Looking for Farm Photos

Dawn Childs is a VISTA worker assigned to the local foods folks here.  She’s been collecting information on Morgan County farmers for months.  Early on, she volunteered to ask about using their photos in our book and this week shared some from Julian Hovermale, one of the icons of the local farm community.  Among our favorites was this one of a young Julian (circa late 20s) with a giant rooster.

As part of saying thanks, I brought Dawn along on Thursday (7/9) as Betty Lou and I reviewed our photos to date.  Even better than a hundred or more vintage photos was Dawn’s chance to meet my legendary co-author.  Everyone had a great time.

A couple more weeks and we’ll be ready to go public with a call to fill in the gaps we may have.  My tentative new chapters headings are: Hotels; Farms and Industry; Town Life; “The Grove,” Fires and Floods; Festivals and Parades; Bands and Musicians.

Dawn Childs reviews photos with Betty Lou

Checking out the images

Julian and the giant rooster

We still have not decided on a cover.  There are technical requirements and then there’s the search for the most compelling photo we can find so folks MUST buy the book.  Here’s an early candidate: Charlie Jack’s stagecoach which was the shuttle bus of the 19th century bringing folks from the railroad stop along the Potomac at Sir Johns Run to the hotels in town.

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