– What’s True and What’s Not

An easy-to-read and well researched history by Jeanne Mozier, richly illustrated with both historic and contemporary photographs.

Authentic romance! Alluring facts! Secret plot twists!  Mozier uses a light touch to deflate many of the false stories about the castle while documenting the true story about whiskey and railroad magnate Taylor Suit and the young beauty, Rosa, he married and for whom he built a castle as a summer cottage in Victorian Berkeley Springs.

“Berkeley Castle has an incredibly interesting story with a leading man and woman whose lives were touched by that mysterious, romantic sort of tragedy that frequents the pages of Fitzgerald novels.”  — Morgan Messenger

About the author

“If Jeanne says it, it must be true.”   Ivy League educated, Jeanne Mozier is an award-winning writer of fiction and non-fiction, a recognized master of local history and a designated West Virginia History Hero.  She is currently President of the Museum of the Berkeley Springs.

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