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Three weeks.  Two eclipses.  Intensity.  Upheaval.  Frightening fourteen.  An unstable T-square that clicks into place as an action-driven Cosmic Cross timed by Mars, the God of war in the sign of peace.  The USA absorbs a direct hit, but not the government – the people.  The polarization before fulfillment.

Let’s walk through it step by step.

It starts on April 8 with an opposition between the Aries Sun and Mars in Libra.  Stalemate for awhile but the call ultimately goes to aggression.  Chest-beating plays a role.  Drama and ego.   Outrage increases but remains background for now.

The intensity continues to build as transformative Pluto targets institutions and stands still to get better aim.  Provocative and explosive words disrupt peace and balance on 4/14 with a lunar eclipse – tellingly visible in the USA – in the pre-dawn hours of 4/15.  Everyone is thrown off balance.  There may be natural disasters – earthquakes, tornados, generally violent weather. The astronomical fact that it will look red just underlines the astrological interpretation of violence.    To repeat – it is the people not the government being disrupted.

Up until this point, the configuration that involves key planets in cardinal signs, remains unbalanced and wobbly.  The most vulnerable point is family and tribe – Cancer is in the middle of the battling.

Energy seems to ease for a couple days up until Easter – 4/20 and 4/21 – when the 5th of the several years’ series of Uranus/Pluto squares occurs.  It has particularly powerful impact.  Established forms are blown apart as original truth is sought, demanded.  Actions are taken to the brink to force dramatic change.  Fanatical power plays are the norm. Explosive releases of anger are aimed at forcing change and freedom.  The pattern is still unbalanced until Mars in Libra moves into place, closing the circuit and making a form that is fixed in place – the powerful cosmic cross.   Reckless aftershocks: natural, cultural, human – continue for a couple days constantly initiating action.   Often the conflict is between group and individual.

The energy smooths and starts trending positive on 4/24.  That opportunity for elevated thought, words and action continues and culminates in a solar eclipse on 4/29.  The full moon of Taurus, this is the esoteric festival of Wesak symbolizing the transference of blessings from Buddha to Christ and its distribution to all humanity.  The effect lasts a year and it will be spoken.

By May 1, we’re home free.

Jeanne Mozier • 4/8/14

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