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Morgan County is fortunate to have a hospital.  Today’s War Memorial communityhospital started out life in 1933 as The Pines or  Cripple Children’s Hospital.  We have a photo of FDR on his visit surrounded by children.  It was believed that bathing in the spring waters helped those stricken with polio.

In the late 1940s, local civic leaders banded together to save the closing facility and turn it into a community hospoital.  War Memorial still serves the community today in the same location although its owner, Valley Health, has broken ground on a new $30 million hospital just out the ridge from the current location overlooking the town.  The Pines will soon enter a new phase.

For our project, the hospital scrapbook was a good source.  I went up to the hospital on Thursday afternoon,  7/29, picked up the scrapbook from the custody of Lyn Goodwin and went back downtown to call Betty Lou and bring the scrapbook for her to see while I scanned it.  It turned out, she was at the hospital.  (Only overnight.  She’s OK.)  I returned to the hospital and her room and we looked at the scrapbook.

The bulk of the photos in the “historic” section were from a photo shoot in 1960 (we ater learned.)  As we looked at them, Betty Lou exclaimed: “I think that’s Mary Lou Trump.”  The young nurse in the photo certainly resembled Kirsten, Mary Lou’s daughter.  I sent the photo to Kirsten who confirmed and dated it.  “Mom remembers that shoot,” she said.

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  • Hi Jeanne. I work for Mike Gioulis in Braxton County, WV. I imagine your paths have crossed a time or two. We are historic preservation consultants and are working on a National Register nomination for the Morris Memorial Hospital for Crippled Children in Milton, WV. As far as I can tell, the only other crippled children’s hospital in WV (historically) was “The Pines.” My question is – Was “The Pines” the same building as the current Community Hospital or a different one? If a different one – is it still standing? Do you know of any other crippled children’s hospitals in the state? Just thought you may have run across some of this info in your research for the book. Many thanks for your time. PS – Love the Way Out book. Thanks again – Jean

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