as interpreted by Jeanne Mozier • Berkeley Springs, WV

Over decades of successfully doing prognostication, I’ve observed that the cosmic plan is like the Hanged Man card in Tarot –- the Great Beings in charge of Earth’s evolution often have a very different point of view than we do.  Occasionally they lose patience with the inability of their human charges to “get the message.”  They resort to drastic events to make a point.  That’s what I think happened in Charleston on January 9 – actually, the 8th if the stars are right in their timing.  An over enthusiastic angel checked the calendar, saw that the time for transformation of West Virginia was now and decided enough was enough – people needed to be kicked awake.   As Kate Long pointed out in one of the countless messages shared among West Virginians over the past several weeks: people in the coalfields have been cursed with toxic water for decades, why the uproar now?  The stars say, the time was right.

I delivered three Oracles prediction lectures for 2014 in West Virginia during early December 2013.  I never mentioned an environmental disaster because one does not show up in the cosmic pattern.   In fact, the stars have nothing negative to say about West Virginia this entire year.

What does West Virginia’s star pattern say about this situation that has thrown the lives of hundreds of thousands of people into disarray, despair and chaos? Two words: HOPE!  ACTION!

Between February 2013 and November 2014, West Virginia’s destiny is positive and hopeful.   A profound shift can happen – and happen easily especially in sectors related to physical resources and the state’s position on the world stage.  Difficulties will be faced with strength, a truth often stated and occasionally disparaged.

For transformation to occur, action is required.  There is an admonition to “probe to the core.”  Take a stand, the stars insist.  Power is available.  Moving forward is easier now than ever before.  There can even be financial gains.

I predicted that 2013 would be the year of the woman in West Virginia and it was. All partisanship aside, West Virginia will send a woman to the U.S. Senate in 2015, something many thought would never happen.  That “power to women” pattern continues and is very active from early February through late March of 2014.  We observe that much of the leadership, the powerful words and rallying action in this toxic crisis are coming from women.  That will continue.  And the women are unexpected faces not the political leaders who should be taking the lead.  As upheaval causes institutions to crumble, the chance for easy change is offered.

The star-marked unfolding of this drastic event gives a very specific game plan for the action.  It is a time for making creative change, for reforming and remodeling the immediate surroundings so they better reflect the true soul of West Virginia. Considerable energy is exerted to gain power and control that can achieve what the collective needs. The state is elevated to a higher level; selfish action will NOT succeed.  Spontaneous changes are happening and we MUST take advantage of them.  There will be surprising support from some in positions of power, a factor to be exploited.

This seemingly devastating event and the subsequent actions taken can transform us, our friends, our neighbors and our everyday surroundings says the guidance of the stars.   Everything occurring is concrete, practical and offers a good chance for success.  Old habits can be gotten rid of easily and the face of West Virginia can change.   Our state’s soul tends to be under the surface – it is time to bring it to the light and to the view of the world.

All this fits within larger patterns affecting the entire planet; patterns that outline ongoing disruption, water crises, secrets revealed.   The stars identify a period in mid-April as one of great turmoil and upheaval among the general population in the USA that sweeps away the old and outworn.  The transformation of West Virginia can lead the way.


Jeanne Mozier is a noted astrologer and trends analyst who lives in Berkeley Springs, WV where the magic healing waters are clean and protected.  More than two decades ago, she addressed West Virginia’s cosmic pattern in both a feature article for Graffiti and in the WV Public TV special: “Giligan’s Appalachia.”   She’s been tracking it ever since.




  • Mark Stidham:

    Dear Mrs. Mozier,

    On 03/24/2014 my family celebrated my Mom’s 70th birthday. I was hoping you may have a copy of West Virginia Beauty available as an additional gift I could get her. She was born in Paw Paw, but as a daughter of a coal miner lived throughout the State (primarily Nitro). I know that she’d love it and in my mind you titled it in her honor.
    I’ll be coming up tomorrow and staying for several days. I’ll be stopping by the theater anyway and hope to see you.
    Looking optimistically towards 04/24/2014.
    Hope you are well.

    Mark Stidham

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