side of the action forces rather than the lockdown Capricorn ones, we’ll see movement, just a bit slower than we might want. Be patient through the day and persist in your efforts. Delays and rethinking can improve what you are doing as the Moon squares Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn. By tonight, a burst of frustrated action at high speed argues for keeping your heavy foot off the gas and being careful of dangerous situations as the Moon conjuncts Mars in Aries. Stay out of fights. Slowdown comes back after midnight tomorrow as the Moon squares Saturn in Capricorn and then the Aries Moon is void of course at 1:47am making for re-running all your minor confrontations randomly in your head. Not very restful.

OCTOBER 1 —- As the first Full Moon after Spring Equinox is Easter and a signal for the balance moment between light and darkness with the light increasing until Summer Solstice, so too is today a balance point Full Moon, the first after Fall Equinox. This time the darkness is on increase growing daily until Winter Solstice on 12/21. The darkness provides time to reflect and go within. It is an especially significant period of time this year because the Winter Solstice 2020 marks a major shift in the global force leaving behind most of the burdens and limitations of this year and welcoming a shining new period of progressive energy. What does that mean for today dominated exclusively by the Full Moon, exact at 5:05pm? The Moon is in aggressive, warrior Aries and the Sun in balanced, harmonious Libra. The balance, female strength is greater by the fact that today is the final day of Venus in Leo. So, what to do? Put on your best costume and know that sometimes the path to peace is through conflict. No backing down. No retreating. The point of light may be shrinking but we know it is there, a beacon of what is coming next.

SEPTEMBER 30 —- The morning is fuzzy with some creative juice thrown in to the mix of hard work as the Moon in Pisces sextiles Pluto then Saturn in Capricorn. Take the opportunity to get something done even if movement is either stuck or floating aimlessly. Right after noon at 1:30pm, it gets really aimless and drifting with the Pisces Moon void of course until late tonight at 10:47pm — then watch out. Get your nap in this afternoon, no sleep overnight, just wild action as the Moon enters Aries. More tomorrow with a Full Moon.

SEPTEMBER 29 —- Everything remains stopped today, feels impossibly heavy and is of major import as Saturn remains stationary in Capricorn. Movement starts again on Friday when Saturn begins to inch forward. Due to other influences today, the keyword is frustration as Mars in Aries squares Saturn. Aggressive force and forward action of the most powerful sort challenges the walls, limitations and burdens we have encountered all year — and the walls and limitations win today no matter how great the challenge. Frustration. Be patient. Change is coming as time runs out for the walls. Sometimes the dissolving force provides the opportunity for light to seep through the cracks with the Moon in Pisces sextile Jupiter in Capricorn and conjunct Neptune. Put a protective shield around your tender psyche.

SEPTEMBER 28 —- It’s a lovely day for love especially of the lasting kind, old or new with Venus in Leo trine Mars in Aries and Saturn stationing in Capricorn until 1:11am tomorrow. The sweet feelings carry over into all relationships with a high level of empathy and a perfect balance of harmony and action. But none of this is in play until 11:34am when the Moon enters Pisces with a void of course Aquarian Moon until then. So, mental emphasis with a touch of the bizarre and no focus all morning, then flooded with emotion the rest of the day and night. Enjoy it but don’t expect any forward movement quite yet.

SEPTEMBER 27 —- Lots of sex talk today of both the sensual and the political/societal kind. Let’s take the personal first. The planet Mercury which influences our thoughts and speech just moved into Scorpio for the next several weeks until 11/11 — longer than usual because there’s a retrograde in there. Along with “sex talk” that means the mental realm is infused with powerful emotion that can be manipulative and deceitful. That segues nicely into the political/social especially today with the Moon in out-of-the-box Aquarius. We find discussions about new definitions of sexuality and gender identity. And since Saturn is standing still in Capricorn the next couple days until it begins moving forward on Wednesday — all this is extremely societal and long lasting in its impact. Have fun!

SEPTEMBER 26 — Feel the energy shift these next two days with the Moon in Aquarius and understand this is the wave of the next two years — mental focus, progressive, egalitarian, and somewhat bizarre and outside the box. This is written in the Divine Plan as posted in the heavens so no adjustment possible. We may seem stuck these next few days with Saturn in Capricorn stationing but by Tuesday forward motion to the future is assured as Saturn moves direct in Capricorn on its way to leaving that sign for the next 30 years. For today, do your smoothest thinking by mid morning as the Moon trines the Sun in Libra and then enjoy all the upheavals and surprises that come when thinking is clear and solid as the Moon squares Uranus in Taurus tonight. Warm and fuzzy feelings are in VERY short supply; even love is predominantly cerebral as Mercury leaves Libra at 3:41am tomorrow.

SEPTEMBER 25 — Pushing boulders uphill all day is hard work as the Moon is in Capricorn all day and night and not much fun but there is gratification every time they move an inch or two as the Moon conjuncts Pluto then Saturn in Capricorn. By this evening, gravity pushes back at increasing speed as the Moon squares Mars in Aries; resistance and outright revolt are mounted against the effort and whatever reasons are given for the effort. Why can we be free? Where is the enthusiasm? All night, words of balance and harmony challenge the limitations and closed in walls that make life so difficult as the Moon squares Mercury in Libra. And then the Moon goes void of course just at 11:36pm and you can crawl into bed with exhaustion knowing tomorrow has a different flavor.