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In the extremely prophetic Oracles 2020 talks, Mozier stated that we should not expect to recognize the world-to-be. By late December 2020, the way forward begins coming into focus. She outlines the progressive wave of the entire year, the pattern of the new American Administration, the three-month period of compassion from May through July, and the major aspect of the year that occurs in February, June and December and portends the challenge of creative change without destructive revolution. As she routinely does in her annual Oracles lectures, Mozier predicts trends in politics, health, economics and the always popular, fashion.

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NEW! BY THE STARS, and the Constitution……What happens if the Electoral College does NOT deliver a winner by majority vote on 12/14? “Pursuant to the 12th Amendment, the House of Representatives is required to go into session immediately after the counting of the electoral votes to vote for president if no candidate for the office receives a majority of the electoral votes. … The House continues balloting until it elects a president.” It is not unlikely that this could occur given that 12/14 is a Solar Eclipse which does not have positive aspects to Trump’s chart. If the House is the decider, then the election sweep of 2018 that gave Democrats control of the House becomes a crucially significant election. Unlike hysterical and inaccurate right-wing claims, Nancy Pelosi DOES NOT become President but she is instrumental in selecting who does. posted 11/4/20

Now that Election Day is almost here, it’s time to look at what’s coming next — and it’s not a clear answer that night. I’ve known that for a year even as most politicos have realized it much more recently. Part is due to the impact of Mercury being retrograde through all the early voting period not moving direct until Election Day afternoon. In a more normal year that alone would generate the expectation of mechanical breakdowns and other more mundane problems in counting. One thing Election Day astrology does indicate is the enormous power of women both as candidates and voters. But this is 2020 and there are now challenges to the peace, and power struggles in the days that follow. Not much happens for a week and then on 11/12 and 13 there are power struggles, potential disruptions and especially challenges to women. Unfortunately for Donald Trump, the aspect for gaining power and success is intercepted, meaning it is almost impossible to reach. The astrology smooths out and by Thanksgiving weekend most energy is moving forward. However that same weekend has intense energy around lies and fake news. The Constitution chart does NOT show a crisis or anything even close to civil war. Its energy is positive; mostly relief at having survived. Technically, canvassing and certification of votes which is determined by individual state law can occur as late as 12/11. Then comes the day the Electoral.College votes. Just to prove the fates are not done torturing us yet, there is a solar eclipse on that date — 12/14. Solar eclipses tend to indicate upheaval and again, it is not kind to Donald Trump with the eclipse occurring at 23 Sagittarius almost exactly conjunct his Moon. His daily life, his living situation, is definitely upended. Then the world changes from 12/17 to 12/21. Power passes into new hands as it has for 5000 years when Jupiter conjuncts Saturn and a new regime begins. In this case the conjunction is NOT in Capricorn that has made this year so hard but in Aquarius initiating a two year period of progressive, mental and futuristic energy. Leadership must fit the times. In an interesting side story, this new period happens exactly conjunct Obama’s Jupiter indicating that his star is rising. posted 10/31/20

ELECTION 2020 BY THE STARS. Saving the best until last — at least as far as the Constitution and the Inauguration charts are concerned. When I saw all the charts together, I knew it was clear that this election is all about Kamala Harris. Her personal chart is powerful with an exact Full Moon in Aries/Libra making her an incredibly alluring combo of warrior and peacemaker. She has a solid cluster of Virgo planets meaning she is dutiful and detailed; and the upcoming ruler of the next couple years — Saturn in Aquarius —is at the top of her chart. She has the power and confidence to do what she’s done all her life: break barriers and old ways. Mostly the transits around the election period are positive and indicate success. The only negative transits in that period are changing circumstances around relationships and how she now must live her life. But, it’s the outer forces that really tell the story. Her chart in composite with the Constitution says: “Hey girlfriend, where you been all my life?” The Constitution loves her as a partner with Jupiter shining its great benefits right at the top of the chart. And then we get to the Inauguration chart which really startled me. Her Aries Moon is almost exactly conjunct the Moon of the Inauguration chart which represents — the people. While Joe is healing and soothing the people, they see Kamala as their battle queen, until she turns on the charm — and then they’re ready to love her. Tomorrow we’ll look at the debate energy. posted 10/22/20

Joe Biden’s chart has surprises. I never expected to see 4 planets in powerhouse Scorpio but they do support his persistence in running for president over the years. When I thought more about Scorpio and its attributes, I realized what qualities that cluster really indicated. It is profoundly emotional and even more important, it is deep healing energy. The second quality is a strange one — Scorpio always has a strong connection with death and like George Washington, death has been a beneficial companion for Biden helping shape his strength. The tragic death of his wife and young daughter; his son Beau’s equally tragic death; and in a peculiar way, the death of RBG. These emotion-based attributes — healing and mourning — seem relevant to this time in America. Emotion in general will be essential in this upcoming Aquarian period which tends to be intensely mental and lacking in personal humanity. He has a Moon in Taurus, a great benefit for the economy; organized, humble and service-oriented Virgo at the top of his chart; and a Sagittarius rising that speaks to his physical well-being. Like Trump, he also has a good connection to the Constitution chart. Contrary to the attacks on him, the transits of this election period show his mental powers to be sharp, thinking serious and health good. Opportunities for achievement are prominent during these next several weeks. Like Trump, since this is a generational transit and they are the same age group, Biden is sweeping away old structures as well. Healing, humanity and solid values are all prominent in Biden’s soul pattern. Posted 10/20/20

Today we examine the soul of Donald Trump. Over the years, I’ve come to understand that the birth chart is the picture of the soul for this lifetime and that success is manifesting the pattern of it as perfectly as possible. Trump does that. He is a perfect manifestation of his soul pattern. And what does the birth chart say that pattern is? He’s all ego and mouth. The emotional energy he has represented in his family is transactional not loving. His basic emotional nature is detached. And, most notable of all — he has NO EARTH in his chart. The pursuit and obsession with wealth is based on not being comfortable in the practical realm. He is not a natural at accumulating wealth. And psychologically, no earth means he has no grounding in reality or practicality. As for what is happening this year: almost none of it is good. All year long the major transit calls for surrender, letting go of what he does’t need. A transit that includes all summer and fall, ending on 11/4 says sweep away old, outworn structures; total revolution in life. Finally, from Sep through the beginning of 2021 it’s about secrets revealed, truths exposed; discover that his point of view is wrong. Any positive transits rely on being self-aware — and nowhere does that particular trait show up. Over-estimating himself is the main transit that ends on 11/3. We already know Trump has — or at least had — a positive relationship with the chart of the Constitution; he’s president so it worked once. There is no way I can see of determining if it will work again especially since. Biden also has a positive connection which we’ll talk about tomorrow. As for 2021 in Trump’s chart: no indication of success. One new transit talks of confusion and uncertainty, low energy, life direction unclear, failure and disappointment. Astrology is about time and it seems forDonald Trump, TIME’S UP. Posted 10/19/20

Let’s start our look at the four candidates with Mike Pence, weakest link; barely casting a shadow. First, a caveat. Unlike the other three, there is no birth time publicly available for Pence so no accurate chart can be cast. We can look at his planetary placements however and make assessments. First, like Trump, he is a Gemini with no real strength elsewhere to give weight. His Mars is in Leo, also like Trump’s. That ego force seems to be represented by his always “turned out” look. Most interesting is his Venus, the feminine energy, which is at the very end of Cancer and possibly the cause of calling his wife, “mother.” Kamala Harris’s Aries Moon definitely challenges this part of Pence. Since the birth time is unknown, there can be no comparison with the US Constitution chart. But, from what I can see in his make-up, there is no way he ever rises to the top. There is also no connection or resonance with the strong Aquarian energy of either the Inauguration chart or the general shift in the times that begins in mid-December. Posted 10/18/20

Looking at the difficult astrology of yesterday and today (10/13 & 14), the angels obviously decided the American people would be unable to withstand another debate from Hell — so drawing on Mercury retrograde energy that causes delays and non-events, the 10/14 debate was canceled. It would have been contentious, aggressive and filled with misspeaking and manipulative misinformation by candidates and probably moderator also. What does the alleged next debate on 10/22 look like? It will be devoted to hidden agendas and outright deception. Mercury retrograde is also showing its face as the architect of voting confusion and mechanical breakdowns. Remember — seek the most obstacle-free path between casting your vote and getting it counted. Th retrograde energy does not end until midday on Election Day. The Cosmic Plan is not making this easy. Tomorrow we spend the next couple days looking at the candidates’ charts. posted 10/14/20

BY THE STARS — The VP debate on 10/7 suddenly has deeper meaning and will face more scrutiny. The general energy of the day is superficial and highly verbal. What focus there is drops off after the first hour of the debate and becomes totally random. There is an overall energy of blunt talk, sloppy on detail but high on intuition, and stimulated thinking earlier in the afternoon with a slight decline by debate time. Watch for hasty statements pre-debate that may have to be walked back. And what about the two contestants? Kamala, with her Aries Moon, is more prone to harsh and hasty speaking but there is an interesting interaction between her force and Pence’s. It may not be widely known but he has strong dislike for her: aggressive, powerful and entirely too female for him. This is a guy whose Venus (symbol of feminine in men) is in Cancer which is why he calls his wife, “mother.” Kamala’s high octane Full Moon is placed on either side of Pence’s soft side Venus and challenges it profoundly. One flip of her hair and she can dissolve him into tears. And how about HIS hair? He is always so “turned out.” Do we think that Trump who has to spend endless time on his layered and folded mop of straw grinds his teeth every time he sees the always perfectly coifed Pence? The bottom line for the debate? He comes off as a lightweight; she is energetic and entertaining with a strong stripe of steel showing. posted 10/5/20

Astrologers being who they are, it did not take long for a chart to appear comparing Trump’s chart to the announcement of his positive virus — and it is not good. This may be a lot harder than anyone imagines and it may have lasting health repercussions. The other area to watch are the women around him, especially Ivanka. Why? Pluto, the great transformer, is stationing in the sky and will remain almost stationary until finally moving forward on 10/10. It is particularly impactful in Trump’s chart almost exactly opposed his Saturn in Cancer. This is the aspect that says: surrender. As for the female energy: Venus is prominent, not happy and seems to be saying “don’t piss off the goddess.” posted 10/2/20

ELECTION 2020 AND THE STARS —– It’s October 1 and there’s a Full Moon. The Sun is in peaceful, balanced Libra and the Moon in aggressive, enthusiastic Aries, It’s a powerful duo with strong male and female. Both Aries and Libra have deep connections to justice. Libra wants to see both sides so as to render fair judgments; Aries is always ready to fight against injustice. Why does this matter so much for Election 2020??? It’s Kamala Harris’ Full Moon and perhaps the defining aspect of her quite powerful birth chart. This same Aries Moon which marks her as a fierce warrior is surprisingly significant in a chart relative to the 2020 Election — that of the Inauguration. In the chart that marks the beginning of a new Administration no matter who wins, the Moon is almost exactly conjunct Kamala’s Aries Moon. She is the warrior force of the new Administration. In another chart of my own invention — a composite between the candidate and the Constitution — there is one more indicator that hints this Election 2020 is really all about HER. The Constitution, when presented with Kamala, basically cheers: “Girlfriend! where you been all my life?” That chart shows beneficial Jupiter in Gemini at the very top of the chart — the power point of the power point. We’ll talk more about Kamala and her impressive chart soon when we talk about the VP Debate next week. Posted 10/1/20

Welcome to my new series of Election 2020 and the stars. For those of you who heard my Zoom talk on Saturday, these posts will be bits and pieces from that research. Today we’ll look at the astrology of the first Presidential debate. Expect nothing that moves the dial forward. Frustration is rampant as are lies and confusion. Aggression challenges immovable walls of limitation — and the walls win. I would have never scheduled a debate for today. posted 9/29/20

Here it is! I have been invited by a Baltimore astrology class to deliver a lecture on the astrology surrounding the 2020 Election process. The lecture will be held on Saturday, September 26 from 11am – 1pm via Zoom and the cost is $10. For those who cannot attend live a recording will be available. RSVP to Eliza Graney
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Last November in my Oracles 2020 talk, long before current controversies over voting by mail and Post Office disruptions, I talked about the chaos of the voting season. In this lecture focused on that time period, I discuss the impact of Mercury being retrograde through all the early voting period not moving direct until Election Day afternoon, the expectation of mechanical breakdowns, challenges to the peace, and power struggles in the days that follow. I also highlight strong female energy both as candidates and voters. I touch on the charts of Presidential candidates and the rise of progressive energy by year’s end. Posted 9/20/20.

Remember when I mentioned in my Oracles talk for 2020 nearly a year ago how the Federal Reserve had one of 2020’s most significant aspects in its own chart and how on April 4 there would be a crisis in how the Fed behaved; that it was a power issue surrounded by lies and we may never know what it was. Well, as the economic crisis has evolved over the past months, the shape of how the Fed has reinvented itself as the seemingly bottomless piggy bank for the US economy especially the Stock Market has become clear. This is uncharted territory. The Fed now owns the US debt that is larger than ever in history and comes close to being equal to the value of the entire economy. This tongue-in-cheek look at the relationship between the Fed and the inexplicable surging of the Stock Market helps put the situation in almost understandable terms for us mere mortals. Fortunately, the pattern of the stars saw it coming. Too bad policy makers never consult astrologers. Posted 9/7/20.

In the Fall of 2019 as I was preparing my Oracles 2020 talk, I first noticed that Mars would be spending 6 months in the sign it rules, Aries, instead of its usual 6 weeks. My heart clenched. I’m an Aries. I know what the God of War can do when he’s at home for such a long period. At that time, I thought about war in the traditional sense. I never imagined Mars in Aries would usher in months of pitched battles in the streets of towns and cities all over the world. But, that’s what is happening. In a day or two this week alone there was “war” in the form of protests, rallies and marches everywhere from the island of Mauritius and the streets of London and Belarus to Portland and Kenosha in the US.
Personal news, neighborhood news and small town news is also filled with snarling faces and hate-filled speech. Trump is agitating and stirring the pot with his supporters who want to go into the streets and start shooting and clubbing people. They don’t even stop long enough to determine if they disagree with their “opponent.” It’s the clash that matters. Domestic violence is increasing daily as people rebel against lockdowns and restrictions and economic distress. Power is universally the most sought after goal.
So when does the war end? When does calmness return?
Mars entered Aries on June 28 and the steam started rising. It continues util January 6, 2021. In the midst of this Mars does change direction in early September and the temperature gets turned down. As movement slows starting 8/29 and then stops and retrogrades 9/9 and remains slowly moving backward for another nearly two weeks until 9/22, the situation at every level remains explosive and warlike. If war is not your ultimate goal, I would recommend an active policy of surrender and retreat.
Once Mars is moving steadily retrograde we’ll see the aggression and confrontation go underground. Protesting turns into “get out the vote!” Movement stops being an out-of-control freight train and turns into a regularly scheduled one with reliable stops but constant motion.
Forward movement, with some intense, warlike action, begins again on 11/14 and continues through to the end of the cycle in early January. Power struggles, strong opposition and potential dramatic transformation occurs when Mars squares Pluto on 12/23 and 24. Survive that, and the world is basically home free with Mars spending its final two weeks in Aries lending forward direction, high energy and action to all that happens. Posted 8/31/20.

It’s really hard to look at the astrology and see bad news. That’s the situation now with California. So sad. The planet Mars is in fiery Aries for an unusually long time. That means all Mars in Aries activities — like fires — are more extreme, more explosive. The California fires are bigger and more abundant than ever in the state’s history. The next two days are even worse in the fire situation with Mars square Saturn in Capricorn. It portends fear, a lack of confidence that anything can be done and great frustration. We can expect that firefighters will find it increasingly difficult to go on, that help from outside will be delayed or insufficient. Hidden forces and deception may exacerbate the situation. The only solution is time. Issues may be resolved and unexpected help arrive by Tuesday. The Mars effect which manifests in more ways than the California fires — increased aggressive and impulsive behavior for example — does not began to lessen until Mars retrogrades after September 9 which by coincidence is California’s birthday. Less by coincidence is the state’s affinity for fires with Saturn, Uranus and Pluto in Aries. posted 8/22/20

Headline from today’s “Washington Post” and two more predictions made in Oracles 2020 coming to pass. “Trump’s Social Security payroll tax holiday is the first shot in a class and generational war.” Specifically, the Social Security Act of 1935 is having a Uranus return and I predicted an assault on the program and an attempt for a major disruption. This is especially significant considering that currently (8/15) Uranus is stationing and beginning a retrograde period. The generational conflict has been building since Saturn entered Capricorn at the end of 2017. Posted 8/10/20

On July 12, this was part of what I said about Donald Trump’s astrological chart: “The two major aspects have similar meanings. One is point blank — SURRENDER. The other has to do with sudden passing from life of old and outworn structures that don’t work any more. One truth the stars always carry out is that resistance to the cosmic plan is futile.” Of course I received pushback from Trumpers who asserted he would NEVER surrender. Well kids, NEVER lasted barely a week. His surrender includes not just a complete reversal on mask wearing and the Covid crisis but today canceling the Republican National Convention in Florida. There are other events: Mary Trump’s hugely best selling book; losing Supreme Court rulings. And frankly, I see his newest law and order push becoming a surrender soon. Both of the “surrender” astrological aspects continue through November. Posted 7/24/20

Donald Trump and the stars. Repeatedly on the news today, commentators have speculated on whether the commutation of Roger Stone’s sentence was a turning point moment for Trump. I have avoided commenting on his astrological chart up to now but that repeated observation motivated me to check his birthchart. The two major aspects for him this year happen to have key points on July 12, so it seems only right to do so — as I would do for any client. The two major aspects have similar meanings. One is point blank — SURRENDER. The other has to do with sudden passing from life of old and outworn structures that don’t work any more. One truth the stars always carry out is that resistance to the cosmic plan is futile. Posted 7/12/20

An incredible Washington Post article about violence and the pandemic. With Mars in Aries for the next six months, most of it spent squaring Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, it’s only going to get MUCH worse. Posted 7/9/20.

Saturn retrograded back into hard, cold Capricorn on July 1 after being in progressive Aquarius since March 23. The rubric says walls are closing in again, repression and limitation are the order of the day, and the clock is turned back to the Capricorn cluster that began 2020. What do the headlines say so far? Hong Kong facing virtual lockdown of free thought and expression with unanimous vote from Chinese government. Russians vote in a new Constitution that allows Putin control until at least 2036. Virus numbers are climbing in the US and many states are closing life down again. Americans are banned from the European Union. And that’s only the first day. When do we see progressiveness return again? December 18 — but the good news is that it stays for a couple years. Hang tough. Posted 7/2/20

“Barring a landslide, what’s probably not coming on Nov. 3? A result in the race for the White House.” This is the headline for a Washington Post article today that is too long for me to cut and paste. The short form is “Barring a landslide for either candidate, that scenario could invite an unprecedented test of the country’s faith in its elections: an extended period without a declared winner. Amid that uncertainty, few expect Trump, who has said repeatedly that he thinks mail voting could cost him the election, to soothe voter anxieties.” This is what I said in Nov. 2019 about the outlook based on the stars, and long before any talk about mail-in ballots, etc. “The entire period of early voting takes place with Mercury retrograde and which then stands still to move forward on Election Day. The Moon is in Gemini meaning things are scattered even more. Expect some breakdowns but the major action will be adjustments to surprising results. Strong female energy both as candidates and voters. Power struggles ensue the following week probably indicating recounts with Nov 12 & 13 particularly tense and threatening. Seems to smooth out afterwards and I don’t see the revolution some claim will happen.” POSTED 6/23/20.

The debacle of Trump’s Tulsa rally on 6/20 makes clear to me that there is no astrologer on that team. What would they expect of a day bracketed between Mercury turning retrograde and an eclipse? No surprise that there is no astrologer since he would definitely NOT want to hear what the stars have to say this year. posted 6/21/20

What’s Next – 3
Saturn is a little more than halfway through our Saturn in Aquarius preview of the future 2.5 year period that begins the end of 2020 and marks a permanent shift in attitudes to a fairer social and economic system. This preview began on 3/23 and continues until 7/2. What does it tell us about what is coming.
The protests are revelation of much of this future. They are about social and economic justice which is a key trend. Aquarius is also the sign of the common man and of humanity in general – the new humanity. That is why the trigger for this movement is a common man and why the protests are almost universal. Aquarius is about reform and revolution; about the state expanding to absorb the new ideas or be destroyed as is happening with policing. It is about using social techniques to oppose social forces like the fence around the White House turning into a frame for protest posters or the painting of the street in Washington, DC. There is danger – no heart. There is a need for the reforms to be spiritualized. There is also a danger of dictatorial thought where the individual must agree with the crowd or be shamed; for good features be discarded with the bad.
Other energies are also in play for the next couple years. Neptune in Pisces indicates that the viruses continue both medical and social: fake news and deceptions. It does not shift until 2025. At the same time, Neptune’s dissolution of boundaries contribute to the universality of the actions. Uranus in Taurus, also until 2025, indicates situations causing upheaval specifically in food production. It also points to financial revolution and the question of what price human life. It leads to a green revolution, the rise of independent women and simpler life.
The economic crisis is a crucial segment especially in the US. There is no springing back to the old form, no “going back.” Outworn structures are swept away which can cause chaos. New forms will require original ideas. Evolution is inevitable. Specifics we can expect are decentralization, a continuation of working from home, and an attitude of valuing the workers. At the same time, expect an increase in robotics especially in areas like the meat processing plants.
There is a remarkable rush forward in the energy of action as Mars enters Aries starting the end of June and continuing until early 2021 that makes all this change and evolution a war. Posted 6/8/20.

REPORT #1 — 48 hours/61 comments
What follows is a brief analysis of the data reported to me so far in my virus study. Feel free to encourage other folks to respond as well. It is crucial to remember that the fatality rate is low – 96% of individuals who have the virus “officially” have recovered. Based on what I have received so far, I would lean toward the comment of “worse flu ever.”
One suggestion for further study (not by me) that I strongly endorse is to collect the data on co-factors for those who have a severe case or die. Then the focus can be on those highly at-risk populations.
My preliminary assessment is that the dramatic measures taken so far may be more than necessary – and that more focus on the modest treatment that appears to work would be much more productive. However, I need to keep reminding myself as an astrologer that the predictions were clear about lockdown and economic crash. Those are the real problems we still face.
Time frame – those who mentioned time span of illness, most often mentioned 2 weeks.
Symptoms – varied but most very similar to flu including muscle pain, fever and immense fatigue. The respiratory symptoms reported were severe. “Very sick” was a repeated comment.
Consulting a physician and testing were almost never mentioned. When a doctor was mentioned, the prescription was Tylenol.
Treatments most mentioned:
zinc, vitamin C and D were the big winners – this may be why the vitamins are hard to find these days.
Rest, time and liquids: water and tea. Elderberry syrup also received several mentions. Strangely, several people mentioned antibiotics although there is no evidence that this is bacterial. Medical marijuana, THC and CBD also received a couple mentions as did various baths. Homeopathics mentioned for acute symptoms and the favorites are phosphorus for the chest/respiratory symptoms, belladonna for fever and magnesium for muscle pain.
There were two posts I wanted to quote directly: one from a physician, another from an alternative medicine healer.
“My institute for functional medicine physicians group has been talking about this from the beginning. I can tell you that most people rest, take Tylenol and ibuprofen, drink water/tea/Gatorade and maybe some vitamin C. What we “integrative folks” recommend is Vit D, C, zinc lozenges, melatonin and rest. Personally I’m very happy with the berberine addition too. Acute homeopathics if needed… though that’s not what most do of course”
“Easy, the Chinese used Chinese herbal medicine, the Europeans used herbs and homeopathy but no one wants to admit it to the global public.” posted 5/22/20

Curing the Crisis — and you can help!
Let me begin with my creds. No, I’m not physician although I do practice homeopathy. I’m an astrologer among other things and I predicted the lockdown, the economic crisis, and the new world which shape we cannot yet see. All this and more with accurate dates beginning last fall and all recorded on CD. So, I’ve been thinking about this longer than just about anyone except maybe the hundreds of people who heard my lectures.
Here’s what I think now. The cosmic plan is about the economy and the shift in our global civilization. It is NOT about the virus except that it was a highly effective trigger to gain our attention. We do need to get rid of the virus however so we can move on to the needed changes. So let’s start there.
A vaccine – or dozens of vaccines – is not the magic solution. It will take too long, be too unproven and a huge number of people will refuse to take it. So…what do we do?
I have been continuously appalled by the lack of objective information and how it seems like a country full of smart people has forgotten how to solve a problem. A quick review: collect data, discern a pattern, find a solution. The information we need should be simple to get – what are the actual symptoms besides a positive test, and what do you do to recover.
The big problem is that we need to learn about the cure. Current data in the US, and probably the world, shows that almost no one dies of Corona virus – 6% death rate in the US with 1.56 million cases and most with underlying conditions including poverty. So…how did that 94% recover? No one seems to know. We can bet it’s not oxyhydroxychloroquine. My personal prescription would be bourbon, marijuana and ibuprofen but I must admit, I haven’t tested my cure – it only sounds good.
Here’s my proposed data collection plan – feel free to share it. The more people who participate, the better. Contact anyone you know – this has to be first hand – who recovered or “thinks they had it last winter” of which there are apparently huge numbers. Ask them to share their top three symptoms. Then ask them the three things they did to recover. Send me the data – I don’t need names so no one’s privacy will be violated. And I’ll rely on the Law of Large Numbers to see what patterns show up. I’ll share my results especially if they confirm my prescription of bourbon, marijuana and ibuprofen and I won’t try to sell you anything except maybe my CD so we can proceed to the next problem – what should this new world look like. Posted 5/20/20

ABOUT WESAK. In the esoteric tradition as taught by Alice Bailey, the ancient Buddhist festival of Wesak takes on a new meaning. Legend has it that at the moment of the Taurus Full Moon, the Buddha appears from distant realms to a great assemblage in a Himalayan valley. He comes to a great flat rock that holds a giant bowl of water. Facing him are the three great lords with Christ in the center, the Lord of living forms –Manu– on the right and the Lord of civilization on the left. There are ritual movements and chants. When the Buddha hovers above the heads of the three lords, the Christ utters a mantra used only at this moment once a year. It sets up a profound vibration through all present in form and out that reaches to God Himself. This profound spiritual effort draws forth a blessing that Christ distributes through all assembled souls. The Buddha then fades from view and the blessed water is distributed through the crowd in a water ceremony of communion. The entire ceremony takes 8 minutes. The exact moment of the Full Moon is 6:45am, May 7. Many may dream this or experience it through meditation. Be blessed. posted 5/6/20

Ecuador was one of the couple countries I targetted in my 2020 Oracles talk. I said their chart showed rebranding and rethinking. This, from today’s NYT, is not what I imagined: Ecuador’s Death Toll During Outbreak Is Among the Worst in the World. A New York Times analysis suggests that Ecuador’s death toll is 15 times higher than its official tally of coronavirus deaths, highlighting the damage the virus can do in developing countries. posted 4/24/20

On Saturday, April 25 Pluto stations in Capricorn and begins a retrograde journey that lasts until the beginning of October when it stops at that magic 22 degrees where it started all this in early January. For today, we’re only going to examine the actions of this weekend because they are dramatic in this year that already has more drama than anyone could imagine.
This is what I said about Pluto in Capricorn in my lectures last year. Extremely concentrated power, breaking the wheel of established forces and bringing relentless transformative change at the deepest level. It marks the deepest descent into darkness and the ordering principle of matter. It is the major contributor to austerity and financial limitations and especially hits the charts representing the USA. The most recent time that Pluto was in Capricorn was 1762-78 when the old order was once again changing. The good news is that with Pluto, energy can be released from the old shell and transformed into new power and new forms as we saw then.
From this you can see how significant Pluto is in what’s happening at this time. The other key prediction here is that we cannot expect to recognize the world-to-be.
So, what about this weekend.
The Sun conjuncts Uranus in Taurus before dawn on Sunday, 4/26 which is almost a banner announcing earth upheavals as well as upheavals in financial situations which would accompany these natural disasters. Natural forces turn the world upside down. Drastic changes in the infrastructure of civilization. If there are earthquakes manifesting these energies, they will be big ones and in populated areas. I would suggest escaping now.
Not surprisingly, this activity is all anyone can talk about…obsessively and with anger. Upheaval is in the air on every level until Monday 4/27 when it becomes more practical. The responsible folks focus on rebuilding. If they try to rebuild in the same old patterns — it doesn’t work and there are grave challenges and more upheaval throughout the end of the month. posted 4/22/20

In early Nov. 2019, when the astrology targeted 4/4/20 as a major crisis with the Federal Reserve in the midst of the overall financial problems that were predicted to begin in Dec. 2019, my statement about the economy being in survival mode was still a star-based prediction. Now the economy is in the predicted shambles and the dramatic aspect involving the Federal Reserve is here. This is what I said six months ago: the crisis with the Fed would be a power issue surrounded by so many lies we may never know what happened. There is a conflict with authority and a drive to do whatever it takes to be successful. Whatever occurs on 4/4, blows up unexpectedly on 4/8. The issue has to do with partners. So…what do I think given the present reality? Understanding the Federal Reserve is near impossible but its chart indicates two important factors: it inflates currency and it accumulates power covertly. In the present crisis, the Fed is acting as a world central bank aimed at keeping the US dollar strong. Its buying activity, with US Treasury back-up to the tune of $500 billion on top of the Fed’s assets of $5.3 trillion, is in some analysts’ view allowing the Federal government to nationalize large swaths of the financial markets in a scheme that essentially merges the Fed and Treasury into one organization. That is the predicted power issue done in secret with the blow-up likely to be who gets the control — the Fed chairman and that system or the President and no system. The real question that I’ve been asking for months is where is all this money coming from? And can we trust an Administration filled with people who are rife with bankruptcies and legal actions to not just start printing more money? Where’s Alexander Hamilton when we need him? Singing and dancing his way to even greater fame and fortune.  POSTED 4/3/20

From my 2020 Oracles talk about the Federal Reserve. On April 4, the crucial Jupiter Pluto conjunction lands on the Jupiter in the Federal Reserve chart. It promises a power issue with a partner, conflict with authority and lies galore. We may never know what happened but we will feel lots of fear and instability. Mentioning this was triggered by an article in the NYT this morning: ” Trump Says He Could Demote Fed Chair Powell, Risking More Market Turmoil.”
Posted 3/15/20.

March 21…and then more actively after March 30… marks the temporary end of the major Capricorn limitations, shortages, walls closing in. I have to admit, I could see the results but never would have imagined the cause – the coronavirus that shut down the world. The cause will disappear meaning the virus panic disappears within the next week and by the end of the month. The purpose is realized because the truth of the virus is NOT health, it’s the economy. The Capricorn pile-up historically indicates an economic crisis. This year was a pile-up more significant than in centuries because of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction on Jan. 12, the day of the first virus death. The purpose of the economic crash is to TRANSFORM the economy, to make it more Aquarian, more egalitarian, less in thrall to the madness of the stock market and people getting rich in ways they did not earn and do nothing for the economy. And what does this new economy look like? Remarkably like the proposals being put forth to save people during this crisis. Better, more accessible, more affordable health care. Expanded paid sick leave and unemployment insurance. Protecting people from hunger and homelessness. An economy geared to serve all people not just the rich and to reward innovation and positive developments. It’s obvious that there was no voluntary path to this economic transformation so…enter the virus and a global crisis. This initial period lasts only until July 2 when the old ways return but only for a few more months. Then the new energy and the new economy begins in earnest by Dec. 18-20 to continue for the next 2.5 years. We’re not all going to die – and there’s a magnificent silver lining. Feel better? Posted 3/12/20.

Today’s NYT says: “Spiraling Virus Fears Are Causing Financial Carnage. A global disease outbreak isn’t the kind of risk that many investors were trained to react to”. And then there are empty shelves and shortages of masks, tests and who knows what yet to come. No one who heard my Oracles 2020 lecture will be surprised. It’s the Capricorn Carnage with Piscean viral spread thrown in. I guess they don’t teach that in finance school although they should since timing by the stars is sooooo accurate. Wait for it…wait for it…there ‘s still the Federal Reserve crisis coming up on 4/4. posted 3/7/20.

Call me pessimistic but I don’t have much confidence in a peace agreement signed with the Taliban while Mercury is retrograde, in Pisces no less. Formless, deceptive. We can expect it to fall apart or at best need to be redone sometime soon. On the other hand, this is the most useless “war” in American history. Doesn’t any decision maker ever read history? If they did, they would know that NO ONE ever conquered Afghanistan. No reason to be there; no reason to stay.…/po…/us-taliban-deal-signing/index.html

Seems like time to look to the stars for any insight about our various catastrophes. The coronavirus potential pandemic is VERY Neptune in Pisces and I’ve been talking about such an event for a couple years. The reaction to the virus by closing down boundaries, cities and more is very Capricorn cluster not to mention the potential economic crash. Is there a solution? Time. All things pass in time but we have a rough month coming up.  Posted 2/27/20

Anyone who’s heard my lectures about the effect of all this Capricorn energy knows that historically it means tightening, slowdown, recession, austerity. Guess the elite economic folks at Davos have been consulting their astrologers. How to get through it? Be frugal. Get rid of debt. Get to know your neighbors, especially ones with gardens.   Posted 1/21/20

Friday, 1/10/20, rates as one of the most dramatic days of the year with a lunar eclipse — Sun in Capricorn opposes Moon in Cancer — and the planet of upheaval, Uranus, standing still in Taurus. Nothing exemplifies this energy better than Meghan and Harry’s shocking announcement that they are quitting the Royal family without letting the Queen know. What the general population can anticipate are breaks between personal and institutional in family and other affairs; surprising breaks. The emotional force is taking things far too personally and intensely. This is dangerous and explosive energy to have loose in the world especially a world that is already on edge. Exercise caution and try not to react too dramatically is advice for everyone and everything.  posted 1/8/20.

More on homelessness:   posted 12/17/19

In my Oracles 2020 lecture you will hear about the intensifying issue of homelessness. Here is an interesting look at the problem. Astrologically, this is a longtime problem, part of a transit of Uranus that does not resolve for another six or seven years. Posted 12/6/19.…/homeless-in-america-the-issues-f…/

This is what the New York Times said. The stars say this is what happens when you declare on an eclipse. Too bad none of those staff factions included an astrologer.

How Kamala Harris’s Campaign Unraveled

Ms. Harris is the only 2020 Democrat who has fallen hard out of the top tier of candidates. She has proved to be an uneven campaigner who changes her message and tactics to little effect and has a staff torn into factions.  Posted 11/30/19.

Breaking News just announced that the House Judiciary Committee begins hearings on terms of impeachment on Dec. 4. The previous day, Dec. 3, Jupiter moves from a year long quest for truth in Sagittarius which has dominated a year of investigations into Capricorn and a year of putting that search for truth into form. One major attribute of that new year long trend is a quest for morality in laws and those who govern.   Posted 11/26/19.

This morning’s NYT headline is an perfect rendition of what Neptune in Pisces is doing to the world — and it doesn’t end until 2025!    “‘No One Believes Anything’: Voters Worn Out by a Fog of Political News”
I characterize it in my lectures as “everything is true and nothing is true.” And how does a thoughtful person deal with this “fake news tsunami”? Build your boundaries more solid since Neptune is dissolving them. Exercise critical thinking skills. Listen to your heightened psychic sensitivities. Treasure a few sources or individuals that NEVER lie. That’s why I always believe the stars over any other source — the stars never lie.    Posted 11/18/19

Roger Stone found guilty on all counts. Truth matters! Jupiter is making its final weeks in Sagittarius — its yearlong quest for truth — really count.   Posted 11/15/19.

Beto O’Rourke — so sad. It could have been avoided if only he’d consulted an astrologer. He declared on 3/14 when Mercury was retrograde. BIG mistake. And now, with Mercury once again moving backward, he withdraws from the presidential race. Actually, if only he knew — it could be a good thing and he could re-enter on a better day which is what I’ve been advising (from afar, unasked) for months. Get yourself an astrologer, Beto.    posted 11/2/19.

For those of you who heard my 2019 Oracles, you’ll recall my discussing the shift in Jupiter that marked the winding down of sexual harrassment issues and a shift to a search for truth and an almost obsessive involvement in investigations of all sorts. Well, the political scene is certainly proving that prediction correct. However, the next timing shift is fast approaching. Jupiter leaves Sagittarius — the search for truth motivator — on December 2, moving into Capricorn which in this case can be described as the walls being put in place motivator. As in “lock them up” mode or at least defining and creating the structure to conclude investigations. That force stream will last another 13 months until the end of 2020. Watch for the shift. Should be interesting.  posted 10/25/19

This is about the stars and gun laws. It’s long but interesting. Those of you who have heard my Oracles lectures for the past couple years have heard me connect gun worship and gun violence with Uranus in Aries. In 2018’s Oracles, I was able to put an end time to the crisis since Uranus leaves Aries initially in mid-May and finally for 84 years in March of 2019. Uranus then enters Taurus for seven years and the energy becomes more grounded and less addicted to the gun culture. Looking back to the previous Uranus cycle, we note that the FIRST major gun control laws were passed in the late 1930s when Uranus moved from Aries to Taurus. One notable part of that history is that this struggle over gun laws has NOT been perpetual but quite recent. There was the Bill of Rights and the 2nd amendment in 1791 and then nothing until 1935-8. Anyway, this past week’s intense focus on the issue comes as Uranus prepares to station and move retrograde in Taurus starting tomorrow night (8/11/19.) Unfortunately, this means there will be no substantive gun legislation until January 2020 when it begins to move forward again although there will continue to be lots of work done on the issue.  Posted 8/10/19.

Detailed data on “fake news.” Unfortunately, Pew Foundation does not check with their astrologer to discover this misinformation epidemic is caused by Neptune in Pisces and will not retreat until 2025. Posted 6/8/19

Many Americans Say Made-Up News Is a Critical Problem That Needs To Be Fixed

Yesterday I reminded you about my astrological predictions regarding natural disasters. Today, it’s the economic crash that is coming by year’s end. Just remember, every time you hear trumpeting about our booming economy, know that you are being lied to. The stars don’t lie — only elected officials and their minions. posted 5/31/19.…/i…/premarket-stocks-trading/index.html

Sorry CNN. You should consult your astrologers instead of meteorologists. Anyone who heard my 2019 Oracles talks is not surprised at the dire weather. Uranus in Taurus promises over abundant natural disasters especially weather for the next seven years. posted 5/30/19…/tornadoes-flooding-heat-ex…/index.html

Last week I gave my final Oracles 2019 talk and since then, predictions have been hitting every day from weather crisis and tightening economy to rehabilitation of sports and quest for truth. One of my major predictions had to do with Social Security which is celebrating a Uranus return to the time when it was established. Astrology is alot about cycles. Anyway, this article talks about a major push by House Democrats to upgrade Social Security — it’s definitely in the cosmic stream. posted 1/31/19 —…/john-larson-expand-social-…

SATURN, CAPRICORN AND THE WALL. Saturn in Capricorn screams “wall.” Limitation, barriers etc. The Berlin Wall was erected in 1961 when Saturn was in Capricorn. The Berlin Wall came down the next time Saturn was in Capricorn in 1989 and Neptune conjuncted Saturn dissolving the barrier. Here we are again with Saturn in Capricorn obsessed with a wall. So what can we anticipate? Two crucial times are January 2020 when Saturn conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn and December 2020 when Saturn leaves Capricorn for another 28 years. At the January date, if there is a wall, it will be the scene of dramatic destruction. If there is no wall, by the end of 2020, the notion will be gone forever.  Posted 12/19/18.

TIME magazine’s Person of the Year” is definitely attuned to the stars. When Jupiter entered Sagittarius in early November, it launched a year of epic battles between the truth and lies. Hopefully the death toll among truth seekers will decline.  Posted 12/12/18.…/time-person-of-the-year-20…/index.html

In October 2017, Jupiter entered Scorpio, Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment actions were exposed and we went through 13 months of sexual scandals and secrets revealed. That period ends at 7:38am tomorrow when Jupiter enters Sagittarius for the next 13 months and we enter a time dominated by crusades and and quests for truth. Release of reports by the Mueller investigation and a commitment by House Democrats to search out the truth launching endless additional inquiries by various parties can be expected sooner rather than later. Since Jupiter can often become excessive, we must beware of Inquisitions. Needless to say, today’s firing of Jeff Sessions is not good political timing although for the astrology, it’s perfect timing.  Posted 11/7/18.

Always listen to your astrologer. “Christine Blasey Ford, a California professor at the center of a sexual assault accusation against U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, has agreed to testify to representatives of the Senate Judiciary Committee sometime next week, her lawyers said on Saturday.” The date being bandied about is Thursday. Pluto is standing still that day (and several that follow) guaranteeing extremely intense experiences that have transformative results. There are two more astrological points I should make. First, Pluto is not about personal. It doesn’t matter who is or is not telling what truths. Pluto is about transforming society and major patterns. Second, when Jupiter entered Scorpio in early October of 2017, the revelation of sexual secrets began its seemingly relentless trend. That period ends in early November when Jupiter leaves Scorpio. Expect to see ever more intense revelations in the final weeks. Let’s face it, Brett Kavanaugh is more significant than Harvey Weinstein.  posted 9/23/18.

Moving to Jerusalem and Uranus in Taurus. On Monday, the US is moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Within hours on Tuesday morning, Uranus is moving into Taurus for what ultimately will be a seven year transit. Most simply, Uranus in Taurus is earth upheaval and unexpected outcomes because of that upheaval. The connection seems breathtaking almost as if selected by some evil genius. There is no doubt that unexpected outcomes will happen through this action especially since there are highly explosive aspects after midnight on Tuesday. Other actions to be expected from Uranus in Taurus relate to increased natural disasters, disruption and revolution in the financial world, more violent weather, and upheaval in food production. The movement into Taurus on 5/15 marks a six month preview period through 11/6. It then enters its long term transit in March 2019. Use the preview period to understand what will be happening for the seven years.  posted 5/13/18.

Today’s NYT has this headline: ” ‘Avengers,’ the Most Lucrative Movie Franchise Ever, Is Wrapping Up. Why?  The Russo brothers pushed to bring the Avengers series to a close — in a two-part extravaganza beginning with “Infinity War” — and Marvel listened.”

I can answer this question and did in my Oracles lectures this past winter. It’s all about Saturn leaving the heroic realm of Sagittarius and entering the cold, hard realm of Saturn in Capricorn. Look for smaller, depressive movies. posted 4/29/18

Those of you who have heard my Oracles for the past couple years have heard me connect gun worship and gun violence with Uranus in Aries. In this year’s Oracles, I was able to put an end time to the crisis since Uranus leaves Aries initially in mid-May and finally for 84 years in March of 2019. Even better was my prediction that it would be the kids that would lead the change in attitude. So the shift is coming. posted 3/24/18

He should have checked with his astrologer. As I said in my Oracles talks for 2018, we will see the demise of superhero movies as Saturn leaves Sagittarius. Instead, the movie universe will be filled with dark, depressing, apocalyptic topics. Sorry Batgirl, you would have been a huge hit a year ago.  Posted 2/23/18

Folks always laugh at my Oracles talks when I lead off with predictions about fashion. But what is more trendy than that. My fashion predictions for this year about conservative and rich-look apparently agrees with Paris designers. This from today’s NYT. “‘The Rich Look’ Lives On in Paris. As the fall men’s shows end, Dior holds the line on French conservatism, Balmain delivers the usual extravagance, and Hermès channels quiet wealth.” Sorry kids — dressing exclusively in casual clothes is over.   Posted 1/25/18.

Sometimes the oracles predictions even scare me when they happen so quickly. Besides the USA, one of the three countries hit hardest this coming year by the astrological pattern is Peru. This is also the year that launches a long period of increased natural disasters.…/americas/peru-earthqua…/index.html…  posted 1/14/18.

On Tuesday, 12/19, the planet Saturn enters Capricorn for the next three years. Control is a primary outcome especially state control. Right on time, we see an opening shot in the control wars — banning words to be used by the CDC. — posted 12/17/17.

Astrology often does its most important work explaining what is happening rather than predicting it. The dramatic shift in attitudes about sexual harassment and all the related revelations is one example. A year ago Donald Trump was elected President in spite of revelations about repeated instances of sexual harassment. This year, a growing list of men are seeing their lives turned to dust as the truth of their harassment is revealed. What is the difference? Jupiter is the difference. On October 10, 2017 the planet Jupiter moved into the sign of Scorpio and sexual secrets came under the spotlight. A couple days earlier, revelations about Harvey Weinstein started the tsunami of shaming and punishment. And how long does this continue? Through December 2018! If everyone works very hard, that could be a long enough time to alter cultural attitudes.  Posted 11/19/17

The next month should see a dramatic acceleration in truth being spoken and revealed. Be prepared. Saturn is finishing its nearly three year run in Sagittarius and making up for a slow start in its search for truth mission. The speeded up period gets kicked off by Mercury entering Sagittarius 11/5. Throw in the secret Scorpio energy and it’s going to be a tsunami of revelation.  Posted 11/5/17

My first predictions about the drug crisis that has recently been call a national emergency by President Trump came in 2010. It is connected to the transit of the planet Neptune through its home sign of Pisces. Tragically, the transit does not end until 2026. Are there solutions besides letting the time expire? No, although efforts will produce lots of knowledge that can be useful in the future. A generation is/will be lost. The core issue is a search for the sacred, a desperate attempt to find meaning in life. One thing that will not solve the problem is “cracking down” with incarceration, arrests, law and order solutions although this is the direction we will see increasingly enforced once Saturn moves into Capricorn and other planets start entering that sign beginning the end of 2017. There are real reasons that this emergency was created beginning with the 1990s drugging of children with mind altering substances and continuing through the fantasy that pain should be eliminated from peoples’ lives and drugs are the way to do it. These causes can certainly be addressed and resolved in the fight but I cannot hold out any hope of actual solutions and elimination of the problem before 2026.  Posted 8/11/17

Not surprisingly the increasing chaos in the White House is outlined clearly by the astrology. Unexpected outcomes and shocking upheavals continue through Weds. 8/2 and even then it’s just prologue for the dramatic upheavals through all August with two eclipses, Mercury turning retrograde and other cosmic challenges. Have NO expectation of calm descending. We won’t know what’s left standing until early September. And whatever actions are taken starting a couple days ago and through the month will bear this mark of chaos forever.  Posted 8/1/17

The appointment by the Department of Justice of Robert Mueller as a special counsel to investigate everything occurred at a most fortuitous time. Just after midnight on 5/19, the second of three major aspects between 12/16 and 11/17 occurs. It is the main positive force for the year and focuses on creative and positive solutions to large problems. Orderly change is the key phrase as Saturn in Sagittarius trines Uranus in Aries. posted 5/18/17

The ultimate Mercury in retrograde miscommunication — when your aircraft carrier is going in the opposite direction from where the President threatens it’s going — and posts photos doing so.   Posted 4/20/17

Today’s NYT: “Quandary in South Sudan: Should It Lose Its Hard-Won Independence? The five-year-old country is in woeful straits as a civil war drags on. But a proposal to create a trusteeship of outside powers is meeting resistance.” Anyone who’s heard my Oracles talks for the past couple years including this year has heard me say that South Sudan was created with cosmic energy in its birth chart that would guarantee war forever and the ONLY solution would be to dissolve the current country and start over.  posted 1/24/17

Haven’t done a “stars in the news” report lately but this story qualifies. This type of disturbance is indicated by Uranus stationing in Aries and promises to continue in various arenas through Friday.  Posted 12/27/16.…/us/mall-disturbances-after-christ…/

“Is There Any Hope for Peace in South Sudan?” asks today’s NYT. I know few people know or care about South Sudan in real life, but this is a testament to the value of consulting your astrologer especially when you’re setting up a nation. In 2011 when this country was established, the planet Uranus was standing still in Aries. There was literally NO HOPE for anything but constant warfare. Here we are 5 years later and that is the case. I made this prediction at the time and then a couple years later mentioned it again as war continued. I had serious pushback from someone who claimed everything was really fine, he had in-country knowledge etc. etc. I just laughed. There is NO avoiding your stars. What to do? Let the country collapse and start over with a better star pattern.  posted 7/23/16

Comments on the Republican Convention. Staying home from the convention is a wise decision. Tremendous tension between traditional establishment and tribal emotions. Secret money deals are happening. Tone of convention hard, locked down, serious on Mon & Tue until Tue night when female energy appears and relationships seem solid – but not for long. Relationships unexpectedly explode everywhere – watch for Trump/Pence showing strain and unreliability. Pence and Trump are both Geminis so no weight, no solidity. Power tempts Pence during the convention. Things get weird Weds & Thu and may focus on electronic communications. Watch Twitter. There will certainly be flashes of ego and confidence. America will be shouted everywhere. GOP is the big loser. Its vision is shattered especially from what it once was. Deceit, low confidence, shady deals are everywhere. Nagging ego conflicts over picky details showcase the pettiness that has replaced high ideals. History will see the convention as the funeral of the GOP.  Prepared 7/17/16.

Folks who heard my Oracles lectures were not surprised by Britain’s vote to leave the European Union yesterday. As I pointed out, this year was the Saturn return for the 1958 Treaty of Rome that formed the EU and as in human lives, that cycle point requires restructuring and reinvention. If the EU is to survive in any form, it needs to use this crisis to develop something new and improved. The immediate cosmic pattern supports ignoring the fear mongering and moving forward with reform that benefits all.   posted 6/24/16

Although I’ve seen a chart for the Orlando Pulse shooter which would identify Mars in Scorpio as the trigger for his actions, I’ve not yet seen a chart for Orlando, scene of two high profile shootings in less than 48 hours. The multiple happenings have me postulating a demon cloud sweeping through. Neptune is currently stationing pushing minds already highly permeable to mass madness over the edge. “The cloud” sweeps through focusing all the general hate and craziness on a single point, in this case Orlando. I saw this happen in tiny Berkeley Springs a couple years ago with a fatal and inexplicable car crash and an equally inexplicable murder happening within a couple hours in a place where both are extremely rare.  posted 6/14/16

The first full party Congress in North Korea in 36 years started today. According to the stars which indicate epic conservative stuckness, there will be NO changes in policy, direction or leadership.  posted 5/6/16

The stars can explain this — today’s NYT points out that “None of Donald Trump’s tune changes seemed to matter much until recently. But his style – long on gut instincts, short on briefing books – has taken a toll.” Once Mars moved into Sagittarius on March 5, the general attitude on the campaign trail shifted and elevated. Sordid does make a come back though from May 27-Aug 2. Fortunately for our future, Mars is once again elevated during the actual election.  posted 4/10/16.

I started saying this in November based on the stars.  He’s the only Aquarian of sufficient stature to be considered for president and more US presidents have been Aquarians than any other sign.   Posted 4/5/16.

Today’s astrological “I told you so” is in the fashion realm where we have at least another two years of active outdoor wear being the hot trend with Saturn in Sagittarius as I’ve been saying since the beginning of 2015. Here’s what the NYT said: “The lines between fashion and athleticwear are increasingly blurring, and Nike is getting ready to be a major global player in both fields.”  posted 3/17/16

Apparently as the Republican establishment sniffs around looking for a viable alternative to Donald Trump, they’re floating Paul Ryan as a trial balloon suggested by today’s NYT. In all my Oracles lectures this past winter, I mentioned Ryan was the man to watch as the only Aquarian of national prominence. Of the 44 presidents, more were born under the sign of Aquarius than any other. Trump? Not surprisingly, a motor-mouth Gemini. posted 2/25/16

Headlines that Russia sees a new Cold War and the European Union is acing multiple crisis before their upcoming summit were all topics in my Oracles/Trends talks this past winter.  Know what’s going to happen and why by getting a copy of the Trends CD.   posted 2/14/16

“Republicans Turn Up Heat in Iowa, Setting Aside Good for Bad and Ugly” said today’s NYT, and Bill Clinton hits the campaign trail both as Mars enters Scorpio for the first time this year. I predicted in my Oracles 2016 talk that this Mars in Scorpio period (1/3-3/4 and again 5/27-8/1 — a total of 18 weeks!) would turn the campaigns uglier and more sordid. Both political conventions occur in late July when Mars is in Scorpio promising wheeling and dealing in dark rooms.  posted 1/5/16

Saudi Arabia has Pluto conjunct its Sun in 2016, the same aspect that occurred in Syria three years ago .  Right on schedule, the Saudis find themselves embroiled in an all-out confrontation with Iran over the longtime religious schism within Islam.  posted 1/5/16

The Prime Minister of India made a surprise visit to Pakistan on Dec. 25 when Uranus was stationing.  It being India, we can assume an astrologer was consulted. All the floods, earthquakes, landslides and fires are the darker face of Uranian disruption…. posted 12/26/15.

As the stars predicted, the Federal Reserve finally raised interest rates.  I made this prediction a year ago and will extend the prediction saying that interest rates will continue to rise through the end of 2017.  The last time Saturn was in Sagittarius as it is now (1987-89) interest rates were 17%!  It will be nice to have a better place to put money than in shoeboxes.  posted 12/17/15

Some astrology-based comments on Syria, ISIS and the recent attacks. Syria has run into its destiny which says (and I reported this in my Oracles talks for 2013) both the country and the people are to disappear. ISIS is very Neptunian which is why it is so active this week while Neptune is standing still. What does that mean? ISIS is illusory, the epitome of virtual reality. There is no physical presence, no country, no capital, faceless leadership. The powers-that-be are surely confused about how to respond to something they cannot see or touch. The old forms are disappearing in every arena. Anonymous may have the best chance of actually accomplishing something with their declaration of war against ISIS.  posted 11/17/15

Two interesting star related news items today.  1st, hours after a Mars-dominated lunar eclipse (the Moon in Aries and later Moon eclipses Uranus in Aries) NASA is scheduled to make a major announcement about a science related finding about Mars.  The other has to do with Neptune in Pisces and a prediction I’ve been making for years: the first successful trial of mind-to-mind connection via the Internet.  I keep telling folks, someday all those kids will be connecting mind-to-mind without even realizing they no longer are using their various devices.    posted 9/28/15

Since all the headlines are screaming about stock market declines in China and other challenging economic news, it seems appropriate to check with the stars. Austerity has been introduced into the mix with Jupiter entering Virgo in mid-August and staying for the next 13 months. Benefits of all sorts will come from prudence and savings and avoidance of foolish extravagance. That’s a major trend. The short-term tumult is the shift being in motion. We face the final couple weeks of Saturn in Scorpio — cleansing all that hidden, secret karma. By mid-September, Saturn enters Sagittarius for an unbroken two year stay. Vision appears and patterns begin to emerge for addressing economic austerity with something less than panic. There is an impressive 21st century future to build and it cannot occur in a healthy fashion until all eyes are focused upwards and outwards rather than on maximizing all profits in the next 24 hours (or whatever short time span you choose.) Ignore the volatility. Settle in for the long term and keep your eye on the ultimate goal. For those who are Fed watchers and obsessed with interest rates — they will go up, they always do when Saturn is in Sag. Since the shift into Sag does not occur until 9/17, the same day that Mercury goes retrograde in Libra promising disruption, I would advise the Fed board to wait until the winter meeting when the patterns are more stable before raising interest rates.   Posted 8/25/15.

The crisis in movement of people continues as Neptune in Pisces continues to dissolve boundaries.  As Neptune is stationing, the NYT reports:  “Eleven million people were uprooted by violence last year…the worst migration crisis since World War II.”  Unfortunately, the triggering transit still has nearly a decade to go….posted 6/9/15

Since the daily star pattern today has no boundaries, it seems appropriate to remind everyone of my predictions about the swirl of humanity in motion around the planet and how absurd it is to make “immigration” an issue in the USA. There is no stopping the flow. It will keep increasing for the next decade. Today’s headlines are about populations moving in Nepal, to Indonesia and Maylasia, and across the Mediterranean to Europe. Even if no one is talking about it at the moment, we know the Middle East is also awash in moving populations.  Posted 5/12/15

From today’s NYT — the triumph of Saturn in Sagittarius … and truth. “N.S.A. Collection of Bulk Call Data Is Ruled Illegal. The judges ruled that the U.S.A. Patriot Act cannot be legitimately interpreted to permit the systematic gathering of domestic calling records.” Add Tom Brady’s outing to that and we can see a glimmer of a shining vision. Posted 5/8/15

If it makes the pages of USA Today, we know it’s now mainstream. The move to virtual reality as a dominant theme of life has been a mainstay of my annual Oracles talks for more than five years. The same is true for the type of pervasive madness most recently exemplified by the German pilot who flew into a mountain. If you like being cutting edge, my Oracles talks are available on CD.

The NYT says: “Janet Yellen Isn’t Going to Raise Interest Rates Until She’s Good and Ready”…. or until the stars are right which is not until mid-September….posted 3/19/15

The disastrous slide at Yeager Airport in Charleston can be linked to the dramatic and explosive astrological aspect that peaks tomorrow afternoon. This cosmic event is the final of seven that have occurred since 2012 resulting in a variety of upheavals and systems being destroyed. This particular aspect is also linked to aviation issues connecting it to the Yeager slide. posted 3/15/15

The previous Saturn transit through Sagittarius (1985-88) saw Iran and Iraq end their war. Today, as Saturn returns to that position, the NYT announces: “U.S. Strategy in Iraq Increasingly Relies on Iran. Iran has helped the Iraqis hold the line against Islamic State advances, analysts say, while American advisers train Iraq’s armed forces.”  posted 3/6/15.

Astrology has the explanation if not a quick solution for this reality presented in today’s NYT ” From a Private School in Cairo to ISIS Killing Fields in Syria (With Video) The West is not alone in struggling to understand why young men like Islam Yaken, raised in homes that would never condone violence, are joining the Islamic State.”  The issue is a SEARCH FOR THE SACRED, probably the most driving of all human instincts.  It takes many forms.  The period of confusion in this quest is almost over; the period of finding a vision that can drive a positive search is beginning as Neptune continues to move forward in Pisces.  Examine your own life and find the sacred.  Posted 2/19/15.

Sometimes it hurts to be right in my predictions. No…not about Brian Williams and media integrity, or about sports issues like the Little League scandal but THIS — a prediction I really wanted to be wrong. A CHOCOLATE CRISIS!!! The NYT today says: “Valentine’s Day Chocolate Will Cost More This Year, as Cocoa Prices Rise. Higher demand in Asia, difficult weather in the major cocoa-producing countries in West Africa and attacks of fungus are contributing to the price increases.”  posted 2/12/15

Mercury retrograde is really having its way with us … and more than once. First the northeast shuts down because of a blizzard and then it turns out the blizzard is not as bad as predicted. Mercury is a scamp. It even turned on its old pal Facebook which has done much to spread the gospel of Mercury and its antics, shutting down the service for millions. And we’re only half way through the period.  posted 1/27/15.

Don’t worry folks, interest rates rising is a traditional pattern when Saturn is in Sagittarius so it’s certain they will rise by Fall of 2015 or 2016 at the latest. Meanwhile, the European Union is experiencing a Saturn return to the Treaty of Rome and will endure a “passage to adulthood” crisis that may result in major changes. Life is so much easier when you know what the trends are in advance.    Posted 1/24/15.

Phew!  The warp speed of this year is showing itself in making my predictions come true almost before I make them.  The prediction? For the next two years expect breakthrough activities related to air travel and space. Plus, there were also predictions dealing with big data and the parallel worlds of virtual and real. Oh yes, and the hero as the adventuring prophet. posted 1/20/15.

The shift from Saturn in Scorpio to Saturn in Sagittarius promoted me to predict a dramatic move from lie worshipping to truth seeking.  Whoever imagined it would be Fox News leading the way.  posted 1/19/15.

As I’ve been saying in my 2015 predictions lectures, the focus in higher education is going to be on credentials rather than degrees.  posted 1/18/15.

The exposing of General Petraeus in a sex scandal launched Saturn’s transit through Scorpio and the period’s influence on secrets revealed.  Now, with Saturn moved into truth-seeking (and punishment-seeking) Sagittarius, the disgraced General is facing FBI demands for criminal charges. posted 1/10/15.

In my Oracles 2015 talks, I’ve predicted that one of most noticeable changes with Saturn moving from Scorpio into Sagittarius is “mass amnesia.”  No one will “remember” the toxic political reality of the past couple years.  Whhaaa??? Who did that???  On Tuesday, when Saturn shifted, the NYT noted that a investigative report found the IRS auditing of Tea Party groups was not a scandal.   Whhaaa??? Who did that???  Rep Darrell Issa who has spent all his time and our money pushing these bogus attacks will suddenly “dis-remember” that they were ever so petty and hateful.  Stay tuned…we have months more of this.  posted 12/25/14

The NYT editorial board today agreed with one of my star-based predictions for 2015. The Times says: Cuba’s Economy at a Crossroads. A change in Washington’s attitude could help tip Havana toward liberalization. What I said was 2015 was the year for big changes in Cuba and it was all about money.  posted 12/15/14.      Just a day later, President Obama announced normalization of relations with Cuba and the opening of a US Embassy in Havana after decades of absence.  The media identifies a spy swap as the final deal closer — which reflects the closing period of Saturn’s transit through Scorpio, but the stars point to money as the motivator for the upcoming months.  Havana was founded in a previous Saturn transit of Sagittarius indicating life altering changes in the couple years to come.  posted 12/18/14.

As I say in my 2015 Oracles lecture: everything will have two modes: real and virtual.   Google has seen this in the surprise positive sales reaction to its minimal virtual reality headset.  posted 12/13/14.

Someone asked me my cosmic insights on yesterday’s election. Here’s what I see in the stars. We have less than 2 more months of Saturn in Scorpio — the lies, corruption, power manipulation (with a brief rerun in summer 2015,) then the testing ground turn to Saturn in Sagittarius and struggles/lessons learned about the vision for the next three years. The question to weigh is better a liar or a true believer. The changes don’t make for a new world for another decade. In the short term, it’s speed, ego and the potential for crusades.  posted 11/5/14

As I predicted, Jupiter is settling into Leo and the increased confidence and sense of wealth felt by people translates into improved business and spending as shown by increases in hiring and a drop in unemployment.  The article claims the Fed may raise interest rates by mid-2015.  The stars say probably fall 2015 when Saturn settles into a two year transit in expansive Sagittarius. posted 10/4/14

The NYT reports today that household wealth is at a record high, 4 percent above the previous high in 2007.  The stars agree, as I predicted last year. With Jupiter in Leo, confidence and optimism are seeping into the public psyche and will become stronger by the end of the year when Saturn moves into Sagittarius.  Expect an increase in spending on travel and luxury  items — plus all those power clothes to match the elevated mood.  It promises to be a prosperous Christmas season.  Posted 9/20/14

It’s hard to bomb smoke and mirrors.  The stars say ISIS (or ISIL or IS) is all tied up with Neptune and the forces of illusion. It is boundariless; it is viral; it is irrational.  Even the name is vague or shifting.  There is no real way to track the beginning of something that is an illusion but I’d be willing to predict it was in April as part of the dramatic astrological configuration I called the April Apocalypse.  Here are a few quotes from that essay: ” Established forms are blown apart as original truth is sought, demanded.  Actions are taken to the brink to force dramatic change.  Fanatical power plays are the norm. Explosive releases of anger are aimed at forcing change and freedom.”  So…now what?  The April Apocalypse was structured around the 5th of 7 squares between Uranus and Pluto that have been the core of the global upheaval occurring since 2012.  The 6th occurs on 12/15/14 and is particularly explosive.  The final one is in 2015.  All this indicates that taking military action will be neither successful in the traditional sense, nor quick.   Posted: 9/12/14

It’s been nearly 20 years since I first predicted in my annual Oracles lecture that the evolution for the wired brains of the post 1993 children would lead to them scarcely noticing when the moment arose that they were communicating WITHOUT their devices.

For more than 20 years, I’ve been marking predictive time from the 1993 conjunction of Uranus and Neptune especially in regards to how it’s altered the souls born since then — and imprinted everyone else.  Here’s an enlightening article about how the Internet is the external actor in this drama…..posted 8/7/14.

Since 2010, Libra — the sign of marriage — has been exceptionally active in that arena resulting in remarkable societal forward movement on same sex marriage.  First, the 30 months of Saturn in Libra brought the issue solidly into cultural and political action.  There was a brief breathing space for a year while the necessary shift occurred under the surface and then with the exceptionally long  (7 month) transit of Mars through Libra (late 2013 through TODAY!) all that political effort established itself in cultural mores.  Posted 7/25/14.

The stars agree with TIME and Israeli plans on this issue.  I would predict it continues at least until the end of the year and then it picks up again in summer of 2015 before being resolved in some way.  Tunnels as the target is also right in line with the astrology.  The only action I would add given the cosmic pattern of the moment is some highly explosive and unexpected outcomes over the next three days.   posted 7/19/14
Today’s news headlines are star examples of the chaos and tension arising from the stationing of Saturn and Uranus within a 24 hour period.  The Malaysian plan crash almost certainly from a missile strike and the invasion of Gaza are Uranus in Aries explosive disruption while the rumor that delegates to a global conference on the HIV/AIDS issue were killed in the plane crash is Saturn in Scorpio at its most horrifying.  The invasion of Gaza is also Saturn in Scorpio as a power play of the  first order.  posted  7/18/14.

The Canadian Central Bank head who says he’s now going to talk to people rather than using computer models to generate info should consult his astrologers.  No one who heard my Oracles 2007 lectures were surprised when the economy crashed in September of that year — unless they didn’t believe me.  And they haven’t been surprised at the 7 years of twists and turns since including the economic pick-me-up that starts today and marks the final emergence into a new, thriving BUT very different global economy. posted 7/16/14.
After so many years of pushing these ideas up a hill, it is astonishing how quickly it is all now moving.”  says a VR journalist.  Stories about emerging virtual reality world are coming almost daily as Neptune continues its movement through Pisces — as predicted.  This continues for another decade! posted 7/4/14.

Today’s New York Times report on men’s fashion week launch in Italy this week says: ” craftsmanship and pride stood out.”  Sounds and looks like Jupiter is gearing up for its year long transit through Leo beginning July 16.  Unless your thrift store wardrobe comes from Paris, better clean out your closet.   posted 6/26/14.

This demonstrates one more step on the road to a virtual reality world as I’ve been predicting in my Oracles lectures since 2010.  There is no stopping this tsunami until 2025 when the Neptune transit concludes.   posted 6/24/14

“The video game culture has propelled the creation of escape rooms, immersive events that require audience members to solve puzzles and influence dramatic outcomes.” This article in the Arts section of today’s NYT, is very indicative of what I’ve been predicting for the past several years about the impact of Neptune’s passage through Pisces and the rise of virtual reality.  In fact, I spoke specifically about these types of possible environments. Art has always had socio-cultural and psychological effects — this simply takes those effects to a more potent level by adding technology.  posted 6/4/14

Boundaries dissolving especially in those whose boundaries are barely formed, as with these 12 year old girls.  This is a Neptune in Pisces effect and it’s intense this weekend as Neptune stations along with Mercury in Cancer.  Irrational emotional madness is the order of the day. posted  6/3/14.

The stars say this is a very complicated story that fits well with the complicated astrology coming up over the next week.  We can expect more news that includes dreams come true, old actions coming to the fore, vague and unclear backstory, lies and deception.  Plus, in true destined pattern, Bergdahl is 28 years old, experiencing a Saturn return when one major phase of life ends and the next begins.   posted 6/1/14

This is an appropriate round-up for the day after Mars begins moving forward again in Libra.  By late July, when Mars finally leaves Libra after a very long 7 month transit, the same-sex marriage issue will be completely resolved.  It all began when Saturn entered Libra in late 2010.   posted 5/21/14

Anyone who has heard any of my Oracles talks since 2014 has heard me make this prediction repeatedly.

More on the solar energy boom just two months away!  posted 5/10/14.

This new type solar cell may be the breakthrough that heralds the year of the Sun predicted by Jupiter’s transit of Leo from July 2014 – August 2015.   posted 5/5/14  Read the news for the rest of the month in light of these interpretations…posted 4/8/14

It happened nearly 150 years ago but the headline could fit today’s stressful, high-impact, high transformation day — the shot that killed Abraham Lincoln.  What headlines the build-up to 4/15’s lunar eclipse is bringing us in 2014 include: armed combat in the Ukraine, a huge fire in Chile, shootings in Kansas City, a pair of earthquakes on opposite sides of the world, a fiery bus crash in CA. and lots more that will unfold during the day or we’ll learn about in a day or two…posted 4/14/14

As I mentioned in April Apocalypse ( see link above) the upheaval would come not from the gov’t but the people.  The gov’t backed off in this Nevada cattle fight without violence.  Now we’ll see what happens with all the armed protesters that arrived to support the rancher’s right to graze on public land without paying.  The cosmic pattern does not weigh in on who’s right or wrong but what fits.  This fits.  The eclipse is pre-dawn Tuesday and the upheaval period continues through late April.  Expect to see more righteous indignation from the public on various sides of various issues.  posted 4/12/14.

In the realm of predictions about “secrets revealed,” the world may not yet know what’s happened to the missing Malyasian airplane but they sure are getting know the capacity and range of various countries’ radar. For the record, the “secrets revealed” phase has another 18 months or so to go — based on my mathematical model known as astrology….posted 3/23/14

As globalization continues its inexorable march, the lack of appropriate governing structures becomes ever more obvious.  It’s Neptune in Pisces (dissolving boundaries) vs Pluto in Capricorn (transforming structures) with Neptune currently in the driver’s seat based on the fear of yielding any national sovereignty.  posted  3/17/14

In my Oracles ’14 talks, I specifically discussed as a Neptune in Pisces factor, the capacity of various social and news media to transmit emotional states including fear, anger and the positive antidotes to these states.  A recently released study agrees.  As Neptune continues its transit of Pisces over the next decade, we will see this now-documented phenomenon deliberately engaged and exploited….posted 3/16/14.

“Pakistani Taliban announces 1-month cease-fire to restart peace talks with government.” — The Taliban obviously have better astrologers than the Russians…..posted 3/1/14

More on the Ukraine —  Saturn in Scorpio stationing and turning retrograde on 3/2 indicates backroom deals and stalemate.   posted 3/1/14.

The tremendous escalation of confrontation in the Ukraine is due to warlike Mars stationing and then turning retrograde on March 1.  When Mars is in Libra, it needs a “just war.”  It needs to confront injustice.  The conflict intensifies when all sides feel they are the good guys.  If the Ukraine can keep from self destructing in the next 48 hours, it becomes possible to back away from the edge….posted 2/28/14     

With Mercury, Mars and Saturn all stationing and turning direction in Pisces, Libra and Scorpio respectively, there ‘s little or no hope for any conflict resolution.  Too much emotion and frustration.  All the ground covered in negotiations will be gone over again through mid-summer.  The good news is that the conflicts themselves will not get worse…posted 2/27/14

According to today’s NYT, the Fed misread the financial crisis. They, like the Obama Administration, need a good astrologer who could have explained it all in an hour. “The transcripts provide new insights into the debates, miscalculations and actions of the Federal Reserve in assessing and countering the financial crisis.”  The explanation?  You can read some of my posts here or listen to the lecture CD for 2008, 9 and 10.  It was all about Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Virgo: the need for transformation in several major systems especially financial and the lessons that needed learned about austerity.  With Saturn in Virgo everyone FELT poor and that made a quick recovery impossible. A year earlier the prediction was about the real estate crash — a bubble bursting.  Unfortunately, most of the lessons have yet to be learned and the institutions keep crumbling because that is the sign of the times….posted 2/22/14.

It may seem like all the recent news stories about scuttled peace agreements give lie to my predictions about spring being a good time for peace negotiations.  Frankly, I trust astrology more than the news reports.  Currently, peacemaking Mars is retrograde and Venus remains in Capricorn so folks are evaluating what relationships are worth and the active force of Mars is pushing back against the desire for peace.  I would expect the flow to begin moving forward again in mid May although with some initial flare ups while Venus is in feisty Aries.  By late May, peace agreements should fall into place since all the work will continue to be done from now until then behind the scenes.  Syria is the only hold-out since their own destiny is on a collision course with extinction and no external peace efforts can change it….posted 2/18/14.

A series of hard, explosive aspects around the Uranus/Pluto square at Easter triggers upheaval that I’ve been predicting will be driven by the growing economic inequality discussed in the linked article.   The chart for the Declaration of Independence indicates that the USA could be one of the locations where the uprisings occur….posted 2/5/14

Today’s news stories in the NYT are made for interpretation by the stars. Let’s start with the Olympics. The Times reports: “sports sites for the Sochi Games appeared ready on Monday, four days before the opening ceremony, but unfinished hotels and stores raised concerns the host city was cutting it close.” The stars say Mercury turns retrograde on Thursday so there is NO CHANCE things will be ready. Prepare for games marked by delays and malfunctions if not worse….posted 2/4/14

News story #2 – the Super Bowl. NYT says “the Seahawks ran away with the Super Bowl and left others to figure out how to be more like them.” That’s easy. As I predicted before the game — it’s a Pisces moon, Seahawks will win. Had it been a Sagittarian moon, I would have gone with the Broncos…..posted 2/4/14

In my Oracles lecture, I talk about aging as a crucial issue for the next decade as Pluto completes its transit through Capricorn.  This report from the Pew Foundation outlines the demographic trends towards an aging world and touches on several of the primary issues including health and economic support. posted 1/31/14

Another trend predicted actually happening. Virtual money. It’s a good thing I don’t need to understand the technology to “see” the trend in the stars because this whole reality? virtuality? is too complex for me. I’m still immersed in “cash makes no enemies.” posted 1/27/14     

As I talk about the impact of Neptune in Pisces on the arts, I predict both the keyword of “virtual” and the immersive experience.  The stars are clear about the trend; I was not up on the specific technology but now I know.  According to the NYT, it’s all about the holodeck!  “Hollywood and computer and video game companies are working to move immersive virtual entertainment closer to reality.”  I don’t want to slow them down so I will not point out they have until 2025 to make all this a reality…posted 1/27/14

Another Oracles prediction heating up.  My major investment tip for 2014 is solar.  The burst starts in July and continues for a year.  Now is the time to get in on the ground floor.  The direction is technological breakthroughs that make the necessary equipment more efficient.  Here’s today’s new direction according to Bloomberg News: Hot Nanotubes Helping Solar Panels Capture More Sunlight…posted 1/20/14

In my Oracles ’14 talks, I’ve predicted two major trends continuing: disruption and boundaries dissolving.  The NYT had a trio of stories this morning highlighting those trends.  — Attacks by telephone spammers to overwhelm switchboards for essential public services.  Tiny antenna that steal TV signals from the air and stream them to the Internet.  Onslaught of email, fake and otherwise.  These trends continue for at least the next decade….posted 1/20/14

Obviously fueled by the extraordinary 7 month transit of Mars through Libra, Secretary of State John Kerry stated that he is not going to allow Israeli criticism deter his drive for peace.  Mars in Libra fights for peace and multi-Gemini Kerry will just keep talking until people agree…or surrender.  A potent combination for peace….posted 1/15/14

In the weeks since I’ve been doing Oracles ’14 and predicting a level of revolution among the American people (not the government) in mid to late April, I’ve been pondering exactly what triggers the uprising.  Income inequality keeps rising to the top as the cause.  This is what today’s NYT says: As Republicans and Democrats offer different prescriptions, income inequality takes on unanticipated prominence as the midterm election year begins.  I also received from a friend a e-newsletter notice from which targets MLK’s birthday in mid-April as the beginning of a 3-month uprising…posted 1/9/14

Today’s NYT has a headline that defines what Jupiter’s move into Leo in July says will be a tidal wave of increased personal spending on luxury items in all arenas continuing for a year.  Attention artists, retailers, homebuilders, realtors — this trend means alot to you and your planning.    “High Rollers in a Buying Mood.  A legion of buyers, buoyed by a growing economy and a soaring stock market, are shedding whatever reluctance, or self-imposed restraint, they had during the recession by entering showrooms and leaving with trophy cars.”  posted 1/2/14

A long-simmering dispute between the United States and Japan over the fate of a Marine base on Okinawa seemed to have been resolved on Friday reported the headlines in the NYT today. Another success for Mars in Libra and peacemaking….posted 12/27/13

Today’s Washington Post runs a long interview with Edward Snowden.  Snowden was drafted for whatever reason to be a major part of the cosmic mission of “secrets revealed” that began in Oct. 2012 with David Petraeus and represents a main portion of Saturn’s 3-year transit through Scorpio — the lessons of secrets being revealed. If you need help with the math — the pattern continues through fall of 2015. Build your personal firewalls. Sorry Ed. Being an agent of karma seldom is fun… posted 12/24/13

Neptune’s sojourn through Pisces, continuing for more than another decade, indicates the growing virtuality of every area of life.  While the impact on human minds can be destructive as with many of the young “shooters,” the impact on other arenas may be beneficial — or at least, instructive.  The recent release of singer Beyonce’s newest album directly over the Internet with no pre-marketing is one such case.  The NYT describes it in Neptunian terms:  Bingeing on Beyoncé: The Ripple Effect — Beyoncé’s new album and videos are innately sharable, generating a sort of ripple effect that is keeping the album front and center in the Web’s ephemeral consciousness.  posted 12/21/13

“A Political Deal in a Deeply Divided Tunisia as Islamists Agree to Yield Power”  Mars has been in Libra for about 10 days and already we’re seeing major reconciliations and agreements.  There is hope for the world if seven months of this can be fruitfully used….posted 12/17/13

The NYT headlines: “Officials Say U.S. May Never Know Extent of Snowden’s Leaks.”  I’ve been telling folks in my Oracles 2014 lecture that not only do secrets keep being revealed through the end of 2014 and then for a few months in the summer of 2015, but we don’t know ALL the  secrets of the secrets already revealed.  This Saturn in Scorpio trend will drive greater transparency…posted 12/15/13.

Kim Jong Un, young leader of North Korea, may hold the record for spectacular Saturn return.  When Saturn returns in an individual chart at 28-29, it is the passage to adulthood.   Individuals tend to make major decisions and rid themselves of influences from parents, school, and other outside forces.  They forge their own path.  Not many publicly execute their mentor/father figure.    posted 12/13/13

“Wall Street Mothers, Stay-Home Fathers” is a headline in today’s NYT.  By the time Jupiter enters Leo in July 2014, this will become a major trend instituting a year or so of exploring and pondering every aspect of fatherhood.  I’ve been predicting it in all my early Oracles ’14 lectures. …. posted 12/8/13

Today’s big news about charging school officials for cover-ups in the Steubenville high school rape case is an excellent example of Saturn in Scorpio in action — paying the price (Saturn) for sex and power actions (Scorpio..)  And. more Scorpio impact — the biggest crime is the cover-up.  Secrets revealed…posted 11/26/13

In spite of the many naysayers and purveyors of death and destruction, the stars are on the side of peace.  Beginning in early December and continuing for seven months, Mars, the god god of war, hangs out in the sign of peace and balance — a rare event.  It make take every bit of the six-months the negotiators of a deal with Iran  have given themselves but a true and lasting solution has excellent chances of success.  We can hope and pray the deal works. The esotericists claim that Jerusalem is the heart chakra of the world.  The world does not need it blasted open with rash action in the Middle East.  posted 11/25/13

Today’s NYT claims: Syria most dire refugee crisis in a generation.  For the past two years Oracles talks — and again for 2014 — I have been warning about the increasing pattern of the mass movement of people; a pattern that will continue to increase year after year as Neptune continues in Pisces.  It will be each year, the worst in 150 years.  By the time Neptune leaves Pisces in 2025, it will seem as if there are no boundaries, artificial or otherwise.  Humanity will be in a constant swirl around the planet like the wind patterns we see on weather maps.  posted 11/24/13.

Today’s Market Watch reported: “Watching the Dow Jones Industrial Average top 16,000, many investors are hoping this market is in a bubble (so they can shrewdly buy stocks at lower prices when it pops).”  Here’s what the stars say: growth continues through summer of ’14 when it bursts ahead fueled by opimistic spending from Jupiter in Leo.  The bubble will not burst until mid ’15 when Jupiter enters Virgo and Saturn enters Sagittarius.  Time your buys accordingly …and feel free to tip your astrologer…posted 11/22/13

Days after a federal judge blocked a Texas law that threatened to shut down many of the state’s abortion clinics, an appeals court said the rule should take effect while the case goes forward, reported today’s NYT.  Not surprising for a Mercury retrograde ruling.  Next time should be the charm….posted 11/1/13

Congress finally voted to re-open the government and extend the debt ceiling when the moon went into Aries.  Unfortunately, that same hot-wired, explosive moon experiences a lunar eclipse on Friday promising that many throughout the country will not take this quietly.  Expect explosive and violent reactions….posted 10/17/13.

According to today’s NYT:  “Virtual Reality Steps, Woozily, Closer to the Holodeck.  Venture capital companies are paying close attention to developers of virtual reality games and devices.”   This is just the beginning, folks.  Neptune in Pisces — no reason, no rationality but plenty of virtual reality….posted 10/14/13.

“Some 82 percent of working Americans over 50 say it is at least somewhat likely they will work for pay in retirement, according to a poll released Monday by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.”  I began predicting this in annual Oracles talks for at least a decade…posted 10/14/13.

What’s to say about the continued power struggles in Washington than it’s all about Saturn in Scorpio and lessons of the right use of power.  These are lessons obviously everyone needs to learn. Irrationality is the modus operandi for the exercises and people’s reactions to them.  posted 10/8

Someone asked about the potential closing down of the federal government today.  That demands consulting several charts for the USA.  The chart for the Republican Party cast for 2/20/1854.  With four planets in Pisces, including Neptune, the GOP is cast in illusion and is dissolving.  It continues through AT LEAST 2020.  There is no knowing what will emer