Out of Our Hands

When we began the Images book project in February 2010, we selected a deadline for completion of our part — April 5, 2011.  It seemed plenty of time. At the end of 2010, I began looking at the time remaining and stepped up the pace.  As an astrologer, timing is essential so I was committed to getting the text and images and layout to the publisher before the energy began slowing down on March 30.

On March 30, the crucial pieces were in place.  The cover design was decided — an image Betty Lou and I had selected the minute we saw it.  A few additional lines to the text and it was submitted to production meeting both my deadline and a bonus one from Arcadia that earned us some free books.

General scheduling guidelines and next steps were outlined that, if held to, should produce a book for sale before the end of summer.

A little at loose ends, I force myself to drift for a moment or two.  What lies ahead is part two of the project: selling the book, making appearances, doing talks, working on our legend as a pair of history heroes.

Approved cover for Berkeley Springs

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