NOTES ON THE ECONOMY – by the stars

NOTES ON THE ECONOMY – second half  2010 and beyond.

I was rebuked recently for not having presented an overview of economic shifts on my annual Oracles talk.  Not paying attention, eh? was my initial reaction but I just nodded my head and decided it was probably time to REMIND everyone of what I said in 2009 about 2010 and the economy.

Observations over the years, especially recently, convince me that Saturn and its movements are the major factor in timing and interpreting our economic reality.  The recession began (as predicted by at least this astrologer) in September 2007 when Saturn entered Virgo and the collective consciousness went into austerity, frugality and less is more mode.  This continued unabated until the end of October 2009.  This public attitude is what makes it impossible to consume our way out of this recession (thank the stars!)

The overall effect of the end of 14 years of speculation and gambling as the prime mode of economic activity (Pluto entered Capricorn in November 2008 ending that run of Sagittarian force) and the concurrence of Saturn in “down to essentials” Virgo is what we now face – a deflated economy and a population recently converted to spending less – way less.  Consuming as a purpose in life is over.

It is this concept of “being over,” that is crucial to rebuilding.  The economy is NOT going to bounce back.  It is NOT going to recover. Most of the lost jobs are GONE FOREVER!  The economy is morphing into something new and never before seen.  Unfortunately, NOT JUST YET.    It is this reality that must be factored into public policy decisions about how to keep people from drowning.

Pluto remains in Capricorn until 2025.  Economic life remains hard, reality-based and needing institutional restructuring through that period.  So…end all thoughts of hanging on until the end of the month or end of the year or end of the decade then things will be back the way they were.  WRONG.  They may be better, they will certainly be different, they will NEVER be back the way they were.  Ponder that as you review the value of your skills set.

What is happening? And what is happening now?

Saturn entered Libra on July 21, 2010 and remains until October 5, 2012.  Someday, historians will look back and identify this period as the shift to the new mode.  We are now in a period of reestablishing balance but at the low level that resulted from two years of stripping down to basics.  It is the period of the “new normal,” such a marvelously descriptive phrase.   FIND YOUR BALANCE.  Find your new normal and move from there.

Practically, this means there will be no more precipitous drops in the economy, in fact, probably few drops at all.  Things will just hover at least until next spring when the innovation and new institutional forms that are the ONLY hope of general prosperity returning begin appearing and taking root.  We had a taste of new stuff this summer but that phase ends on August 14, when Uranus returns to Pisces for about six months.

Once again – hovering, searching for equilibrium.  The new forms are gathering strength beneath the surface.  People want to rest, reassess and then gather their resources to explode into a new system in the spring.


The form of the new system remains shrouded in the future although there are some trends indicated by the planetary players of this time.  Institutions are transformed – banks, financial systems, currency, commerce….the list is endless and all have dramatic implications for life as we know it.  One thing is certain – if you don’t like change, constant change, find a new planet.  Find your place in the scheme of things even if it is space that never existed before.

So…specific trends from now until the end of December:
— new ideas continue to emerge strongly until mid-August and a few weeks beyond, a dribble here and there.
— then….equilibrium.  Statis.  Stagflation the rest of 2010.  The entire planet breathes a huge sigh of relief in mid-September and settles down for six months of drifting and gaining balance.  Expect no gains – or modest ones at best.
— those left standing this fall, have a good foundation for making it through the winter and onto the new stage next spring.

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