Laying out the Images

Haven’t posted for a while but that doesn’t mean Betty Lou and I have not been working on the book.  We’ve sorted and sifted and collected a few more photos.  We sent batches to the publisher to make sure they were usable and had to rescan a few more.  But, we now have the final 208 photos that will make up the book.  They are sorted into 10 chapters by topics.

And what are those chapters:
OVERLOOKS — both of town and the rivers.
TAKING THE WATERS — the park, bathhouses and playing in the park.  One of these most probably will serve as the cover because what is more significant to Berkeley Springs than the springs.
FAIRFAX ST – always the prime street with shops, Courthouse and more.  Over the century of photos, it has changed …and has not changed.
INDUSTRY AND FARMING – from early tanneries to the sand mine to the farming that made up peoples daily life for most of the region’s history.
FIRES & FLOODS – drama.
FESTIVALS AND PARADES – the Tomato Festival is a biggie but there were others including a 1925 Veterans Day celebration that offered some exquisite images.
HOTELS – the reason the town was formed in 1776 was to encourage the development of lodging for the ailing who came to take the waters.
TOWN LIFE – fun in town
AROUND AND ABOUT – what folks did in the county
PEOPLE – because it’s always been about the people.

It was a challenge to decide what photos within each chapter should be together; which one should be on the title page and which the final page leading to the next chapter; and what the order within a chapter should be.  There are little “secrets” that Betty Lou and I wove into the arrangement of the photos that it will be interesting to see if anyone figures out. We had lots of chuckles about them.

Now the writing begins.  We have a deadline of mid-March so the work moves into high gear.  If we turn down requests for us to do something else in the next two months…you’ll know why.

Jeanne lying out photographs

It's harder than it looks to find the right photo for the right place.

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