Key Upheaval Dates — 2012-15

Key Points of Upheaval  2012-15

Jeanne Mozier   8/17/11

The planets Uranus and Pluto conjunct every 100-150 years.  The first time they conjuncted since Pluto was discovered in 1930 was 1965-66.  Both planets were in Virgo.  The upheaval represented by the conjunction of these two planets took place in the realm of daily life patterns.  It was aptly named in China – the Cultural Revolution.  It was, in fact, a true cultural revolution everywhere.  Daily life was never the same again.

Seven times in 2012-15, these two planets meet in a square.  This is a 90º hard aspect that is always a challenge to the trends set in motion at the conjunction.  The world will be facing its first challenge to the patterns emerging from the 65-66 Cultural Revolution.

The generic meaning of this square between Uranus and Pluto is a sudden, radical and often explosive change that sweeps away all the old and outworn structures.  It will create a total revolution in life.  Although these are historical forces, they will impact every individual life.  Specifics are determined by how and where this revolutionary force hits an individual pattern (or country or corporation or institution etc.)  However, since the signs involved are Aries and Capricorn, the actions will be explosive and deal primarily with established institutions of all sorts.  Although earth changes and natural disasters are part of this pattern, their prime purpose is to alter human structures.

The direct connection with the mid-60s is the most intriguing part of the pattern.  How do all those “new age” philosophies fit with a disaster-riddled world?  Will they be able to create functional and sustainable new institutions?

Much more can be postulated and pondered but the dates are key.

Each of these dates identify when the aspect is exact.  Each will have epicenter haloes of at least a week on either side not to mention, of course, the almost constant repercussions.  Each of these dates has a somewhat different profile depending on what other planets are doing.  I’ve made some very broad observations but this is complicated and generates far more detail than I will go into here; such analysis will be part of each year’s outline.

6/24/12 – extreme imbalance
9/19/12  — more intense structural/institutional destruction
5/20/13  — earth changes/water.  Also more psychic disruption
4/21/14 — take it to the brink.  Forcing the change.
12/15/14 – covert manipulations
3/17/15  — clear purpose

I also want to address the “new humanity.”  My astrological interpretation is that this entry of “new” souls came with the Uranus/Neptune conjunctions of 1993.   I wrote a series of essays and did lectures about several topics at that time: the new education, the new art, etc. etc.

Always, the most significant effect of any major astrological aspect is the souls that enter incarnation bearing the mark of that aspect.  I postulate that ALL souls incarnated from 1993 on are “new humanity.”  In simple terms, these beings are the ones already having access to a much larger percentage of their brain/cognition.

Several implications of this postulate are most significant.
— Who teaches the “new human?”
— The cutting edge of these beings are the ones born in 1993 who actually carry the mark of the conjunction.  They are now entering college/life/jobs/adulthood.  They are the ones who will teach the new humanity because they are it.
— The old humans will “age out” within the century no matter what.

We, the baby boom generation (which is marked astrologically as being 1942-56) are John the Baptist to their Jesus, the Savior.

The question of critical mass is crucial here and the work of Nobel chemist Ilya Prigogene is illuminating.  His work concerning the leap of molecules to “the next level” when stimulated defines critical mass.  It is also essential to know that there is no guarantee critical mass will be achieved in time for humanity.

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  • Dear Jeanne

    Kitty Hatcher advised me to consult you about a phenomenon I have noticed in the last 5 months. I am a partner in a Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Company, and I have been doing this for the past 12 1/2 years. In that time I have, of course, client pets have passed on, sometimes several (2-3) in a relatively short time. However, starting on 10/25/11 5 of my dog clients & 3 cats have passed & 6 dogs & cats have been sick and had to go to the hospital (not just the vet). Another interesting fact – of dogs I knew personally only one was old. Two died of acute renal failure, one had to be put to sleep because of a severely herniated disc, one of VERY fast growing cancer & one from unexplained causes (an autopsy was done – no organ failure, but the head was not examined so it could have been a stroke).

    I have spoken with a friend who is a vet tech and she, when I asked, paused and thought and replied that I was right there had been an increase at her office. She came back a couple of days later – she had checked there had been a greater than average number of hospitalizations. A friend in the rescue field also confirmed this observation.

    My query – could Mars in Virgo be a contributing factor? I know that this happens regularly, but could the prolonged time in Virgo be stressing out domestic/small animals (ruled by Virgo)? 5 of the 6 dogs, 2 of the cats passed in January and February and all of the hospitalizations have happened since January.

    Thank you for any insights you may be able to share, and I look forward to hearing you on the 18th

    Eliza Graney

  • areya:

    Good call on the structural destruction. Re: NY – “For the second straight day, Cuomo said the rebuilding after Sandy must include new ways to prevent damage from future hurricanes and other storms.”

    What of the election?

    It seems the Earth changes are happening – this full moon brought it, with earthquakes both north and south of west coast. Seems like the full moon in Cancer should be pivotal – you know, that reactor in Japan is still a HUGE problem, sinking 31″. so interesting…

  • Cindy Powell:

    Dear Ms. Mozier, Lynn Koiner mentioned that you may be speaking in the DC/Annapolis area in the next month or so. I would love to be on your mail list or somehow find out about when/where i can hear you speak. Baltimore is a bit far for me (I see you have a gig there in January). Please keep me posted!
    Thank you.
    Cindy Powell
    Washington, DC

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